Energetic Alchemy

Energy Transformation Meditation Collection

The ART of Being More You

Life happens, and sometimes it can leave you feeling disconnected from your truth and path in life.

  • Being so busy, that you never stopped to check what you actually wanted in life and if you were on the right path.
  • Doing what’s been ‘expected of you’.
  • Focusing on being ‘good’; a good girl, a good daughter, a good student, a good partner, a good friend, a good employee, a good business owner, a good artist, a good citizen of the world.
  • Getting lost in the roles that you’ve found yourself in.
  • Prioritising the happiness and comfort of other people over your own.
  • Trying to fit in to a world that makes you feel the need to hide some of who you are.

Can all leave you feeling disconnected from your truth and your own path in life.

If you’ve been:

  • Feeling disconnected from your dreams and desires
  • Thinking about what you really want from life
  • Doubting the nudges for you to make changes in your life
  • Feeling disastified but not really knowing why
  • Feeling selfish for wanting to prioritise yourself and your dreams
  • Feeling ungrateful for wanting more
  • Seeking, and seeking a bit more, for your soul path and/or soul purpose
  • Not actually knowing how to reconnect to your truth
  • Wondering how time sneaked by so fast and if you’ve left it all too late

Then the Energetic Alchemy energy-transformation meditations are for you.

The ‘Energetic Alchemy’ collection, guides you through the 3-step ART process



The first step to remembering your truth and finding the clarity you seek is to ALIGN with what’s important to you, so that you can learn to trust yourself again.


Once you feel more ALIGNed with your truth, it’s time to gently, but powerfully, RESET and rewire your energy system. To clear out all the beliefs and patterns of behaviours that have been holding you back.


The final step is deep TRANSFORMation. It’s a place where you bring everything together, as you learn to walk your own path and unapologetically find your own rhythm and flow through life.

Why energy-clearing meditations?

Just as we wash our bodies regularly, it’s essential that we cleanse our energy bodies too.

If you didn’t wash yourself or your clothes for a few months, you know that would leave you feeling less than your best self, so why do we do that with our energy body?

Reconnect with your truth

These short, but potent, energy-clearing meditations will leave you feeling deeply connected to yourself, your dreams and desires and inspired to walk your own path.

Each meditation is between 8-10 minutes long so it can fit into even the busiest of lives, with many of my clients loving to listen to them before they go to bed. Letting them weave their magick as you sleep.

You can listen to them as often as you like, returning to them time and time again when you need to align, reset or transform how you’re feeling.

The Meditations

Take a listen to how these energetic alchemy meditations were chosen for this collection, and why you would use them.

ALIGN: Presence

When you feel lost, confused or overwhelmed, when you find yourself doubting or second-guessing your choices, these meditations will show you how to come back home to yourself time and time again so that you can enjoy more peace, clarity and joy.

The Meditations:

  • Becoming grounded (8 mins)
  • Feeling aligned (7 mins)
  • Feeling connected (7 mins)
  • Releasing acts of self-sabotage (7 mins)
  • Trusting your intuition (7 mins)
  • Creating something new (7 mins)

RESET: Truth

Use these meditations when you need an energetic reset to clear away the limiting beliefs and patterns that have been holding you back.

Feel them activate your energy system so that you have a greater capacity for joy, ease and abundance to flow through you.

The Meditations:

  • Taking responsibility (8 mins)
  • Letting go of the past (7 mins)
  • Releasing feelings of guilt (7 mins)
  • Releasing feelings of unworthiness (7 mins)
  • Releasing limitations (7 mins)
  • Feeling nurtured and cared for (7 mins)


Fill your Soul, full, as you’re nourished and nurtured by these meditations, so that you can express the untapped greatness that already resides within you.

Feel supported as you to walk your own magickal path and re-learn how to TRUST yourself to know the way.

The Meditations:

  • Becoming confident (8 mins)
  • Feeling secure and following your passions (8 mins)
  • Standing in your power (7 mins)
  • Being successful and supported (7 mins)
  • Feeling fulfilled (7 mins)
  • Feeling empowered (7 mins)

Purchase these energy-clearing meditations for just £47

Using the Meditations

Once you purchase the meditations, you’ll receive access to the entire Energetic Alchemy collection.

Your First Time Listening

The first time you listen to them, listen to them in the order they are presented in.

They have been created to provide you with a step-by-step system to align with your own energy as you return home to yourself and release the baggage of other’s.

Start by  listening to the meditations that are designed to Align your energy with your truth.

From there you can then Reset your energy, by letting go of the old stories that you’ve been carrying so that you can make way to remember what you truly desire in life.

Then it’s time to Transform your energy. To stop playing small, to stop delaying following your heart’s desire and to take action.

Each meditation builds on the energy of the previous one.


Energetic Stamina

Think of it like going to the gym for your energy system – without having to leave the house, or get a sweat on!

The energetic mastery meditations focus on clearing the energy and patterns that aren’t yours or that no longer serve you, whilst strengthening your energy system and activating your innate gifts and abilities.

Whilst making you more resistant to things like the judgements of other people or unexpected events.


Your Second Time Listening

Once you have listened to all of the meditations right through, you can then go back and listen to them in any order that you want to.

Picking and choosing the meditations that support your day to day life.


Energetic Support

And when you do encounter life’s challenges, you’ll have a powerful resource to help you navigate them with more clarity and ease, as you can go back and listen to the meditations that you need more of, as often as you life.

When you let go of how you think things should be, you give yourself the space to become who you are.

Hi, I’m Rebecca!

I’m on a mission to create a world where people feel supported and confident to express and pursue their wildest dreams and desires…

… one where they can radiate their knowledge and divinity…

… and where we can tackle even the deep work with awe, wonder and fun.

More than twenty years ago, I trained in kinesiology. And, in my booked-out practice, I couldn’t help noticing that whenever people were suffering, the root cause was almost always emotional.

Then, over the years, my work evolved to include people who often didn’t feel like they needed healing in a conventional sense. Instead, they just wanted to be more authentically themselves: more confident, more self-expressive and less apologetic.

I help those who want to get back in touch with the inner voice they’ve silenced and repressed for so long.

All of my experiences and training make me the perfect guide for you to clear your energy with joy and ease so you can live your life in a way that's meaningful to you.

The Energetic Alchemy Meditations

Each meditation gently walks you through an energy clearing. It removes any stress or discomfort around the particular pattern or behaviour that’s been holding you back. And then supports your energy system by activating what you need to move forward with clarity, confidence and ease.

The Music

The music used on the energy clearing meditations, has been specifically created using the Solfeggio frequencies that correspond to the power centres of your body. Each meditation uses the music of the associated power centre, to support you further process the energy clearing and awaken your inherent power and magick.
Independently confirmed by researchers, these core creative frequencies (Solfeggio) were used by ancient priests and healers in advanced civilizations to manifest miracles and produce blessings.“ Time is Art, Documentary Series 2018

Listen to an excerpt:

Purchase these energy-clearing meditations for just £47

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  1. An email confirming your purchase
  2. An email with a link to download your meditations

The meditations are downloaded to your podcast* player of choice, making them easy to access whenever you want to listen to them.

Once you click  the link in the email, it will ask you to choose your podcast player of choice.

Then it will ask you to click the 'subscribe box'

And then that's it! You are ready to activate your power and magick and top it up whenever you choose.

Don't worry if you're not familiar with podcast players, they are very simple to use and very convenient to access. You will be sent step-by-step instructions on how to access your meditations, and if you have any trouble at all, just reply to the email you receive after your purchase, and I'll be there to help you too.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are these different from a regular meditation?
Whilst you might feel like you're doing a meditation, the energetic mastery meditations have the added benefit of clearing any stagnant energies that no longer serves of supports you.

Just like a meditation, you'll listen to my voice as I gently guide you through the process, and by the end you'll likely to feel calm, centred and relaxed.

But after listening, that's where the real magick happens.

For the next 12-24hrs after listening to the energy-clearing meditation, your body will continue to gently release the old patterns that have been the focus of the audio.

So gently, that you'll hardly even notice. But you might notice that you stay feeling calm, centred and grounded for longer.

How will I feel whilst listening to the meditation?

As you experience the meditation you may become aware of the energy moving around your body.

Often your stomach may gurgle, you may yawn – some people even sneeze.

Other times you may feel absolutely nothing at all.

Remember that all of the energetic-mastery meditations build upon each other and create a compound effect. So, don’t be disheartened if you’re not initially aware of anything happening – just know that you’re receiving exactly what you need!

The more you experience the meditations, the more you’ll connect with the
energy of your own body. As you do this, you’ll start to become more aware of it, how it moves and communicates with you, and what affects it.

What can I expect after listening to the meditation?

After listening to the meditations, most people report feeling relaxed, centred and grounded.

Someone once described it like having a shower.

Once you've listened to the audio, I recommend that you get yourself a drink of water and take a few minutes to enjoy the feelings of relaxtion wash through your body.

Then you can get on with your day as normal.

Although the meditations are very powerful, they are also very gentle.

For 12-24h hours after listening to the recording, you continue to assimilate the effects of the energy-clearing. But it's so gentle you'll hardly notice.

What you might notice is that you feel relaxed, centred and grounded for longer. Or you feel more joyful for 'no apparent reason'.

How do I use the meditations?

The first time you listen to the meditations, I'd recommend listening to one a day in the order that they are in the collection.

You can listen to one in the morning or as  many of my clients love to do, listen to one before going to bed.

Once you've listened to them all, you can listen to them in any order you please, as many times as you like, as often as you life.

One person telling me she had huge shifts in her energy and outlook on life, after she listened to a collection repeatedly in one day - although that's not how I expected them to be used, it also won't cause any harm either.

How often can I listen to the energy meditations?

I'd recommend listening to each meditation all the way through, and in the order they are in the program.

Listen to one every couple of days, allowing for time to gently integrate the clearing.

Then after you've listened to them all once, you can listen to them time and time again as often as you like.

Dive deeper into the meditation by listening to the ones that resonate the most or that you feel called to listen to again.

Is there anything else I can do to support the process?

Continue to drink plenty of water after listening to the meditations - just an extra glass or two will be more than enough.

Water helps to keep everything flowing as it should.

You might also enjoy journaling around the process so that you gain deeper insight into your own personal experience and energy system.

In case you needed a reminder: What is energetic mastery?

Through no fault of your own, just through being alive and experiencing life, with its stresses and challenges, your energy system can become clogged and congested - just in the same way that your physical body can become overwhelmed and exhausted if you don’t get enough rest.

An energy clearing pinpoints where your energy system currently needs some additional support to remove any ‘congestion’.

Since the year 2000 I’ve been practising energy medicine, and worked with 1000’s of women, and it never ceases to amaze me just how powerful this work is.

Gently releasing energetic blocks that have been created over the years, by using simple  techniques, can bring huge changes to you and your life.

The energy clearings are designed to balance the energies of your body so that you feel better,
think clearer and feel more aligned with yourself.

Now imagine what you could do and achieve if your limiting beliefs, fears and the stories that we regularly tell ourselves were no longer holding you back.

And instead these were replaced with you feeling confident and inspired because you could now access your potential and your inner strength.

You felt aligned and connected with your purpose and path because they were no longer hidden or clouded by the left over stress and debris of challenging life events.

Often something will happen to us during our life and we (eventually) think we are over it. We
can rationalise that things ‘happen for a reason’, or perhaps enough time has passed that we get
back to everyday life and the event becomes a memory.

However, this isn’t the case. Just because intellectually we ‘think’ we’re over something, doesn’t mean that energetically we are.

Our energy system doesn’t follow a linear timeline.

So while you’re trying to reason with yourself: ‘why does this still affect me, it happened years,
or even decades ago’. To your energy system it’s like it happened yesterday - this is how people
can push our buttons, and we can be triggered into a response that’s disproportionate to what we actually experienced in the moment.

To stop this cycle and be truly free of our past events, it’s essential that we rebalance and clear
our energy system.

Just as we clean and nourish our physical body, we must also clean and nourish our energy system.

The energy clearings you will have access ot are a way of activating dormant energies in you so
that you can access greater vitality and joy, whilst awakening to your true self.

Don’t be fooled by its simplicity, this is powerful and transformative work.