and experience a summer of magic


SHEro Summer School



(Think Hogwarts, but for SHEroes.)

Join us in The Sacred Grove Community for 6-weeks of fun, laughter, connection and magic, as we DANCE through the Summer.


Discover – Awaken – Nurture – Celebrate -Embody


Your Ancient Wisdom

Discover the much-forgotten mysteries and ancient wisdom of life that speaks of cycles, rhythms, and alignment.
A wisdom passed down from our ancient ancestors through our blood and bone.
Reach out to this Red Thread, connect and remember the truth of who you are, and the power of the great mysteries that reside within you.


Your Inner SHEro

Explore the wildness of your inner-landscape, that reveals itself to you through the stories of old, and colourful archetypes. And then harness this inner power to consciously create your life as you confidently make choices that honour your energy, values and feelings.


Your Wildest Dreams

As you remember the truth of your SHEro-self, and understand your Sacred Purpose, your dreams, desires, and passions are revealed to you.
Instead of feeling any trepidation and guilt about following these Calls, you embrace them understanding that you are an essential part of your own personal Journey.


Who You Are

See yourself with fresh eyes, as you change your focus and see your quirks as gifts.
Feel deeply rooted to the wild and mysterious women that you are becoming.
Feel grounded as you ebb and flow through the natural cycles of being a woman, seeing them as a source of your SHEro Super Powers, that are to be embraced, not denied or suppressed.


ALL of You

In a world that values things that can be tamed, understood, and controlled, it can be hard to embrace the full spectrum of who you are.
But by learning to embody all of yourself, and not just the ‘pretty’, socially acceptable, parts, you will understand at a cellular level, the magical and sovereign woman that you truly are.


I feel so free, joyful, and connected

“I enrolled in SHEro School at a very powerful, very vulnerable time in my spiritual life. SHEro School was exactly what I needed to heal some old wounds, let go of what was no longer serving me, explore what I really needed to embrace to take care of myself in a new phase of life, and do it all with playfulness and joy. 
As if my own personal SHEro’s journey weren’t enough, Rebecca has created a beautiful, safe space for powerfully connecting with fellow women on the SHEro’s journey. 
I feel so free, joyful, and connected now that I’m completing SHEro School, and I’m giddily anticipating the next sacred, joyful journey that Rebecca has cooked up for us SHEroes!” 
Amy Simpkins, USA


The Weekly Classes

Each week we explore a new topic and dive deeper into our own magic.

There are live interactive classes (recorded if you can’t make it live), workbooks, and a whole host of other content to make this practical, magic and most of all FUN!

Week 1

Dream Wild

Take the SHEro Chakra Alignment Quiz to help you focus on the area of your life that is trying to get your attention.

Get really clear on what you want from life, and how you want to show up and contribute to the world around you.

During this week, you will learn how to really tune into your intuition and use the tools of Enchanted Journaling and Magical Meditation to deeply connect to your inner wisdom.

You will learn the power of intention setting (when done right), and the sacred art of personal ceremony.

























Week 2

Dragon Slaying

The challenges that every SHEro faces on their adventures are the dragons of self-doubt, the gremlins of ‘should’ and the trolls that tell you, ‘you’re not good enough’.

By the end of week 2, you will have the perfect tools for managing any of the fears or doubt that surface. You will be able to stay centred and confident, no matter what those around you do, or say, to try and take you from your path.

Some of these tools include learning how to use the fascinating art of muscle testing, so that you can determine how in alignment you are with your choices.

Week 3

Honour Your Sacred Self

Week 3 is all about honouring who you really are, all of her, in all of her beautiful, glorious, and sometimes messy self.

This goes so much deeper than the typical ‘self-care’ advice you read about, it’s about creating a new relationship with yourself and cultivating your self-love, and self-worth.

In order to maintain the breakthroughs and transformation that you’ll be experiencing, you will have access to sacred self practices that will support you on your SHEro’s Journey.
























Week 4

The Power of Being a Woman

Week 4, focuses on supporting you to step into the REAL you, and how you can consciously create your own reality; one that is in alignment with who you really are.

Discover the SHEro Super Powers that you have access to, as you cycle through your very own SHEro’s Journey each month.

You will experience the power of connecting to the rhythms of the moon, learning how to create your new reality as often as you like, with the tools to use so if you ‘mess up’, or ‘fall of the wagon’, you can easily get right back on track.

Week 5

Spiralling Deeper

During week 5, we will spiral deeper with the techniques you’ve learnt and have been putting into practice.

Diving deeper, and removing more layers, to reveal more of the REAL you.

During this week, we will also look at the importance of adding ritual and ceremony to your everyday life, spiralling deeper in to the very essence of your sacred-self.
























Week 6

Coming Home To Yourself

During the final week of SHEro Summer School we focus on assimilating all that you’ve learnt.

We look at how you can use your favourite practices in your everyday life, to enable you to tap into, and trust, your intuition and inner wisdom.

You will be confident in discerning the messages you receive from your higher self and the universe, and have the skills, courage and confidence to make the changes in your life that you want to make.

The SHEro Summer School Library

Just as Hogwarts has core subjects, so does the on-line SHEro Summer School. These core subjects run alongside the weekly lessons, and are stored in the on-line School Library and can be completed when it’s convenient for you.

The History of SHEroes

Dive into the rich history of SHEro’s that appear in myths and fairy tales and how they shape your relationship with yourself today.

Explore the 9 SHEro archetypes so that you can experience being a women, and learn how you can tap into these patterns to bring more confidence, clarity and purpose to your own life.



“Transfiguration is some of the most complex and dangerous magic you will learn at Hogwarts. Anyone messing around in my class will leave and not come back. You have been warned.” Professor McGonagall introducing Transfiguration to a first-year class.

Transfiguration is the art of changing the form and appearance of an object.

In this core subject, you will be changing the stories that you tell yourself. Taking back control of pen that writes your life, releasing and transforming the stories that you’ve outgrown, aren’t yours or no longer serve you.



Discover how to use enchanted tools such as crystals, crystal grids, essences and essential oils to create a charmed life. One where you can anchor into your desires, and support yourself manifest them into being.



Become a potions master as I share some of my favourite magical recipes to support you add a touch of magic to your days.

Defence Against the Dark Arts 

Learn how to protect yourself from the dark arts of self-sabotage, and self-doubt, and discover the most effective ways that you can stop yourself absorbing the negativity of others.
Learn how to create sacred space, keeping the energies you don’t want away from your personal space and your home.

Far Exceeded My Expectations

“SHEro School far exceeded my expectations. It reminded me of the long ago days of going to summer camp. We covered so much rich content, while still maintaining the thread of community and connection. Rebecca was supportive, always throwing in little extras, and seemed to be having as much fun as her students. Besides a community of warm-hearted women, I gained skills in SHEro School that will continue to enrich my life indefinitely.”
Jane Dutra-Salemi, USA

Changed my life

“This was one of my favourite things I’ve ever done!!
Changed my life and my connection to myself and living in rhythm!!”


Support, Inspiration and Practical Tools YOUR WAY

SHEro Summer School happens within the sanctity of The Sacred Grove Community.

The Sacred Grove is an on-line community, designed to support you on Your SHEro’s Journey to become your fullest expression of yourself.

The doors to this Sacred community only open three times a year and coincide with three trusted and transformational  courses that are run live within the group.

On July 1st SHEro Summer School is in session!

This is the 5th year of Summer School.

To join us for the whole event you will need to join us for at least two months, but are more than welcome to stay for longer!

Whilst immersing yourself in Summer School you also get access to all the other goodness the Sacred Grove has to offer including the famous virtual Red Tents and Rebecca’s energy clearings.

The Sacred Grove

The Sacred Grove and Summer School are all about you learning to honour your own needs and energy. You participate in a way that feels nourishing for you, knowing that the space is always being held for you when you need it.

In the Sacred Grove



Explorations for you to deepen your relationship with yourself and understand where you are on your own personal SHEro’s Journey.


Tools and techniques to keep you grounded and aligned as you walk your own unique path.


Learn how to stop the overwhelm and calm the anxiety as you learn to identify what’s yours and what’s not.


Understand how your internal rhythms dance with the external rhythms so that you can experience more joy, ease and flow in your life.



Activate and embody your Sacred Power as you explore the gifts that each of the 9 SHEro Archetype has to offer you.


A six-week initiation into awakening your own magic. As you break the SPELL’s and re-write your own personal myth.


Connect to your Soul’s Compass and navigate the obstacles that prevent you from owning your truth and claiming your rightful place in the world as the powerful woman that you are.


SHEro Summer School is Back!

Class starts July 1st

A Six Week Initiation

Into The Magically Intuitive World of Being a SHEro

(Think Hogwarts, but for SHEro’s.)

Create and Discover New Ways of Being, with Simple, Yet Powerful, Tools To Guide Your Life

So if you’re ready to explore and deepen your relationship with yourself, begin to implement all you’ve learnt, as you reconnect to you power and purpose, join us today!



What's an 'on-line' community?

On on-line community has all the benefits of an in-person community, plus the additional benefit of you being able to access it from anywhere in the world (as long as you can access the internet.)

All the content is hosted on a site called Teachable, where you get your own unique password and username for access.

Classes and Red Tents are done over software that allows you to join via your computer/phone/tablet.

There are conversations that happen in our thriving Facebook Group (this is unlike any other FB group I’ve been a part of!).

And there are weekly livestreams for motivation and support that happen in the Facebooko group.

Is there a minimum amount of time that I have to be a member?

You can join us for one month, for an entire year, or longer.

You can cancel your membership at anytime.

There’s no contracts and no hard feelings if you decide it’s no longer for you.

However… the longer you immerse yourself in The Sacred Grove, the deeper you will spiral, and the more connected you will feel to yourself and your purpose.

When do I get access to The Sacred Grove?

As soon as you sign up you will get immediate access to The Sacred Grove, the community and the incredible content.

Once your purchase is complete, you’ll be taken to a ‘Welcome’ page, and be sent an email with your login details and instructions on how to access everything.

There seems to be a lot of content, how will I know where to start?

First of all let me say that you CAN NOT fall behind!

You do what you want, when you want, in a way that feels good to you.

Having said that, I have created a ‘Getting Started Guide’, that sets out how to use the courses and content in a way that will support you the most.

The courses are colour coded, so you can see at a glance which courses will help you navigate certain obstacles and old patterns that show up in your life.

You can even take the SHEro Quiz to see which of these courses meet your exact needs right now!

Then each Monday you receive an email from me outlining the energy that’s coming up for the week ahead. It also has information on the group’s focus for the week/month.

Finally the Monday email contains a handy ‘what’s coming up this week’, as a reminder for classes and events.

Then on the 1st of each month you receive an additional email with all of the ‘Lunar Love’ monthly content, so you can just click a link and be taken to the relevant information to help you navigate the up-coming energies.

Are there recordings of the live events and virtual Red Tents?

Yes. Everything is recorded and they are available immediately after the events have finished.

How often do you open access to the Sacred Grove?

Each year the Sacred Grove opens its doors three times a year.

This coincides with seasonal programs that we run within our community.

In February the doors open for the Sacred Power course.

In June the doors open for access to SHEro Summer School.

In October the doors open for access to the 28-day SHEro Journey

You can stay just for the time of the course, or stay longer to really immerse yourself in the teachings as you unlock and integrate more of your truth – it really is totally up to you.