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Welcome to Reboot Your Magick!

I’m delighted that you’re joining us for 6-weeks of fun, laughter and magick.

By the end of our 6-weeks together, I want you to have everything you need to light up your life with your own magick… today and for years to come!

My intention is that each morning you can leap out of bed with a ‘YIPEEEE!’ in your heart and a spring in your step – no matter what comes your way.

We officially start on the 16th July 2021

The first week’s module will be released on the 16th July, and then each Friday after that for 6-weeks.

Each Friday you’ll receive an email letting you know the fun has begun and it will have details of all classes that are coming up over the next 7-days.

But before we begin, come over to our community over on Circle, as  that’s where the connection and conversations will be happening:

You can also access the community on the menu bar of this course, or by clicking the text bubble icon on the bottom right-hand-side of each webpage on this site.

Before you move on… Make sure that you’ve:

  • Joined the community and said ‘Hi’
  • Received a link to the member only podcast feed – if you haven’t, tag me in our community and I’ll resend it.
  • Added our magickal events to your calendar.