#1 Self-Dedication Ritual

If you decide that you’re ready to embrace your Modern-Day Witch self, here’s a dedication ceremony for you.

This is a space where you can celebrate all that you’ve done, and get ready to embody all that you’ve learnt.


Your ‘Dedication to your Modern-Day Witch self’ ceremony


You will need:

  • An altar dedicated to your Modern-Day Witch self – you may wish to include items that represent the essence of your Modern-Day Witch self.
    • On your altar, you could also include something that represents the elements Air, Earth, Fire, Water and Spirit.
    • For example, you could use a feather or some incense, a crystal or a bowl of sand or earth, a candle and a small bowl of water.
  • Candles
  • Writing paper and a pen
  • Some cards and images representing your Modern-Day Witch self.here’s

1. Create your sacred space

Light your candle, and set the intention to connect deeply with your Modern-Day Witch self.


2. Recognise your strength and support

Write down at least 20 events / activities / conversations / etc. that have happened in your life where you have felt strong and very much your true self.


3. Light recognition candles

On your altar, light a candle to honour your Modern-Day Witch self.

Then light other candles to recognise the strength and support available to you. You may want to light a candle for each person / deity that you feel supported by.


4. Allow your Modern-Day Witch self to write you a letter

What words of support does your Modern-Day Witch self have for you? Does she have any advice about anything that you need to let go of or change?

Let her tell you how you can connect to her more deeply.


5. Write a letter to your Modern-Day Witch self

Write back to your Modern-Day Witch self, expressing your gratitude for her guidance.


6. Create your Modern-Day Witch self vision board

Use your images to make a postcard-sized ‘vision board’ that affirms your Modern-Day Witch self. Decorate it with images, words and anything else you feel appropriate to how you want to experience your Modern-Day Witch self energy.


Then spend some time really receiving and feeling into your power and magick that you’ve awakened as you embody your Modern-Day Witch- Self.

You may then wish to journal around your experience, or just rest and assimilate your experience.