Avoid These Top Three Charm Casting Mistakes

Avoid These Top Three Charm Casting Mistakes


Charm Casting can be as complex or as simple as you desire.

You can use just one charm for a reading, or hundreds (although I would recommend not using 100’s when you’re starting out!)

I like to use between 10 and 30 charms when I’m doing a reading.

The more charms you use, the easier it can be to become overwhelmed or miss the clear message because you’re over complicating the reading.

Here’s the most common three mistakes people can make when interpreting their charm casting reading and what you can do instead.


Using Too Many Charms

It’s exciting to put your charm casting set together. If you’re like me, my charm kit grew very quickly as I started finding charms everywhere – to be honest it’s still growing lol

Silver charms, old jewellery, parts of old games, bits and bobs from around the house.

Everything was a possibility for my charm set!

In the box of charms that I have sitting on my office desk there are over 700 charms!

But when I do a reading I use only a fraction of them.

If I used all of them each time, there would be too many to interpret and it could be difficult to know where to begin.

Charm Casting Tip

Try using between 10-30 charms for a charm casting reading – which you could expand as you become more confident.

You could also separate your charms into ‘sets’ that you use for different situations and questions, for example: A kit for relationships, careers or next steps in your life.

This would keep your readings focused and easy to interpret


Trying to Interpret Every Charm in Your Cast

When you cast your charms you may want to interpret every charm that lands.

Whilst that can be fun, it can also be quite time consuming and could put you off working with the charms, seeing it as time consuming and cumbersome.

Charm Casting Tip

Focus on interpreting only the charms that attract your attention and ‘ignore’ the rest.

This may mean just reading three charms when you cast thirty. Give yourself permission to do this, if it feels the right thing to do.

Or you can read the charms as groups. The charms that fall together create a combined message, not individual messages.


Over Thinking the Meaning of Each Charm

The interpretation of your charm casting reading and the symbolism of the individual charms is very personal to the person casting the charms.

It can be easy to start over-thinking the meaning of each charm.

Intellectualising what you think each charm means or what you’ve read about a certain charm and it’s meaning.

Over-thinking disconnects you from your intuition and inner wisdom.

Charm Casting Tip

Keep it simple and trust your intuition!

You may associate a particular charm with something, but this can change.

The meaning might change just for that reading, or for considerably longer.

Trust your first thoughts and follow intuitive wisdom.

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