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Are you fed up with feeling like you’re going against the tide?

DANCE with the rhythms of the seasons to remember and awaken your inner wisdom

Feel a deep sense of ease, as you connect to the rhythms that flow around you and within you

Bring more magic and meaning to your life as you explore, and celebrate, the eight Celtic Earth festivals; The Sabbats.



Experience a deeper sense of connection and belonging.

Feel happier, more peaceful, and present.

Become more productive.

Start new projects and see them through to fruition.

Express yourself more confidently.

Easily let go of things that no longer serve you.

Discover a newfound honouring of your need to rest and nourish yourself.


We live in a culture that celebrates ‘doing and achieving’ over all other things.

Being ‘busy’ is seen as a badge of honour and justification of how ‘important’ your work is.

And whilst this hard work may be rewarded, all too often it comes at a cost…

But ‘Doing and Achieving’ is only half the story.


Whilst doing and achieving have an important role in our lives, especially when we want to create something new, what’s often not spoken about is how essential the ‘review and rest’ part of the cycle of growth are.

Magical Ones, here’s what we’re not often told…


Resting is as important as doing.


I’m sure you’re familiar with the idea of feeling burnt out. It’s the result when people keep pushing forward, thinking that if they just push through, they’ll get to where they want to be.

If they just try harder.

Ignore their body’s cries for rest.

Keep going.

Keep forcing

Then they’ll get where they want to be.

Unfortunately, people can judge themselves as lazy, or selfish if they slow down.

Our society doesn’t celebrate the rest.


We need both the Darkness and the Light

Society celebrates the light, the youth, the action.

But for real growth and change, we need to embrace all stages of growth, not just the parts celebrated by society.

The stages of darkness, age, and renewal are just as important, for it’s in the darkness we find wisdom, experience and a deep connection to our intuition and creativity.

You wouldn’t expect the rose to bloom all year round, why would you expect yourself to be able to ‘bloom’ all year too?

Tapping into the natural cycles and seasons, reminds us of the importance of honouring ALL the stages of growth if we want to really get to where we want to be – especially if we want to get there and be able to enjoy it!

The Importance of  Learning to DANCE

In today’s crazy-busy, information overloaded world, it seems increasingly difficult to drown out the noise and daily responsibilities so you can actually hear your own thoughts, and have a chance to feel your own feelings, let alone process the events of the day.

Your own dreams and desires may have taken a back seat, whilst your diary is bursting full of ‘shoulds’ and other people’s demands on your time.

This pattern can lead to feeling overwhelmed, disconnected, exhausted, and even resentful of the very people you love the most.


But there is another way.


A way that’s led by a different energy, not the energy of doing, doing, doing, doing, until you collapse with exhaustion at the end of the day, fit for nothing but another box set binge (though that is lovely sometimes).

There’s a way that honours the very essence of you.

A way that tunes in to the ebb and flow that has been quietly calling to you your whole life.


DANCE with the Change, Rather Than Fight with the Change:


You’ve witnessed this cycle in the changing of the seasons, in the way that day turns to night, and back to day again.

You’ve felt this ebb and flow within your own body, in your energy changing throughout the month as you’ve experienced your own menstrual cycle.

Now is the time to stop ‘fighting’ and pushing forward

It’s time for you to harness the ebb and flow of your own being, to work hard, but also to honour your need for rest.

The ironic thing is, you’ll actually get more done this way.

Just as you often have your best ideas in the shower, or on holiday, when you have a moment to breathe. When you consciously make the time and space to connect to yourself, your needs, and your inner wisdom, all sorts of amazing things start to fall into place.

When you can tap into the magic of nature and the cycles of life, anything is possible.



The Modern Day Witch Guide to Celebrating the Sabbats



As you reconnect to the Sabbats and DANCE with their rhythms it will help you remember the strength and power of nature, and remind you that every part of this power also resides in every cell of your own body, as you are part of nature not separate from her.

You are part of nature, and part of her cycles, and her rhythms continuously swirl around us and within us.


To harness the power of the Sabbats, it’s important to learn to DANCE!


Discover – Awaken – Nurture – Celebrate -Embody


DISCOVER the magic that each Sabbat has to offer
Learn about the history of the sabbat and what ancient wisdom it has for Modern Day Witches.

AWAKEN the energy of the Sabbat within you
Explore the energy of the Sabbat and how it shows up in your life. Awaken its energy within you, so that you can make the most of its power and wisdom.

NURTURE the strength and wisdom of each Sabbat

Learn how to nurture this energy in your life with ritual, exercises and crafts to connect you more deeply to each Sabbats unique energy.

CELEBRATE the Sabbat

Explore various ways to honour and celebrate each sabbat, so that you can honour the transition of each season (even if you don’t have much time!)

EMBODY the energy of the Sabbat

Embody the energy of the Sabbat so that you can use its energy to support you in all areas of your life. Leaving you feeling more connected and fulfilled.


In a world that values things that can be tamed, understood, and controlled, it can be hard to embrace the full spectrum of who you are.

But by learning to embody all of life, all of yourself, and all of your ‘seasons’, and not just the ‘pretty’, socially acceptable, parts, you will understand at a cellular level, the magical and sovereign person that you truly are.


“When you DANCE with the natural rhythms of life you feel empowered on your journey through life.”


Making it easier for you to:

  • Know when to take action and when to rest
  • Honour the changes that occur around you and within you
  • Know when to say ‘Yes’ to new opportunities and when it’s more appropriate to say ‘No’
  • Honour your own inner rhythms and cycles
  • Not feel guilty about resting
  • Feel more productive, aligned and on-purpose

And most importantly you’ll begin to feel more connected and present within yourself. You’ll feel freer and a deeper sense of joy.

In The Modern Day Witch Guide to Celebrating the Sabbats we explore:



October 31st

Marks the end of the harvest season. It’s a time of endings and beginnings.

A celebration of remembrance.


Winter Solstice – Yule

December 20th/21st

The longest night and the shortest day, It marks the returning of the sun.

A celebration of rebirth.


February 1st

Marks the passing of Winter and the beginning of Spring.

A celebration of awakening and inspiration.


Spring Equinox – Ostara

March 20th/21st

A day when day and night are of equal balance. The first day of Spring.

A celebration of new life.


May 1st

Beltane is the season of maturing life and deep found love. It’s about fertility, creativity, and the power of life.

A celebration of love and life.


Summer Solstice – Litha

June 20th/21st

The longest day and the shortest night.

A celebration of the nurturing and receptive qualities of the coming darkness.


August 1st

Transformation as Summer begins to turn to Autumn. A time to harvest the crops and lessons of the year.

A celebration of gratitude and blessings.


Autumn Equinox – Mabon

September 21st/22nd

Day and night are of equal length, bringing balance and harmony, and with it the needed change and transformation.

A celebration of restored balance and integration.

When you learn to DANCE with the natural cycles that swirl around and within you, you can better understand your own process of unfolding.

You can also harness these energies to empower your own journey through life.

In a world where so many people feel disconnected, anxious, and ‘out of sorts’, it’s more important than ever to tap into these natural rhythms.

Even though they’re ever-changing, they can make you feel deeply connected and rooted in your life.


The Modern Day Witch Guide to Celebrating the Sabbats

today and get…

Everything you need to connect with and celebrate the 8 Sabbats!


  • Information about each Sabbat
  • Journal prompts to explore the energy of the Sabbats
  • Different ways to connect with the energy through exercises and crafts
  • Ways to celebrate the Sabbat and mark the transition in the cycle

(Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the Full Course Contents)



To help you connect deeply, you also receive access to the following bonuses:

  • Oracle Spreads
    Take a moment to ground yourself and get intuitive guidance from the energy of the season.
  • Colouring Sheets
    There are two colouring sheets for each Sabbat. One that connects you to a Goddess associated with the season, and one to help you set powerful intentions and ‘draw’ them into being.
  • Energy Clearing Meditations
    As you cycle through the year these energy clearing meditations have been created to help you connect to the energy of the season and remove anything holding you back.



So, if you’re ready to find your rhythm and step into flow

To DANCE with the rhythms of the seasons to remember and awaken your inner wisdom

And to feel a deep sense of ease, as you connect to the rhythms that flow around you and within you

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