Manifesting with Moon-Mentum

Manifesting with Moon-Mentum

Do you want to want to move forward with confidence and clarity, even if you’re used to second-guessing yourself?

Ditch the Doubt.
Take Your Life and Magic to the Next Level

Embody your inner, unapologetic Modern Day Witch, as you reconnect with what’s truly important to you, so that you can move forward with momentum, clarity, and ease.

Are you ready for real change in your life, so that you can start creating a life of magic, momentum, and meaning?



Connect with your own rhythm and flow through life. No more forcing, hustling, or hoping.

Believe in yourself and trust yourself deeply.

Feel a deep sense of connection and inner peace as you stop trying to be someone you’re not and remember who you really are.

Confidently make decisions and stick to them.

Claim your unapologetic Modern Day Witch and celebrate her, instead of trying to hide her.

If so, you’ve probably been told that you’re a powerful manifestor, and are responsible for everything you create; the good and the unwanted.

But that’s a dangerous half-truth.

You ARE a powerful manifestor, with the potential to be, do, and have all your heart’s desire…


It’s not your fault if you’re not there yet!


Magical One, here’s what you might not know

Even if you’re saying your affirmations, creating your vision boards, and staying ‘high vibe’ so that you can attract in your ideal soul mate / dream home / 6-figure business / vibrant health…

Or even if you just want to stop feeling exhausted, stuck in a rut, and no longer feel unworthy of your dreams…

Manifesting all you desire isn’t as obvious as you may think.

Here’s something people think is really obvious about becoming a powerful manifestor, but is in fact not true

Manifesting is not a ‘one and done’ thing.

You’ve likely done what you’ve been told you ‘should’ do? Great.

  • You have some powerful affirmations that you (mostly) say throughout your day.
  • You’ve created an inspiring vision board, and it’s where you can connect with it every day when you remember.
  • You’re keeping your gratitude journal (well… most of the time)

But what do you do next?

You’re creating the right environment to get what you desire, but ‘how’ do you actually get what you desire?

Maybe you’ve had some success with becoming more confident in yourself, your manifestation skills, and your magic.

Perhaps you’ve even called in some of the things you desire…

But how do you keep the momentum and magic going?

How do you ensure that you can keep moving forward, and become more of your fully expressed self… without putting the breaks on or worse… sabotaging your efforts?


The fact is most magical people don’t ever unlock their full power and potential:

For too long people, in particular women, have been taught to be people pleasers, to prioritise the needs and happiness of other people over their own.

Intuition and rest have been dismissed in favour of reason, logic and achievements.

Compliance expected over full creative self-expression.

Security valued over innovation and following your heart.

And yes, of course we want (and need) intellect, achievements, security, and to feel as if we belong, but at what cost?

Here’s why it becomes a massive problem:

Trying to live a life where you tick the boxes of someone else’s expectations saps the life out of intuitive, magical people who know that they’re meant for more!

Supressing your true self; the creative, the intuitive, and the curious, leads to resentment, dissatisfaction, and feelings of dis-ease.

It causes you to doubt yourself, to feel drained, and disconnected from your truth, magic and power.

This self-doubt keeps you looking for answers outside of yourself, looking for validation from others, and thinking other people know what’s best for you. Instead of knowing that your true power comes when you learn to trust yourself and your magic.


4 Reasons That Most Magical People Generally Fail to Ditch the Doubt and Fully Embody Their Modern Day Witch

(and how to make sure that you do)

Reason 1: They’re stuck in the role of ‘Good Girl’

Because trying to please everyone around you always fails.

Being a good girl often means trying to keep everyone around you happy.

It can mean saying ‘yes’ to things that you don’t really want to do, and finding it difficult to say ‘no’.

Having poor boundaries like this, makes it almost impossible to manifest what you want.

Having poor boundaries means that no matter how ‘big’ your desire is, you’ll struggle to consistently ‘hold’ the energy of it.

Remember: Being a good girl doesn’t make you a good person.

Reason 2: They feel guilty for every negative thought they have

They blame themselves for not getting what they want and think it’s because they’ve had some negative thoughts.

Having a negative thought doesn’t make you a bad person or instantly attract negative energy, and situations, towards you.

Blaming yourself for being human is toxic behaviour, it’s even more toxic when someone else shames you for not having what you desire and blames you for not staying positive enough.

Of course, constant negativity isn’t good for you, but blaming yourself for not having what you want because you had an off-day isn’t helpful for anyone.

Remember: Having an off-day(s) makes you human, it’s not a punishment from the Universe to not let you have what you desire.

Reason 3: They’re worried about being judged

Fear of what other people think prevents you from claiming what you truly want.

Looking outside of yourself for validation keeps you from truly trusting yourself and owning your inner-power.

When you don’t trust yourself, you can’t create from a foundation of security and safety.

You have to bring your whole self into the process, not just the parts that make other people feel comfortable.

Remember: No-one can tell you what you should create your life, you have to discover that for yourself.

Reason 4: They’re stuck in the Good Vibes Only mindset – Urghhh

Ignoring or pretending that challenging events don’t happen doesn’t make the event not real, it just buries it deep within you.

Life is beautiful and magnificent, it’s also hard and unjust.

Trying to maintain an attitude of ‘high vibe’ only, ignores the truth of life. It deprives you of the ability to grow, heal, and make your life (even the world) a bit better.

Only focusing the ra-ra-ra and jazz hands of life doesn’t create lasting change, only a temporary, and very superficial, fix.

Remember: If you want to create lasting change, you have to dive deep.

Magic and Manifestation aren’t superficial quick fixes.

To reclaim your magic and manifest all you desire are ways of being in relationship with yourself and the world around you.

When you combine the two you become unstoppable, in your Modern Day Witchery.

But it requires you to dive deep.

To clear yourself of expectations and ‘should’s’.

Deep doesn’t have to mean heavy, in fact I’ll show you how deep can remain fun, light and magical.



Manifesting with


Using the moon as your guide, this is the Complete Step-By-Step Course for magical people who want to take their life and magic to the next level. 

I’ll show you how to move from doubt, overwhelm, and confusion to crystal clear clarity and magical momentum that you can use in every area of your life.

Create the changes that you want with intention, and on-purpose.

No more waiting.

No more hoping and crossing your fingers.

And no more wondering if you’re doing it right (that goes for life, magic, or relationships)


Following this tried and tested path, as old as life itself… you’ll come into a deeper relationship with yourself and the world around you, allowing you to experience a deep inner peace.

No more doubting yourself or feeling at the mercy of other people or the world around you.

You’ll take back control of your own life! And dare I say, without sounding too dramatic… take back control of your destiny.


I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from 20 years of teaching, coaching and practicing Kinesiology and distilled it into this potent program…

Manifesting, and Moon-mentum isn’t so much a training program as it is an initiation into remembering and reclaiming your inherent power.

Yes, of course you’ll learn everything you that need to do, you’ll have simple, clear, and fun, step-by-step, path that takes you by the hand and leaves nothing out as you implement it, but more importantly, you’ll go deeper than the just learning the steps.

You’ll learn how to bring all of the steps together, to create your own dance to navigate life. A dance that’s perfect for you as you get to choose the rhythm, and you’ll have Mumma Moon guiding you the whole way.

And just like the moon, you’ll remember the importance of embracing all of your phases, and how that each one of them is essential on your own personal journey.


  • You’ll connect with your own rhythm and flow through life. No more forcing, hustle, or hoping.
  • You’ll believe in yourself and most importantly learn to trust yourself.
  • You’ll feel a deep sense of connection and inner peace as you stop trying to be someone you’re not and remember who you really are.
  • You’ll be able to make decisions that you feel confident in, and stick to them.
  • You’ll be able to claim your unapologetic Modern Day Witch and celebrate her, instead of trying to hide her.

Manifesting with Moon-Mentum

is a different type of manifesting course because…

It focuses on ALL stages of the manifesting process, not just the ‘high vibe’ ones.

Manifesting is a process of growth.

You need all stages of growth; the action, the celebration, the review, and the rest.

If you just focus on the ‘action’ it leads us to exhaustion and overwhelm.

It doesn’t leave time to understand what really works for you.

There’s no space for aligning with what you really want, instead you get caught up in the excitement of what you think you want, or worse, you think you want what other people want for you.

You work towards success, only to eventually find out that it’s someone else’s version of success, and not your own (although no doubt the signs were there…).


Manifesting with Moon-Mentum

focuses on creating long-lasting change, not just quick fixes


At the heart of this program, it’s really a process of reconnecting with yourself.

About gaining clarity about who you are and how you want to show up in the world.

It’s a remembering of who you were and what you desired, before the world told you should be, and what you should do.

This isn’t a cookie cutter program full of false-positivity, platitudes, and bumper sticker quotes.

This is about you connecting with the truth of who you are and what you really, and I mean REALLY, want for yourself and your life.

This is a lifestyle choice, not just another feel-good course full of high-fives and uplifting affirmations.

Because once you reconnect deeply with who you are and what you desire, you can align your energy and anything becomes possible.


Imagine what the world would be like if…

  • You ditched the doubt and took your life and magic to the next level
  • You trusted yourself and your decisions implicitly
  • You had a clear system to navigate life, that kept you heading in the direction of your dreams and desires, no matter what came your way
  • You confidently say ‘Hell Yes!’ to opportunities that come your way
  • You joyfully express ALL of yourself, your thoughts and opinions, not just the ‘pretty’ / ‘socially acceptable’ parts


That’s what we aim to achieve with Manifesting, Mastery and


Manifesting with Moon-Mentum

today and get…

Everything you need to to learn how to use the energy of the moon to guide you through the ebb and flow of a manifesting process that gets results!

When you align with, and tap into the support of the moon, it’s like supercharging your efforts, instead of feeling like you are ‘struggling against the tide’ and just hoping for change.


  • Information about each moon phase and how to use it to activate your inner Modern Day Witch
  • Moon Meditations to tap into the energy of the moon phases and clear old patterns that are holding you back
  • Moon Manifestation Charting Wheel to keep you on track and focused on your intention
  • Daily prompts (not by email!) to harness the energy of the moon to boost your manifesting skills

(Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the Full Course Contents)


To help you stay on track, you will also receive access to the following bonuses:

  • Aligning Your Intentions
    Learn how to harness the energy of the moon to bring more power to your intentions
  • Charging Your Intentions
    Discover how to use crystals and plants to activate your intentions
  • Sacred Ritual
    Follow step-by-step rituals to make a deeper connection to your intentions

PLUS: Member only access to the Manifesting with the Moon Podcast

When you join Manifesting, Mastery and Moon-Mentum you receive access to the podcast that keeps you aligned and inspired throughout the month.

Bite-sized episodes to keep you on track and update with all things manifesting!

Receive guidance for each stage of the moon phase and how to use it to support you every step of your journey.

When you learn to align with the magic of the moon, you tap into a deeper sense of:


The moon helps us to tap into the rhythms that flow around us and within us, giving us a greater sense of belonging and understanding.


Using the moon to check-in with yourself, allows you to become more present to yourself and your changing needs.


As you work with the cycle of the moon, you learn to listen to your body and hear your intution much more clearly.

Self-Care and Nourishment

Working with the moon reminds us that there is a time for action and a time for rest and you learn how to honour these within yourself.

Awakening of Your Inner Witch

Working with the moon will awaken your Modern Day Witch as you remember and awaken the power that resides within you.

So if you’re ready to move forward with confidence and clarity, and stop second-guessing yourself

To Ditch the Doubt & Take Your Life and Magic to the Next Level

And to embody your inner, unapologetic Modern Day Witch, as you reconnect with what’s truly important to you, so that you can move forward with momentum, clarity, and ease