SHEro Guidance for the Week Ahead

December 12th

1 – The Pen

Commit to What You Want

Let go of what you think you should do, so that you can experience what you desire

Pens are used to write all kinds of words, record events and draw images. We also use them to sign documents when we commit to something. When we use a pen, we take our ideas and give them a solid shape.


The Pen reminds you to commit to what you want

Commit to your biggest dreams and desires.

Committing to these dreams and desires gives you more energy. You’ll align with your truth, which will ignite your passions and fuel your spirit. Being true to yourself and the call of your soul will light you up, nourishing and nurturing every part of your being.

Committing to your dreams and desires feeds and fuels you.

The opposite happens, however, when you play small. Playing small moves you into an energetic tug-of-war with yourself where you commit to your dreams, then feel guilt or shame for wanting more. You want to be more visible and be heard, then you doubt your own ability and wonder if you’re really good enough. You start to make progress, then old fears and limiting beliefs hold you back.

It’s time to do what you need to do to commit to yourself, and to your dreams and desires.


SHEro Action

Get what you need to commit to your dreams.

Ask yourself:

  • What do you need to support yourself so you can commit to your dreams and desires?
  • What trips you up and makes you doubt what’s possible for you and your life?
  • What fears come to the surface and make you doubt yourself?
  • What patterns show up each time you make progress towards the life you want to be living?

Put the support you need in place. Get the accountability. Work with people who can help you break these old patterns.

Do what you need to do to commit to your dreams and desires, and feel lit up and fulfilled.

Pause and take a breath as you commit to your dreams and desires.



“I commit to my dreams and desires.”


2 – The Pomegranate

Be Loyal to Yourself

Saying ‘yes’ to yourself might mean saying ‘no’ to others, and that’s okay

Pomegranates symbolise friendship, success, abundance and loyalty. Pomegranates have long been associated with fertility because of the abundance of seeds held within their womb-like shape.


The Pomegranate reminds you to be loyal to yourself

Be loyal to yourself, be loyal to your future, and don’t let your past define you.

You know what you’re here to do. You know what needs to be done. You believe in yourself, and you’re ready to take action. But then… someone tells you that you can’t, you shouldn’t or you mustn’t.

The opinions and judgements of the people around you begin to overwhelm you. You try to manage their emotions, feelings and expectations. Perhaps you try to convince them to agree with your choices, but they don’t hear or understand you. You don’t want to upset anyone. You don’t want to disappoint or hurt people.

And then, suddenly, under the weight of all those external thoughts, feelings and expectations, you find yourself confused and unsure. What are you here for? What do you need to do next?

When you find yourself in this pattern, it’s time to shut out the noise from others and reconnect to yourself, your values, your truth and your priorities.

Reconnect with what’s important to you.

Align. Focus. Be loyal to yourself, your dreams and your own path.

Your path is yours alone to walk. No one else can do it for you. Make sure, as you move forward, that you’re being loyal to yourself.


SHEro Action

Shut out the noise and remind yourself of what’s truly important to you.

What calls to you?

What’s that dream that won’t go away?

What have you been neglecting that’s really important to you?

Reconnect with your priorities, and commit to them.

Make a plan for how you can move towards them, and trust in yourself and your dreams.

Pause and take a breath as you remember what’s important to you.



“I prioritise myself and stay loyal to my dreams and desires.”


3 – The Eggs

Believe in Your Potential

You are capable of more than you think

Eggs hold the potential for all life. They’re a symbol of fertility, life, birth and creation. External forces can break an egg and end the possibility of life; but when the pressure comes from within, life begins.


The Eggs remind you to believe in your potential

It’s time to name and claim your magic, and step more fully into the things that make you, you.

Give your logical mind a rest, put the to-do list to one side, and just for a moment, give your attention to your creative self.

Honour the endless creativity and potential that reside within you.

You have the creative power of birth. You can birth ideas, projects, writing, art, cakes or maybe even babies.

Let your visions and ideas burst forth. Embrace your passions, even if they’re wild and messy, and even if they scare you a little (or a whole lot)!

Step out of the familiar, so you can start to create a life that you’ve yet to imagine.

Wake up to your gifts and talents. Claim them. Own them.

Colour outside the lines. Colour within the lines. They’re your lines, so do whatever you want with them. Just be sure to express and give voice to your creative potential and power.

This is your magic, and it’s time to use it.


SHEro Action

Release your creative potential.

Step out of your daily routine, even if it’s only for two minutes, and do something creative.

Sing, dance or create something different for dinner. Draw, write about your day or craft a poem. Doodle, colour in a colouring book, do a dot-to-dot drawing or make a mandala.

Whatever you do, allow your creative fires to lead, and see what potential you can unleash.

Pause and take a breath as you claim your true potential.



“I am full of creative potential.”

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