Clear Boundaries

When I first started training in energy work, in 2000, my teacher made it very clear to us the importance of consciously setting clear energetic boundaries.

And although this was in relation to not picking up other people’s ‘stuff’ during a session, it’s also relevant in our everyday life.

Let me explain more…

When I work with clients I can see, hear and feel, what’s going in for them (Yes I have strong Clairs!).

I often refer to my body as being a barometer that tunes into what’s going on for someone else.

During a session I often tell clients what I’m experiencing, and it lasts for the whole session, with different things coming up to be seen, witnessed and released.

I actually enjoy this, it gives me, and my clients, a deeper understanding of what’s going on for them.

HOWEVER, can you imagine if I allowed that to happen as I was walking down the street, or standing in line at the grocery store? I’d be a wreck, and very quickly I would start to confuse what feelings were mine, and what were other people’s.

I mean this has happened to me during a session, where I suddenly felt really tired, and I wondered how I was going to see other clients later in the day, and then the feeling suddenly lifted. I realised the feelings weren’t mine, it was just the energy for my client clearing! And I was AWARE I was in the session, imagine what it would be like to be unconscious of this process!

The simple advice that my teacher gave me all those years ago, and that still stands me in good stead, was:

“Tell the Universe that it’s not acceptable to pick up other people’s ‘stuff'”

Too simple?

It does seem so, but it’s worked for over 17 years for me. I never pick up other people’s stuff, or take it with me, and as I mentioned, I am super sensitive to energy.

My intention is always that I show up in my best possible way, for my clients highest good, and that I serve them to the best of my ability, but that after the session all energetic ties or connection are released for the highest of all involved.

I love my clients, but I can’t serve them if I’m an energetic mess.

But of course this is for clients, which I’m sure many of you have, but it works just as well for any interactions you have, friends, family, work colleagues, or random people in the street.

Right now get really clear on your intentions for your energy.

You might want to consider:

  • How you want your energy to feel
  • How you want to feel when you’re around other people
  • When you want your energy to be fully ‘open’ and receiving information
  • When you want your energy to be ‘closed’ and less receptive
  • Under what circumstances you will ‘share’ your energy with others
  • When it’s acceptable for you to experience other people’s energy*

*It can feel fun, or even powerful, when you can read/feel/experience other people’s energy, however ethically I don’t think you should do this unless you have their permission, so this is something else that is very intentional for me.

Which now moves us nicely onto protecting your energy…

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