Living a Magickal Lifestyle

Each day of the week has its own unique energy.

Try tapping into these energies to support the magic that you weave in your life.



Monday is ruled by the Moon, which represents our emotions and intuition.

It corresponds with beauty, emotions, dreams, divination, fertility, illusion, insight, intuition, dreams and women’s wisdom.

It’s the perfect time to connect with your intuition and get guidance on your focus for the week ahead.


Affirmation: “I am open to receive wisdom from the Universe”


Practice Your Divination

Practice your skills of divination. Think of a question or ask for general guidance, and then select a book at random. Open the book wherever feels right. Then let the words, sentences, topic or images of that page offer guidance for your question.



Tuesday is ruled by Mars, the planet of energy and bold action.

It corresponds with courage, defence, protection, rebellion, strength, success and victory.

Make Tuesday the day to add some passion and drive to your week to get things done. Wear reds and orange to stoke your inner fire.

Carrying or wearing crystals such as bloodstone, carnelian or red jasper will activate your courage.


Affirmation: “Each day I feel my confidence and my belief in myself growing”


A Spell for Confidence

What you’ll need:

  • A small red or orange candle (a birthday cake candle is great for this! And if you don’t have red or orange, you can use a white candle.)
  • A paper and pen.


Start by writing down your intention for more confidence.

Spend a few minutes feeling into how it feels to have more confidence,

Think about what you will do with your growing confidence.

What will you start doing?

What will you do more of?

What will you stop doing when you have the confidence to say, “No”?


When you can feel your inner confidence growing, light the candle.

Place your paper near the candle (but remember: safety first!)

Then watch the candle burn down.

Continue to think about your increasing confidence.

Know that the fire of the candle is igniting your courage and strength.


You may want to repeat the affirmation as your candle burns down.

Sit with the candle, feeling into your confidence and repeating your affirmation until the candle burns out.

Place your piece of paper under your pillow for the next eight days.



Wednesday is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication and information.

It corresponds with the arts, change, creativity, communication and transportation.

Make Wednesday the day to express yourself fully.

Wear purple or orange. This is also a great day to begin a morning journaling practice.


Affirmation: “I give myself permission to express myself fully”


Power Pose

Stand up tall with your feet further than hip-width apart.

Stretch your arms in the air above your head, or place them on your hips – think She-ra or Wonder Woman!

Or, just imagine being in the pose.

Recite the affirmation “I give myself permission to express myself fully,” and feel your confidence grow.

Do this for two minutes, or as long as is comfortable.



Thursday is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of abundance and expansion.

It corresponds with healing, prosperity, protection, strength and wealth.

Thursday is the day to learn new things and focus on the things you want to expand in your life. You can also enhance this with gratitude journaling.


Affirmation: “All my dreams are now becoming my reality”


Abundance Ritual

Focus on what you want to manifest and experience more of in your life.

Sum this up in one or two words.

When you can really feel what it will be like to have this in your life, write it down on a bay leaf.

Burn the bay leaf somewhere safe and suitable, and watch the smoke release your desires to the Universe.



Friday is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and creativity.

It corresponds with birth, fertility, friendship, love, passion and romance.

This makes Friday the perfect time to relax and connect with others.

Carry rose quartz to indulge in this energy.


Affirmation: “I love and cherish myself more each and every day”


Create a Ritual Bath

Run a bath, turn down the lights and light some candles.

Add some milk and rose petals to your bath.

Relax and drift away as you soak in your beauty bath.

When you drain the water from the bath, feel any stress or negativity being washed down the plughole, leaving you feeling refreshed and renewed.



Saturday is ruled by Saturn, the planet of structure and responsibility.

It corresponds with banishing, cleansing, protection, spirituality and wisdom.

This makes Saturday the perfect day to get productive and organised.

Burn black candles to absorb negativity.

Energetically cleanse your house using salt or sound.


Affirmation: “I am free of the past, and focused on creating my future”


A Spell to Banish Negative Energy

Sprinkle salt in the corners of your room, and over the threshold strips to your rooms and the entrance to your home.

Leave it there overnight.

The salt will absorb any negative energies.

Vacuum up the salt, leaving your home feeling lighter and clearer, ready for consciously creating what you desire, instead of being stuck in old energy.



Sunday is ruled by the Sun, which represents our expression and soul purpose.

It corresponds with fame, promotion, prosperity, recognition, success and wealth.

Sunday is the perfect day to tap into your inner-radiance and spirituality.

Sit outside at sunrise.

Wear yellow today, or put on gold jewellery.

Stir cinnamon into your coffee.


Affirmation: “I am loved and supported in all that I do”


Turn Your Room into a Sacred Altar

Place a plant or favourite crystal to represent Earth in the North area of your room.

Put an incense burner, diffuser or feather to exemplify Air in the East of your room.

A candle or a dragon picture or statue could represent Fire in the South.

An empty bowl, a chalice, or fountain could signify Water in the West.

Create this altar space in a way that feels right for you, and notice whether the energy feels different to you.

Leave it for at least a week. Then become aware of how you feel, and how the quality of your relationships and activities in that room have magically changed!