Daily Cleansing

Cleansing your energy on a a daily basis doesn’t have to be a long drawn out process, in fact many of the suggestions I make you may already be doing, but this is bringing more conscious intention to your activities.


Spend Time in Nature

By the sea, around trees, or walking barefoot in the grass are some of the most effective.


Elemental Bathing

Spend time in the sunlight and moonlight, feel their energies recharge and revitalise you.


Breath Deeply

Slow down your breathing, and breathe right down into your belly.
Try intentionally breathing in peace and calm, and breathing out any negativity and stress.


Cleanse Your Aura

Sweep your aura, the space immediately around your body, with with Aura Soma pomanders, a drop of essential oil in each hand, energy sprays, or by using a wand of the crystal selenite



Shake out any excess energy or negativity. Shake off the day, ready for the next one


Make Some Noise

Sing, use an instrument such as a drum or a rattle, use singing bowls or chimes. Allow the sound to bathe your energy, releasing anything you no longer need and recharging you.

Additional Resources

Podcast: Magickal Showers

In this episode I share how to make the routine act of having a shower (or bath) into a regular part of energetic self-care.