If so, what you’ve been told, and what you may even be telling yourself about making this change, just isn’t true…

The truth is:

You don’t need to be rescued.

You don’t need someone else to tell you what to do,

You don’t need more qualifications.

You don’t need to achieve the next big thing.

What you need is to reconnect with your inner wisdom, your intuition and your sovereign power, and remember how to access their truth.

What you need is guidance and support so that you learn how to trust yourself again.

Become FULLY ALIGNED with your values, passions and energy so that you can break free of the limitations and patterns of your past and create a fresh start.

We all have invisible scripts that run our life.

Beliefs about ourselves and the world that may or may not be true.

Fears that were set up in childhood that as adults are so ingrained that we rarely stop and notice them.

Patterns of behaviours that are almost instinctual, but not always supportive.

They can all prevent you, or significantly slow you down, when you want to make change in your life.

You can find yourself stuck or taking three steps forward and two back.

You can’t get clear on what you want to do next or what direction to take.

You know you want more from life, but don’t believe you can embrace it, or don’t know how to make that changes needed.

You don’t trust yourself and your desires.


I know these patterns intimately.

I lived them for decades, afraid to commit to the change, second-guessing myself, talking myself out of decisions I was so previously sure of…

It was exhausting!

Most of my life I had been a seeker, searching for my life purpose, wanting to know what I was here to do.

I spent sooooo much time, money and energy searching through books, teachers, courses, astrology, numerolgy, personality tests…. You get the idea….

And whilst that all had value… it was in fact a distraction.


My life was on hold, until I found what I was looking for, although I didn’t really know what ‘it’ was that I wanted to find, I assumed I’d just know it when I found it.

I wanted answers, but when people gave them to me, they felt good for a few days, maybe a few weeks, but soon enough something would change and I’d be off searching again.

After decades I started to stop seeking.

I stopped looking outside of myself for the answers.

I became more present with myself and started to get really clear on who I was and what I wanted and needed from life.


I realised that my purpose in life wasn’t the ‘Title’ that I thought I’d been searching for, it was simply to be ME.

When I let go of the fears, expectations and distractions, when I decided it was time to let my true self shine and lead the way, when I decided to embrace ALL of me – quirks and all – EVERYTHING changed…

In my 20+ years of professional practice, those women who I’ve worked with who have:

Done what they thought they should do,

Strived to achieve what they thought would make them happy,

Who lived a life in a way that pleased other people,

Who were the ‘Good Girl’,

Suppressed their dreams and desires and,

Constantly prioritised other people over themselves,

all left these women feeling exhausted and so disconnected from the truth of who they were that they could no longer make clear decisions, and in many cases could no longer remember their own dreams and desires.

Not being ‘perfect’ won’t ruin you and your life.

Not living in alignment with who you are just might.


There’s only so long that you can hide your own truth from yourself before something comes to a head – maybe it’s a relationship, a career, your health.

You can only suppress emotions, feelings, and your true desires for so long, before something has to give and when it does it can feel as if your whole world has come crumbling down.

You can find yourself in a nowhere space feeling confused and doubtful, wondering what to do next and not having the clarity you need to make the changes your heart knows you need to make.

That’s when you know it’s time for a ReSet (or even before this breaking point is ideal!), and the perfect time to Re-write Your STORY.

ReSet: The 90-day experience that reconnects you to the truth of who you are so that you can reset your life, wipe the slate clean and start over.

Starts September 16th

registration now open

Clear out those out-dated beliefs, patterns and behaviours, so that you can remember the truth of who you are.


This is The ReSet you’ve been after! It’s a very simple, yet super transformative – 90-day activation and alignment experience.


Get ready to create a fresh start.

To shift your life to the next level

To make decisions with clairty

To feel grounded and connected

To laugh more

To skip, to dance to play

To feel your spirit soar

And your soul to breathe a sigh of relief

To smile

As you…

Re-Write Your STORY

It can be hard to let go and embrace change, yet if you try to keep things the same you will inevitably fail and end up feeling exhausted.

You’ll become frustrated at not making the changes that you know you need to make.

When you feel this resistance it’s time for a ReSet and to Re-Write Your STORY:


Break free from the limitations and patterns of the past that have been holding you back, so that you can create a fresh start and consciouslly create your future.

TRAVEL Your Own Path

Embrace the inner and outer cycles of your life and discover your own rhythm to dance to as you move through life. Learn how to use these rhythms and cycles to support energise your life and get more done.

OWN Your Passions and Desires

Re-discover what turns you on and lights you up. Tap into the energy of possibility, hope and optimism as you remember what it’s like to express your truth and fully shine in your world.

RENEW Your Relationship with the Unknown

New beginnings bring change, and change requires you to step into the unknown. Discover the tools and The Map you need so that you can navigate stepping into the unknown with confidence and ease.

Say ‘YES’ to yourself and Your Sacred Purpose

Learn how to embrace ALL of you, so that you can live a life in alignment with the woman you were born to be.


There are five pillars to support you  ReSet:


  1. The Re-Enchant Your Life Travel Journal
  2. Easy and fun sacred practices
  3. A 28-day (on-line) SHEro Journey
  4. SHEro Activations
  5. Sacred group support


At the heart of this transformational experience is the ‘Re-Enchant Your Life’ Travle Journal sent to you in the post.

The guidebook contains my most practical and impactful guidance to guide you through the process of coming back home to yourself.

It contains exactly what you need to keep you connected, aligned and joyful in life, and if you should get ‘lost’, it guides you back home to yourself.

You’ll explore:

Connection: As you go back to basics and remember the truth of who you are.

Clarity: You’ll uncover the stories that you’ve been telling yourself

Passions: You’ll reconnect to what’s really important to you

Alignment: It’s super practical so that you to stay true to yourself and your dreams

The Travel Journal encourages you to dream big and then ground your dreams into reality so that you can focus on what really matters.



Through simple yet fun sacred practices is where the real magic happens, this is the place where you re-write your story.

As you immerse yourself in the sacred practices there’s a mixture of live classes, journalling prompts, reviews and reflections as you consciously uncover and create how you want your life to look.


So that I can fully support you, there’s plenty of opportunity to get any questions answered by me.


I’ll be right there with you to help you identify the old stories and patterns that you might not be able to see yourself, then I can find the perfect tools to move you through any fears or resistance that comes up.


I can hold you accountable and gently guide you as you navigate the transformation you’re embarking upon.


You’re not in it alone!

28-day SHEro’s Journey

The 28-day SHEro’s Journey is an on-line adventure to support womenn who are answering the call of their soul, setting out on a new beginning and are striving to consciously create a life that nourishes and fulfills them.

These are women with an awakening consciousness and who are trying to balance their spiritual journey with the day to day challenges of life, work and relationships.

It allows you to become clear about who you really are so that you can decide what’s right for you – the first time round.

Drawing on my extensive 20 years experience in the field of energy medicine, you’ll be able to enjoy the sense of freedom that happens when you can energetically ‘let go of the baggage’ that has been holding you back and weighing you down.



Meet the 9 SHEro Archetypes and awken their inherent sacred power within you.

The energies that we will explore include:

  • Igniting Your Joy
  • Reclaiming Your power
  • Embracing Your Truth
  • Energising Your Desires
  • Owning Your Value
  • Sharing your Knowledge
  • Committing to Yourself
  • Claiming Your Experience
  • Consciously Create Your Life

With each archetype you’ll identify any patterns that prevent you from fully embodying her power.

You will then be guided on an energy clearing journey, where you’ll release any energetic patterns that prevent you from owning each Sacred Power.


These gentle but powerful meditations help you to keep moving forward as you come into deeper relationship with yourself.


You can listen to these meditations from your computer or via an app on your phone.


Think of these meditations as the soap that gently dissolves the years of grease that’s been accumulating in your energy system that you no longer need.


They’ll leave you feeling lighter and more sparkly too!


During our 90-days together you’ll have access to an on-line community, a Sacred Circle for you to be witnessed and held by other women sharing this journey with you.

It’s amazing what you can do when you know that you’re not alone.

This Sacred Circle is full of like-minded women who’ll get you and share the journey that you’re on,

It’s a space where you can have deep conversations that you may not be able to have with your in-person friends or family.

It’s the perfect environment to support you implement and fully express the woman that you’re becoming.

For 90-daysI’ll be your personal Priestess supporting you birth yourself into being.

There’s no one way to live this messy and incredible life, there is just your way, and I’m here to help you get back on YOUR OWN TRACK.

My aim for our time together is simple.

To help you ground and embody the truth of who you are.

So that you can:

Have a fresh start.

Embrace all of your perfectly, imperfect self.

Confidently make choices from a place of passion and power, and not fear, expectations and overwhelm.

Deeply honour and trust yourself.

Consciously create a life that nourishes and supports you.

Feel completely aligned with the truth of who you are.

Feel more joy, curiosity and love in your life.

Have the confidence in yourself to face any obstacles that come your way.

Feel aligned, lit up and on purpose.

For 90-days I’ll be walking right next to you. Your magical Fairy Godmother, your trusted confidant, your cheerleader and personal Priestess.


The RESET experience costs $497 USD – a two payment option is available

But I want more than your financial investment.

I want you to wholeheartedly invest in this process with your time, energy, curiousity, enthusiasm and tenacity.

I want this time with me to be an investment in your life, in your joy, in doing what it takes to make the changes that you know you need, so that you can fully flourish and become the woman you’re designed to be.

[ Starting Septemer 16th 2019 ]