You’re not feeling yourself

Let’s get you back on track, and fast!

Something’s rocked your boat, upset your energy, or smothered you in a thin layer of grumpy negativity…

Let’s clear your energy and get you feeling back to yourself once more; grounded, centred and energised.

Energetic Health

You can’t just think your way to feeling better when you’re feeling ‘out of sorts‘ and not quite right.

That’s because, whilst be might be able to reason why you’re in a funk, that doesn’t clear the residual energetic debris from your system.

Just as we wash our physical bodies regularly, it’s essential that we cleanse our energy bodies too.

If you didn’t wash yourself or your clothes for a few months, you know that would leave you feeling less than your best self, so why do we do that with our energy body?

Book an SOS; back to yourself session, and move forward feeling refreshed and renewed, and back on track.

Working with Rebecca, you can draw on her 20+ years of bio-energetic kinesiology expertise, so that you can once and for all, get out of your own way and live a life of joy, fulfilment and purpose.

Rebecca blends her depth of knowledge and skills as an alchemist and delivers her sessions through her signature style of light-heartedness and joy.

Sessions are profound, yet fun.

‘Rebecca will take you to the depths of your shadow, and you’ll come back transformed, laughing with joy’.

Someone once said that having a session with Rebecca was like having a beautiful, refreshing shower as you were left feeling free of the baggage and ancestral patterns of the past.

“Every time I feel out of alignment, Rebecca knows how to bring me back to center within minutes after the start of the session. I always feel clear, calm and focussed afterwards”. – Nienke Thurlings, Soul mission & stress coach for women

An SOS session is for you, if:

  • You’re not feeling yourself, but aren’t quite sure why
  • You’re finding it hard to motivate yourself and are feeling overwhelmed
  • Your life is starting to feel like a struggle, or
  • You feel like you’ve lost your joy and inner spark

You want results fast

Life happens.

Sometimes it’s beautiful…

And, sometimes it’s brutal.

If you feel like you’ve lost your way, can’t get yourself back on track, or feel like you’re walking through treacle, an SOS session is for you.

You don’t need to do it alone

The SOS session is also for when you’re tired of being the ‘strong’ one or doing it all yourself. And want to move through whatever it is you’re going through quickly, with ease and support.


The SOS Session


Each session is laser focused on you and exactly what you need.

During these 45-min sessions we hone in on the exact patterns that have been  knocking your energy system off-balance – no guessing; this is direct bio-feedback from your energy system using a system of kinesiology.

Once identified, we can then clear these energetic patterns so you can be free of them and feel refreshed, renewed, grounded and centred.

(Sessions are 45-minutes long and held via zoom)

Additional Support

After your session, you’ll receive access to Rebecca’s ‘Cleanse and Clear Your Energy‘ energy-clearing meditation collection.

These are particulalry useful to keep your energy running free and clear or for when just want an extra ‘tune up’.

“Rebecca provided great insights that helped me to clear up energetic and emotional blockages that I’ve had for years.

It was as if my mind, body and soul were finally in alignment.

Since working with Rebecca, my life has found a flow that I have never known possible.” – Angelique D

Book an SOS; back to yourself session, and move forward feeling refreshed and renewed, and back on track.

    SOS Sessions are perfect for when you’re experiencing one of the following:

    Feeling Out of Sorts

    Arguments and misunderstandings.

    Interactions that have left you feeling ‘off’.

    Or past events that you just can’t let go of.


      Reeling from the Unexpected

      Perhaps something’s happened that you weren’t expecting.

      Or you’ve received news that shocked you

        Grieving a Loss

        Maybe you’ve lost a job or been made redundant.

        Experienced a relationship breakdown, even if it was of your own choosing.

        Or had to accept a dream not coming to fruition.

          Feeling Overwhelmed

          Too much to do and you don’t know where to start.

          Not being able to prioritise what to focus on next.

          Not taking action or stuck in ‘flight or fight’ energy.

            Wanting a Quick ‘pick-me-up’

            Sometimes we need a little more self-care than a massage or an early night can give us.

            Book an SOS; back to yourself session, and move forward feeling refreshed and renewed, and back on track.

            “Rebecca is a true priestess… loving, kind and gifted. She will take you by the hand and journey through your healing with you.” – Ingrid A

            “I’ve been able to find access to a reservoir of wise guidance that has led to massive progress and deep peace in my life. Rebecca’s will elevate you beyond what you may think is possible!” – Lysa B

            “Rebecca has changed my life: I have a new found confidence, which continues to grow, as well as more meaning in my life.” – Susan L

            This work opens people up to confidence, power and magick. What could it do for you?

            By the end of your SOS session, you’ll feel:

            • More like yourself again; but a lighter, refreshed and renewed version
            • Calm, centred and grounded
            • Connected to the joy, ease and flow of life
            • A greater sense clairty
            • Connected to feelings of deep inner peace
            • Confident and excited to move forward

            Because, no matter what you’ve been through, your true essence remains, just waiting for the ‘gunk’ to be removed so you can connect with, and embody, it once more.

            I’M READY!

              How do the sessions work?

              Sessions are 45-minutes long and held via a secure on-line platform called zoom 

              1. Booking your session

              Once you click the booking button, you’ll be taken to my on-line calendar.

              Select a time that’s works for you (the calendar will show the times and dates in your time zone)

              Complete the brief questionnaire giving an overview of what you’d like to focus on during our session together.

              Purchase your session.

              The confirmation email will contain:

              1. A link to add the appointment to your calendar. If you do this, you’ll be sent a reminder for your appointment.
              2. A link for you to click at the time of our appointment so you can join me for your session. This link is also included in the calendar invite.

              2. Preparing for your appointment

              You don’t need to do anything before the session.

              At the time of the session you will want to make sure that you’re somewhere that has good internet connection and in a place where you won’t be disturbed for the duration of the session.


              3. During your session

              The session is held on zoom, with your camera on, so we can see each other.

              No two sessions are the same, as each session is laser focused on you and exactly what you need.

              During the session Rebecca will identify what energetic patterns of behaviour, thoughts, and generational stories have disrupted your energy.

              During the session you might be asked to think certain phrases, flower or crystal essences may be used (You won’t need to physically take them), or you might be asked to place your hands in certain locations on the body – if you are able.

              If you’ve had any kind of energy work done before, you may be familiar with the experience of feeling warm or tingly during a session. Or yawning is very common.

              At the end of the session Rebecca likes to draw an oracle card for you to give you some insight into how the work will integrate for you. She will ask you if this is okay with you before she draws any cards. It’s perfectly okay if you’d rather she didn’t do this for you – it doesn’t take anything away from the session.

              You’re in very good hands. Rebecca has been practising bio-energetic kinesiology for over 20 years, 10 of those on-line.


              4. After your session

              By the end of the session most clients report feeling relaxed, refreshed and clear.

              Then over the next two weeks the work will continue to gently integrate and you’ll find yourself feeling more confident, clearer and aligned with your specific intentions of the session.

              Within 24hrs of your session you will be sent access to the energy clearing meditations: CLEANSE AND CLEAR YOUR ENERGY .

              Book an SOS; back to yourself session, and move forward feeling refreshed and renewed, and back on track.


              What's bio-energetic kinesiology?

              Bio-energetic kinesiology is an energy therapy where you use muscle testing to identify the patterns of stress in a person’s energy system.

              These stressors could be thoughts, memories, behaviours. Anything that keeps the person ‘stuck’ or that drains their energy from living their true path and desire.

              Then simple and gentle techniques are used to rebalance the energy and remove the energetic pattern of ‘stress’.

              You won’t even have to do anything.

              Rebecca often jokes that it’s so simple that it’s almost hard to believe it works. And that people might feel it’s ‘better’ if they had to work hard to achieve the results lol

              Yet the results of her clients speak for the effectiveness of this therapy.

              I thought kinesiology had to be done in person and was to do with sports

              Kinesiology is the ‘study of movement’.

              And is often used with sports people.

              In fact when Rebecca started her practice she worked with a local rowing team that placed at the Henley races.

              Back in the 60’s a Chiropractor noticed that when a person felt a particular emotion or type of stress it affected a specific group of muscles.

              And that no matter how many corrections to the muscle group were done, if the underlying issue (emotion/ stress) wasn’t resolved, the muscle group kept suffering and repeatedly coming out of alignment.

              This discovery led to the type of kinesiology that Rebecca practices today.

              Her original practice was ‘in-person’ and she would physically test the various muscle groups.

              But for the last 10 years she has been working on-line using herself as a ‘surrogate’ to test for the client, making access to this therapy much easier.

              I'm not sure I'm totally convinced this will work for me

              It’s great to be discerning!

              Rebecca first learnt about kinesiology after she developed eczema and was recommended to visited a kinesiologist.

              She was a complete sceptic. She laughs about how she thought it was a load of rubbish and to her complete surprise, her skin cleared up – and the eczema has never returned.

              You can read her full story here: Rebecca’s story to becoming a kinesiologist

              I'm not in the UK, can I still work with Rebecca?


              Rebecca works with people from all over the world.

              Many in the USA and Australia.

              Rebecca’s availability in her calendar accomodates her international clients.

              But if you don’t see a time or date that works, just send an email via her contact form and we can find a time that does.