Magickal Tools

You don’t need magickal tools to use in your practices.

As I’ve said before, the tools don’t bring the magick to your work, because you bring the magick!

You are the magick.

But once you get comfortable with magick, you may wish to incorporate tools to help you focus and direct your energy and intentions.

Here are some of the most common tools used in magickal practices.



Your altar is your personal sacred space, and should contain items that are important and symbolic to you.

It’s a space for you to connect with yourself and your magickal workings.


Athames and Bolines

Blades represent the masculine energy.

Athames are used to energetically cut and remove things. They can also be used to direct energy.

Bolines generally have a crescent-moon blade, and are used for harvesting herbs.



Bells are used to ward off negative energies and clear stale, stagnant energy.

They’re often hung on door handles.

They are also used to raise energy and celebrate.


Book of Shadows and Journals

Your Book of Shadows and other magical journals are used to keep a record of your magickal practices.

They can also be used to record your magical development and growth, so that you get to know yourself better.



Brooms clear our spaces of things we no longer need in preparation for fresh starts and new beginnings.

They clear away dust and dirt, and free us from the old, protect us from the past and call in new energy for the future.



Candles can be used for many purposes in your magickal practice.

They connect you to the element of Fire, and can be used to transform energy.



The cauldron is said to represent the Divine Feminine.

Cauldrons can be used in many ways, often as a tool of transformation.



The chalice is a large goblet or standing cup that’s designed to hold a drink.

It connects you to the element of Water and the Divine Feminine.

It’s often used in ceremony, and holds great symbolic meaning as a sacred vessel.



There isn’t a dress code when it comes to weaving your magick.

However, wearing special items of clothing such as a hat, cloak or mask can focus your mindset. It can also step you out of the ordinary world and into the magickal.



Crystals connect you to the energy of Earth, and can support you emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Each crystal holds its own unique frequency, and is typically used for meditation, manifestation or healing work.


Divination Tools

There are many tools that can be used for divination: cards, charms, ogham, runes, etc.

These allow you to connect with, interpret and confirm the intuitive messages you receive.



Incense connects you to the element of Air.

It’s often used to cleanse and clear space, objects and people, as well as for blessings.



The pentacle contains and protects. It symbolises eternity and the cycles of life and nature.

The five points represent the five elements – Spirit, Earth, Air, Water and Fire.



The staff is both practical and magickal.

You can use it as a walking stick, to protect yourself or in ritual ceremonies to direct energy and hold power.



Wands are tools of focus and empowerment. They’re used to direct energy, often along with words, to charge and activate the intentions of the person using the wand.