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Receive TWO INCREDIBLE TOOLS for helping you work with the moon more effectively for this special Magical Moon Musing Community price of just $27 USD

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WELCOME Moon Lover!

I love community, and because you’re part of mine, whether you’ve been in my community for 4 days or 4 years, I have an exclusive offer just for you – not to be found anywhere else!


So that you can understand yourself better, feel more in control, and tap into the natural ebb and flow of the monthly manifestation cycle that’s available to you.

Receive TWO INCREDIBLE TOOLS for helping you work with the moon more effectively for this special Community price of just $27 USD

RRP: ($224 USD)

Manifesting with the Moon

A day by day guide to help you harness the power of the moon and supercharge your manifesting

Magical Moon Meditations

Energy clearing meditations to help you navigate the monthly ebb and flow with ease

Whether you’re brand new and curious about all of the buzz around the moon, or whether you’re very expereinced with all things Lunar Loving, this MAGICAL MOON BUNDLE has everything you need to get started and deepen your own expereince.

Bringing to you what Rebecca-Anuwen does best, you’ll find this bundle magical, super practical and very inspiring.

It’s time to find your inner rhythym as you get more productive AND honour your need for rest as you tap into and harness the the ultimate feminine path to consciously create your life!

Well-being – Success – Creativity all await you, as you tune into the moon.

Feel fully supported as

you explore the power of

the moon for just

$27 USD

(value: $224)

Click below to discover more about this special Community bundle:

Manifesting with the Moon Course

RRP $197 USD


Supercharge Your Intentions With The Magic of The Moon

Throughout this adventure you’ll learn how to use the energy of the moon to guide you through the ebb and flow of a manifesting process that gets you results!

When you align with, and tap into the support of the moon, it’s like supercharging your efforts.

It’s time to STOP feeling like you are ‘struggling against the tide’ and just hoping for your dreams to manifest.

This course puts you back in the drivers seat, giving you practical action steps to take each day, moving you closer to your desired reality!


You will receive access to:

  • Moon Manifestation Charting Wheel to keep you on track and focused on your intention.
  • Information about each moon phase and its Super Power and how you can make the most of it.
  • Daily prompts (not by email!) to harness the energy of the moon to boost your manifesting skills.
  • Bonus Content – How to use crystals with the moon phases and how to add ritual to your intentions.

Manifesting with the Moon, making the magical, simple and practical!

Magical Moon Meditations



As you move through the ebb and flow of the Moon Cycle, you go on your very own monthly SHEro’s Journey.

As you travel through each stage of the Journey, you can use these meditations to ease the transitions, and enhance the energy available to you.



There are 8 meditations that are specifically composed for each stage of the moon cycle.

Each meditation is between 8-10 minutes long so it can fit into even the busiest of lives.

Energy Clearings
Each meditation gently walks you through an energy clearing.

It removes any stress or discomfort around the Moon’s ‘I Am’ statement, and then supports your energy system with the properties of an essence (there’s no need to physically take it!)

* The New Moon: I AM Safe

* The Waxing Crescent Moon: I AM Full of Potential

* The First Quarter: I AM Connected

* The Waxing Gibbous Crescent: I AM Creative

* The Full Moon: I AM Abundant

* The Waning Gibbous Moon: I AM Empowered

* The Last Quarter: I AM Supported

* The Waning Crescent Moon: I AM Complete

“I have had such a positive experience using these meditations and cannot Thank you enough Rebecca for producing them. I have been using these moon meditations for the last couple of moon cycles and it really has an amazing power to bring clarity and quieten the noise so that you can understand what emotions and blocks you may be currently be facing. I cannot rave enough about these meditations, I listen to them everyday and highly recommend them to everyone.” Emma Cox




The music has been specifically created using the Solfeggio frequencies that correspond to the Chakra tones.

Each moon phase uses the music of the associated chakra, to support you through this phase of the cycle and to further process the energy clearing.

Chakra 1: Grounding

Chakra 2: Life Force

Chakra 3: Power

Chakra 4: Love and Compassion

Chakra 5: Communication and Creation

Chakra 6: Insight and Wisdom

Chakra 7: Transcendence

Independently confirmed by researchers, these core creative frequencies (Solfeggio) were used by ancient priests and healers in advanced civilizations to manifest miracles and produce blessings.”


“I have loved the Moon meditations you made! Every time I listen to one, I feel calm, centered and deeply relaxed. I find that the affirmation helps me focus, and the crystal essence information is amazing as well. Your voice is so soothing, and the background sounds compliment the energy! I added the meditations to my phone so that I will always have them, even when I am out and about.” Jennifer Bisson



After purchasing this special community bundle, you’ll recieve two emails:

One will contain the link for access to the Manifesting with the Moon course. In the course you will find the link to download the meditations.

The second will be a welcome email from me, Rebecca-Anuwen, giving you an overview of the course and what to expect.

All super simple to access, and you can get started straight away.

And don’t forget to come and share your insights or ask your questions in our Magical Moon Musings FB group – you’re already in the right place!