We all know that we have to look after our physical body if we want it to work well.

We understand that what we eat and drink, and how we exercise, will affect how we feel and experience the world.

You wash your body, clean your teeth, and brush your hair every (most?) days.

You wash your clothes when they are dirty, and replace them when they are no longer fit for purpose.

If you spill a drink, or drop some food on the floor, you will clean it up.

You do all of these things because you have seen, witnessed, or experienced, what happens when you don’t.

Basically life stinks! And it’s not pleasant to be around.

Dirty clothes become rigid, smelly, and unpleasant to wear, and not nice to be around.

Spilled food or drink, spoils, smells, and attracts pests. Again creating an environment that you wouldn’t want to spend time in.

Neglecting your physical hygiene leads to smells (I’m not talking about just not washing for a few days, but long-term neglect), matted hair, and possible infection, especially if there is an un-tended sore or wound.

We can see this, and experience it with our senses.

What we hear less about is, that this is also true for our energetic body.

Science now agrees that everything is energy. Particles that cannot be seen by the naked eye (for most people), but we can certainly feel it.

Think about when you first meet someone, you often get a sense of if you like them, or if you don’t.

If you walk into a room where there are two people, you can often tell if they have been laughing, or arguing.

People, places, and things have energy, and you can often pick up on the quality of their energy.

It’s often why people love to be around babies, as their energy is so pure and full of love, whereas it can often be seen that as people get older, they can become more bitter and grumpy! (Obviously a HUGE generalisation, but I’m sure you’ve encountered these people)

Energetic self-care is just as important to your daily routine and overall experience of life as washing and caring for, your physical body, especially if you want to avoid energetic smells, pests, and old-age grumpy-ness…!

Energetic self-care means, clearing anything that no longer serves you, removing patterns, or the energetic imprints of daily encounters before they become bigger and affect you in a deeper way.

It’s about keeping your energy running clearly so that you put out a vibration that matches your truth, so you attract people and experiences that support and nurture you, and your growth.

There are three key steps that this course will walk you through.

Just like with your physical body you have to:

  1. Set your intention to be healthy
  2. Choose the right nutrition and exercise for yourself
  3. Complete a daily cleansing routine, with more when needed

There is nothing complicated in the information that follows.

In fact you may be surprised by its simplicity, but after 20+ years of working with energy, both privately, and 17yrs professionally, it’s ALWAYS the basics that I find myself returning to, quite simply… because they work!

I’ve seen all sorts of things, ideas, products and creations come and go, yet it’s the simplicity of the basics that remain and continue to work.

So let’s get started…