Final Thoughts and Commitments to Yourself

Congratulations you’ve completed the course!

You now have three clear ways to support your energy system and stay centred and grounded within your own energy.

What was your favourite of the three?

What activity left you feeling the best?

Did anything surprise you?

Like I mentioned at the beginning, this only works if you actually take action!

So…. the big question is…

What activities are you going to add to your regular routine?

How frequently will you commit to doing them?

Are they in your diary – as that’s how they will get done!

If you think you’ll do it later, or that you’ll remember, you likely won’t, so why not add it now?

This isn’t about overwhelming yourself and trying to do ALL-OF-THE-THINGS.

That rarely works.

We want this to be sustainable and fun.

Maybe start by choosing one of the three areas and add that into your routine. 

Or choose your favourite or most impactful exercise.

Then when it’s fully established as a habit, add in another one.

Perhaps you’ll choose to do a review at the end of each week or each month and see what area needs more attention (once again, make sure it goes in your diary).

Whatever you choose, choose you and your energetic health, it will make a huge difference to your quality of life!