Episode 84: Angel Wealth Magick – An Interview with Corin Grillo

Episode 84: Angel Wealth Magick – An Interview with Corin Grillo

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Today on the A Pinch of Magick podcast I’m joined by Corin Grillo, author of Angel Wealth Magick, as we discuss her experience with angels and how they changed her life.

Please note there is some language used in this episode that people might find offensive.


We discuss:

  • Corin’s first experience with angels
  • How she connects with and experiences the energy of angels
  • How she was at first ’embarrassed’ to let people know she worked with angels
  • How she integrated the messages she received from angels into her work as a licensed psychotherapist
  • How to untangle angels – which means ‘messenger’ – from religion and dogma
  • Jesus and religion
  • Spirituality and wealth, in particular money
  • Blocks to wealth
  • What ‘invisible condoms’ are and how they prevent wealth.
  • Corin’s 11-day wealth ritual, how it came about and the results it has given her
  • The most important things you can do to improve your wealth



Book: Angel Wealth Magick


About Corin Grillo

Corin Grillo is the author of Angel Wealth Magic and The Angel Experiment.

She is also a a Chicana and Puerto Rican mother, a licensed psychotherapist, visionary leader, inspirational speaker, and proprietor of the Casa Condor retreat center in Mount Shasta, California.

Corin offers online trainings in authentic spiritual leadership, nature immersions, intuitive healing arts, in-person trainings.

She has dedicated her life to sharing the life-changing gifts she received while learning to work with the angels. Visit her online at http://www.CorinGrillo.com.


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