Getting the Most Out of this Course

The course has been designed to be a practical course, containing lots of fun and simple exercises for you to try out and complete.

Some exercises may only take a few minutes to complete, others perhaps up to 30 minutes.

You could easily read through the course material and watch the short videos in an afternoon.

You’d be feeling more connected to yourself, centred and grounded within the first module.

But you’d get the most benefit from the course by IMPLEMENTING the exercises.

Complete them in your own time. There’s no rush, take as long as you like to go through the material and slowly start making the practice part of your daily, weekly or monthly routine.

That’s where the real magick happens!

Try each of the exercises and notice the following:

  • How you felt before the exercise.
  • How you felt doing the exercise.
  • And how you felt about 2 hours after doing the exercise.

By paying attention, you get a deeper understanding of what actually works for you.

Try each of the exercises and if they don’t quite work for you, amend them so that they do, or if it’s not a good fit, simply don’t do it.

This is about you developing a better understanding of your own energy and how the world around you affects you, so that you can move through life with greater clarity and ease. 

But the ones that do work for you, add them to your calendar and make them part of your regular routine.

Just as you have the routine habits of brushing your teeth, washing your body and laundering your clothes. Your energetic hygiene practices should become part of regular habits too.