Spell Crafting

Spell Crafting is where you can start to bring everything you’ve learnt together.

You set your intention and direct your energy to create change.

The change is the magick.

You can, of course, do this with your thoughts and energy alone…

But you can also bring in some correspondences such as colour, herbs, crystals and magical tools to amplify and help you focus your energy.


Here’s the basic recipe for spell crafting.



What is the focus of your spell? Love, abundance, protection, etc?



How do you want to feel? Loved, free, safe, etc?



What physical object(s) correspond(s) with your intention?

For example, roses for love, citrine for abundance, a black candle for protection.


Magickal tools

You may want to use a magickal tool to direct the energy.

This may include your words, a wand, a cauldron, etc.

Think about the focus of your intention, and feel into what item(s) correspond(s) with what you want to create.


There are a huge number of spells out there for you to explore.

However, nothing will be more powerful than creating your own spell that aligns with your energy and is meaningful to you.

Of course, be inspired by what you read – but trust yourself.

If you read a spell and feel something needs changing, change it.

But always keep in mind that simple is best. As a friend of mine says: Simplify to amplify.

As you get used to what works for you, and what items work well together for you, you can get as elaborate as you like.

But start simply.

Remember that you are the magick, so go with what feels right to YOU.