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Where you might've seen Rebecca

Rebecca's written regularly for magazines such as Spirit and Destiny and Soul and Spirit, and been featured on podcasts talking about topics such as:

    • Living a more magickal life
    • Creating a magickal philosophy to embody more meaning and purpose in life
    • Magickal habits to manifest your desires
    • Living your soul purpose
    • Staying grounded in uncertain times
    • Ritual for emotional and spiritual health
    • Cyclical living; lunar and seasonal
    • The seasonal Sabbats (Earth festivals)
    • The divination practice of Charm casting

For a year she was a guest teacher for Spirit and Destiny Magazine, here are some of her most popular classes:

Clear Away Negative Energy

Magickal Self-Care

Manifesting with the Moon

'Your Word is Your Wand'

Guest Teacher for Businesses

Rebecca also works as a guest teacher in several high profile groups that focus on the topics of:

  • Business,
  • Money, and
  • Love.

She clears the energetic blocks that prevent people from starting their own businesses, earning more money and finding true love.

She's worked in one of these groups for over 4 years and the other group for 3 years.

Teaching many 100's of hours of classes and facilitating well over 800+ individual sessions both coaching and working as a kinesiologist clearing the energetic blocks holding them back from success.

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