The 4 Essential Codes for Being a Modern-Day Witch

As you begin your journey to become a Modern-Day Witch, I want to share with you four essential codes that influence your magick.

1. Form Follows Thought

Your thoughts are incredibly powerful.

If you believe something will work or is true, that is your reality.

If you think a particular practice in your magick will bring you good fortune, it will!

But the same goes if you think something won’t work. In that case, it’s very unlikely to.

Even if someone thinks the opposite of you, your belief will be true for you, and their belief will be true for them.

Your thoughts direct your energy, your energy takes the form of action in the world and this creates your reality.


2. There is No ‘Correct’ Way to Do Magick or be a Witch

There are many different ways to practice your magick. None of them are completely right or wrong.

Only the individual can decide on what is right for them at any one time in their life.

And just because something’s right for you, doesn’t mean that it’s right for someone else.

You might love dancing naked under the moonlight and find it liberating. But not everyone will have the same experience.

Maybe you feel a deep and profound connection to a particular path or Goddess or God. Not everyone will share that same connection.

You don’t need to do anything other than what feels right and aligned for you.

Perhaps you celebrate every Full Moon, New Moon and Sabbat.

Perhaps you have no idea what phase of the moon we’re in, and no idea what a Sabbat is.

Neither state is better or more magickal than the other.

Whatever you believe or do, you always have access to your magick. All you have to do is claim it.


3. Take Personal Responsibility

Magick is about deepening into your relationship with yourself.

It’s not about dogma or rigidity.

It’s about giving yourself permission to explore what interests you and find your own answers.

Yes, there may be lots of guidelines you can explore. But there’s no one ‘right’ way (Refer back to Code 2)– only your right way.

Other people can support or guide you, but no-one else can do it for you.

This is your path to walk. You get to decide where you go, how you travel, at what speed you go, and who (if anyone) you travel with.


4. YOU Are The Magick

Many people believe that magickal tools bring the magick.

But the tools are there to help you connect with and direct your energy in your magickal workings. It’s you who actually brings the magick.

You bring the magick to everything you do and every tool you use.

You don’t have magick bestowed upon you.

You don’t earn magick.

You can’t buy magick.

You don’t access magick because you’re using a sacred tool such as the oracle cards, runes, or a wand.

You bring the magick, because you are the magick.

The tools, rituals or ceremonies may help you to access your magick, but it’s always there inside of you.

Your magick is always present.

You just need to dismantle any beliefs or experiences that have hidden or removed you away from this truth.