Frequently Asked Questions

What can I ask my charms?

You can ask your charms anything.

No topic is off limits, you just need to be open to receive the answers.

I would recommend sticking with open-ended questions, rather than ‘Yes’ / ‘No’ questions.

‘Yes / No’ questions can be limiting, whereas an open-ended question gives you the opportunity to explore your thoughts and feelings around a particular subject.

For example:

A Yes/No question: “Will I get the job?” Is much more limiting than asking an open-ended question: “What will be the outcome of getting the job?”

Or: “What do I need to focus on to improve my chances of getting a job that supports my vision of the future?”

Is there a process I must follow when casting my charms?

There isn’t a strict process you need to follow when using your charms.

There’s no ‘right’ way to work with your charms, but you will find your favourite way of using them.

Remember these are your charms and the way you work with them will be perfect to you, and may not look like how other people use their charms, and that’s okay.

However I do always suggest that you take a moment to pause and get clear on the question you want answering, even if that question is ‘What charm do I need for general guidance in my life right now’.

A clear question gives you a better chance of getting a clear answer.

How often can I use my charms?

You can use your charms as often as you want to.

Sometimes I use my charms multiple times a day, sometimes I don’t use them for a couple of weeks.

They are your charms, you get to decide how often you want to use them.

Remember, they are a tool to gain access to your inner wisdom, they don’t replace or override your inner wisdom.

How many charms can I cast at once?

When you start your Journey Casting adventure, I suggest starting with only a few charms, even just 1-5.

When you start small, it’s easier to connect with the answers.

If you start with too many, before you get confident, you can easily overwhelm yourself.

I’d even recommend casting your first charms onto a blank surface, so that the only thing you are thinking about is the charms, their meanings and their relationship to each other.

As you become more experienced, you can start to add more layers into your readings with growing confidence.

Remember, we all had to crawl, and stumble, before we could walk and then run.

This skill is no different.

What if I can't think of a meaning for the charm?

If you can’t think of a meaning for the charm, you’re likely overthinking it.

You’re probably trying to get it ‘right’, rather than get it right for you.

When you find yourself feeling stuck, pause and take a breath. Close your eyes, and then re-open and them and look at the charm with fresh eyes.

Think about what you associate with the charm.

What feelings do you feel about it?

What experience have you had with what the charm represents? How do you feel about those experiences?

Has the charm come up for you before, what did it represent then?

If you still feel blocked, leave it where it is, go and do something else, and then come back to it, and see what message you get this time.

If you still can’t connect with the charm, make a note of it and put it back in your box/bag, and then simply pick another one.

Make a note of it, as it might be something you’re blocking having to face, or something that’s not ready to come through yet. Or of course, you may just have been having that kind of day!

Can I get the interpretation of the reading wrong?

In a word ‘No’.

This is you connecting with your intuition.

You have the final say on what your charms mean.

It doesn’t have to make sense to anyone else, it only has to resonate with you.

However, I do have one caveat…

This is your intuition you’re connecting with.

Your intuition will NEVER speak badly or negatively to you. It will NEVER ask you to cause harm to yourself or others.

If you receive a negative message, and I don’t simply mean uncomfortable (sometimes growth is uncomfortable), but negative towards you or another, that is not your intuition, it’s your ego, doubt, and fears.

Your intuition isn’t all ‘love and light’, but it’s also not harmfully destructive.

Can the meaning of charms change?

In a word ‘Yes’.

Most likely, the majority of your charms will keep their same meaning.

However, as you go through life, and have more life experiences; change, growth, loss, joy, love, etc. the meanings of the charms may evolve to represent your new understanding, wisdom, and experiences.

As you change, so does the meaning you give to life events, and this is reflected in the meaning you may give your charms.

Charms may also change their meaning in the way you interpret them when they sit near other charms in a reading.

For example: A caged bird may represent somewhere secure and safe for you to express yourself, and sing your own song. But if you get the caged bird with a something restrictive, such as handcuffs, a belt, or a sword, your interpretation may mean that the bird is being limited, and should be set free.

Can I look up the symbolic meaning of the charm?

Whilst you can look up the symbolism of what the charm represents, your own interpretation will always be more accurate.

There is no wrong way to interpret your charms.

Your meaning for a charm may be different from someone else’s and that’s okay.

Your life experience, beliefs etc. are different from those of other people, so of course you’re likely to interpret your charms differently.

These are your charms, to help you connect with YOUR intuition. This is a journey about trusting yourself. If you find yourself seeking lots of guidance from others, or from guidebooks etc., pause for a moment and ask yourself why you think other people have the answers, and you don’t.

You can’t get it wrong. You don’t need validation from anyone else.

This is your relationship with yourself, and you get to have the final say.

Can I make my own guidebook?

This is a wonderful idea.

You can make your own guidebook and record how different charms, or even combinations of charms, show up for you.

But remember that it is only a guidebook, and your own interpretations may change as you change.

Creating your own guidebook would be a great way to develop and deepen your own experience with your charms.

Do I need to cleanse my charms?

All sacred tools that are used regularly benefit from being cleansed to clear them of any stagnant energy and keep their energy running free and clear.

Also, caring for your charms makes them feel more important and special to you; deepening your respect and trust in your work together.

There are several ways you could cleanse your charms:

  • Sacred Smoke: Waft your charms gently through some sacred smoke, or waft the smoke over a (fireproof) bowl holding your charms, and gently blow the smoke so it penetrates your charms.
  • Alcohol: Dip your fingers in some alcohol or add a few drops of flower essence to your hands and run your fingers through your bowl of charms.
  • Moonlight: Place your charms on your windowsill on the night of a Full Moon, with the intention that the Full Moon will cleanse and charge your charms
Do I need to have a specific spiritual practice for the charms to work?

Not at all.

You can follow any particular spiritual practice or religion (or none at all) and work with the charms.

When you work with your charms, you’re working with deepening your connection to your own inner wisdom, your intuition. You’re not calling in anything/one external, unless that’s in accordance with your own practices, it’s certainly not a requirement.

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