10 Reasons to Start Charm Casting Today

10 Reasons to Start Charm Casting Today

Charm casting is a form of divination that uses small charms and trinkets, often items you have laying around the house.

You then cast these charms upon a surface to connect with your inner wisdom and tap into your  intuition.

If you haven’t tried charm casting yet, you really should!


Here’s my top 10 reasons why you should start Charm Casting today:


1. It doesn’t need any special equipment.

You can just use any random objects you find around the house.


2. Readings are truly meaningful to you.

Each charm used has it’s own unique meaning to you, so that you can get very personalised readings, as opposed to just reading a guidebook.


3. Your charm set grows with you.

There are no limits. As you and your interests change, your charm set will change to reflect this.


4. There are no rules.

Guidelines yes, but hard and fast rules no. So you can make a practice that’s as unique as you are.

5. It helps you learn to trust yourself.

The more you connect with, and use, your charms, you trust the messages they give you. You stop looking for external validation, as you know how to give it to yourself.

6. It develops your intuition.

As you learn to trust yourself more, you trust your intuition more. You trust yourself and your intuition in far more than just your readings. You trust your intuition about people, choices etc.

7. It expands your creativity.

There’s no limit on how you can use your charms. Use them on a desk, on a casting map you’ve designed, with your tarot and oracle cards… anything goes.

8. It’s easy.

You can simply draw one charm for guidance.

9. I mean it’s really easy.

You could even just get a message from a pebble or leaf on the floor.


It’s so fun to do, and even more fun when you find meaningful charms – for example I have lots of Lego mini figures I use to get messages from the characters lol

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