Magickal Momentum

Magickal Momentum

We start our adventure by creating a Magickal Mindset – This is the cornerstone for creating successful and consistent magick.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • The four key things you need to have in place so that you can create successful magick
  • What to do if your magick or intentions don’t appear to be working

As a Modern-Day Witch, it’s important that you cultivate the right mindset if you want your magick to work; and that’s the Magickal MIND.

Without the Magickal MIND it’s unlikely that your spells and magick will work, or at least they wont work consistently.

Magick is more than just wishful thinking or hoping that something will come your way. It’s directing your thoughts, intentions, action, and energy.

When you name and claim yourself a Modern-Day Witch, when you decide that you really want to hone your magick and create real change in your life, your Magical MIND is one of the most important factors in your success.

It’s not just enough to call yourself a Witch.

It’s not enough to have the ‘right’ tools, no matter how expensive or old they may be.

It’s not enough to follow a spell to the letter, and use the ‘right’ ingredients.

Your Magical MIND is the glue and the power that brings everything together for a successful magickal practice.

By following, and practising, the four steps laid out, you will cultivate the optimal Magickal MIND, to become the unapologetic Modern-Day Witch who get results.

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