Practical Magick

Making the Mundane Magickal


Get out of a rut and find your own groove.

Let’s face it, somethings that we have to do can be boring… But we can make even the most mundane chores magickal.

In this module, you’ll discover how to add magic to:

  • Cleaning your home, to activate your Hearth Witch.
  • Cooking, to activate your Kitchen Witch and focus on your health and vitality.
  • Your finances, to activate you Money Magick and increase the abundance in your life.


There are somethings that we have to do, no matter how boring or mundane they may seem.

Your house will need cleaning, you need to prepare food to eat, and bills will need to be paid.

And yet, it’s in these tasks that we have the chance to bring in some magick!

Adding some magick to the mundane not only makes these tasks more enjoyable, it also brings your attention to them so that you can consciously choose what you want to experience with these tasks, and not just go through the motions with them.

Guidebooks: Making the Mundane Magickal

Reboot Your Magick Making The Mundane Magickal