The Summoning

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Reclaim Your Power and Magick

Create the foundations to support you

Summoning your power and magick

What activities in your life refuel and nourish you?

Doubt is much more likely to creep in when you’re tired, run-down or focusing your energy on too many things at once.

Then, add to that the weight of everyone else’s expectations and comparing yourself to others and the ‘highlight’ reels of their lives.

Instead, start to focus on and prioritise yourself by asking yourself throughout the day, “What do I need ?”

Think about what you can do for yourself in that moment. Perhaps the answer could be:

  • getting a drink of water
  • moving your body
  • resting
  • reading a book
  • snuggling with your pet or partner
  • booking a health appointment
  • asking someone for help.

Starting to get clear on what you want and need in the present moment makes it much easier to remember that you and your needs matter too.

It also helps you to prioritise where you spend your time and energy, which reduces overwhelm.

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An Extra Pinch of Magick


Here are some affirmations to try so that you can Summon your power and magick.

Start your affirmation with:

“I [insert the positive attribute that you are]…” A full affirmation might look like: 

  • “I am powerful and magickal.”
  • “I confidently embody my power and magick.”

Or, if that feels unbelievable to you right now, focus on what you’re becoming – perhaps something like:

  • “I am open to embodying more of my power and magick.”
  • “Each day, I reclaim more of my power and magick.”
  • “Each day, it becomes easier to own more of my power and magick.”

Next, affirm how you’ll make the affirmation happen.

For example, you might say, “I embody my power and magick, and today I show that to be true by… [insert the action you’ll take to move you closer to your power and magick].”

Actions could include:

  • “… continuing to say my affirmations.”
  • “… consciously choosing the feelings I want to experience more of.”
  • “… reinforcing my boundaries with [insert person, object or situation].”

Then throughout your day, repeat the affirmations that resonate with you. Say them with belief and feeling.

Maintaining Your Power and Magick

Claiming back your power and magick is a process, not a one-off task – it’s something you have to commit to everyday – like learning a language, tending a garden, being able to do the splits – you don’t just do it once and then graduate and not need to think about it again.

If you want to own your power and magick consistently and sustainably, think small acts of Summoning, often. Just like taking a multivitamin or going to the gym, little and often, beats a big effort once a year.

Keep the Momentum Going

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