The Summoning

Reclaim Your Power and Magick

Reclaim Your Power and Magick

Reclaim what you habitually give away

Summoning your power and magick

It’s easy to doubt yourself when the people who surround you don’t share your desires. Perhaps your family, culture or society have very different expectations of how you should be living your life.

This is your time to become more aware of how you have been internalising the desires, beliefs and values of other people and how this can drain your power and magick. And it’s your time to learn what you can do to support and replenish them.



Write out the following declaration, then date and sign it:

I [Insert your full name], declare that from this moment forth I will become more aware of how I use my power and magick in the world.

I promise myself that whenever I notice people, events or environments draining my power, I will intentionally do what I can to stop the leak and replenish myself.

I’m on a mission to create a world where people feel supported and confident to express and pursue their wildest dreams and desires.
Rebecca-Anuwen, Your Guide
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Summon even more

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An Extra Pinch of Magick

Setting Magickal Intentions

You will need:
  • a dried bay leaf
  • a pen
  • a safe container to burn your bay leaf in
  • a lighter or a match.

Focus on what it would be like to reclaim your power and magick.

When you can really feel what having this in your life would be like, sum it up in a few words.

Then write those words down on the bay leaf.

For example, you could just write the words ‘power and magick’. Or write the way embodying your power and magick would feel – perhaps ‘confident’, ‘fulfilled’ or ‘alive’.

Spend a few more minutes feeling into how embodying your power and magick would feel.

Then when you’re ready, light the bay leaf with your lighter or match somewhere safe and suitable.

Watch the smoke release your desires to the Universe.

Maintaining Your Power and Magick

Claiming back your power and magick is a process, not a one-off task – it’s something you have to commit to everyday – like learning a language, tending a garden, being able to do the splits – you don’t just do it once and then graduate and not need to think about it again.

If you want to own your power and magick consistently and sustainably, think small acts of Summoning, often. Just like taking a multivitamin or going to the gym, little and often, beats a big effort once a year.

Keep the Momentum Going

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