Deeper Cleansing for When You Need a Bit ‘Extra’

Sometimes we need to do a bit more than just our daily cleansing routine.

Perhaps you experienced something that has left you shaken, you’ve spent time with people who have left you feeling drained, or you’ve been around large groups of people. These are also techniques that you should consider using if you see people in a healing capacity.

When I first started working with clients I attended a Psychic Protection workshop, and even though it was nearly 17 years ago, what the teacher said really stuck with me:

She said that if you were a farmer and you had been out in a field spreading manure, or getting covered in mud, when you got home, you wouldn’t just sit on your couch whilst you were still covered in dirt.

You’d get washed and clean, and put on fresh clothes.

She said that when we work with energy, see clients, or experience heightened emotions, if we don’t clear our energy, we are like the farmer, covered in dirt, who then spreads it everywhere they go.

Her favourite solution to this…

To have a cold shower.

It literally shocks everything out of your system!

Other, less ‘shocking’, ways to clear your energy in a deeper way include:

  • Using the smoke from burning herbs such as rosemary and lavender, or if it’s not possible to use smoke, you can use a liquid space clearer that you can spray around yourself and your room.
  • Having a sea/rock salt bath to draw out all of the negativity and/or energy that’s not yours

Additional Resources

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