SHEro Guidance for the Week Ahead

June 20th

1 – The Crystals

You Don’t Have to Do it Alone

You’re capable enough to do it alone, but it’s more fun not to

Crystals are allies from the mineral kingdom. We can use them to support us emotionally, physically and spiritually. Crystals come in all colours, shapes and sizes, and share their own unique gifts with us.


The Crystals remind you that you’re not alone on this journey

You may feel alone sometimes, but life is a shared journey that we all take.

On the outside, your experiences may look very different from another’s, but the underlying patterns are always the same.

Every time you make a decision or experience change in your life, you’ll go on a tried and tested path – a shared journey. Knowing there’s a map to guide and support you is reassuring. Knowing that others have shared the same experiences is comforting.

Do you allow yourself to receive and be supported? Or do you resist asking for help and think you have to do it all alone?

Support comes in many forms. It might look like physical love and support. Or it could be someone who believes in you and sends you good wishes. Maybe it looks like someone sharing their story, lessons and wisdom with you. It could also be the voice of someone encouraging you to keep going or telling you to try again.

Both the big and the small acts of support will send ripples of magic through your life. They’ll open up your potential, allowing your true self to show up and shine in the world.

But you must be open to both receiving and allowing them.


SHEro Action

Get support.

Notice where in your life you may be refusing or rejecting support that’s already there. How can you accept the support that’s available to you?

Get clear on what kind of support you need in your life right now, and then ask for it – no hinting or expecting others to read your mind. Instead, clearly and unapologetically ask for what you need, then allow yourself to receive it.

Pause and take a breath as you remember that you don’t have to do anything alone.



“I walk my own path in life, knowing I’m not alone.”



2 – The Telescope

Get a New Perspective

Choose how you want to feel – it may not change your situation, but it will change your perspective

Telescopes are used to look into the far-off distance – much further than we can see with only our eyes. Looking through a telescope lets us see much more detail, along with a completely new perspective of what’s before us.


The Telescope asks you to get a new perspective

Look at your life with fresh eyes. Examine all areas of your life, and notice how you live your values and desired feelings in these areas. Which areas allow you to experience more of your passions and purpose? Are all areas of your life balanced, or are certain areas more aligned than others?

It’s time to embrace your power, your authenticity and your beauty. Time to show up fully and take up space with your thoughts, your feelings, your ideas, your desires and your creations.

Allow your values and feelings to lead you. Let them flow into all areas of your life.

As you do this, it may push your old life and beliefs out of the way. They may fall to the side, especially if they were built on anything other than your truth. Let them go as you make the space to welcome in new ideas, people and experiences that support you and bring you into greater alignment with what’s really important to you.

This shift in perspective may feel uncomfortable. Know, however, that it’s an essential part of the cycle of transformation, which you need if you’re to live a life of purpose.


SHEro Action

Shift your perspective.

Think of a current dream, desire or challenge, and allow yourself to see it from a new angle.

Let go of any expectations or judgements (both your own and others’), and step back from the situation to view it from the broader perspective.

Ask yourself:

  • What opportunities are there for you?
  • What skills could you improve on to help you accomplish more of what you want?
  • If you really loved yourself, would you choose this?

Pause and take a breath as you get a new perspective.



“I expand my perspective of life.”



3 – The Whirlpool

Step Out of Routine

Don’t settle – you deserve so much more

Whirlpools are powerful, circular currents of water that can often pull surrounding objects into their centre. They symbolise being sucked into something that you can’t escape from.


The Whirlpool reminds you to step out of routine

Routines can be supportive. They allow you to do things with ease and little – or at least less – effort. But they can also become unconscious, habitual patterns that prevent you from seeing new opportunities. They can get you stuck in a rut physically, emotionally, energetically and spiritually.

Routines can also make you complacent about your thoughts and beliefs, and the consequences of your actions. They can make you think that it’s safer and more restful to stay in your comfort zone than to step outside of it. This can make routines more dangerous than risk.

Risk makes you consider the options available to you. It reminds you of what you have to lose, and also what you have to gain. Risk makes you consider whether an outcome is important enough for you to actually take action. It allows you to consider whether you’re living a life that’s aligned with your values and your truth.

Risk brings your conscious awareness to how you’re currently living, and presents an opportunity for growth. Even if you decide against taking the risk, you’ll be clearer on your choices and on what’s important to you. Routine often doesn’t allow this regular reflection.

Is it time to step outside of your routines?


SHEro Action

Examine your routines.

Do your habitual activities, thoughts and actions serve you or prevent your growth?

Are these routines aligned with your truth, values and desires?

Which routines will you consciously keep? Which ones need a makeover, a shake-up or removing altogether?

Pause and take a breath as you open yourself up to opportunities and growth.



“I choose growth over routine.”


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