Inspired by a jumpsuit…

Inspired by a jumpsuit…

Here’s something you probably don’t know about me… It’s not very important, but it did make me think about change today… And that’s…

I hate clothes shopping!

I always have.

I’ve never known what colour or style suits me.

I go snow blind as soon as I walk into a clothes shop.

I’m not sure where this has come from, but I’ve never enjoyed it.


Shopping is too hard….

My bum has always been ‘too big’ compared with my waist, so finding trousers that don’t ridiculously gape at the back is a nuisance, my legs seem to be in between lengths lol… I could go on… but I’m sure you get the picture…


I think I missed the part of being a teenager where you learn how to dress and find what suits you.


And now of course I’m on the other side of 40, still wondering what clothes I should buy!


So I choose another way

Last month I booked a consult with a stylist who tells you what colours you look best in and what styles work for you.

It was such fun! If you haven’t done it before, I highly recommend it!

And if you know colours and are curious… I’m ‘Summer’ and need to wear cool colours, like blues, dark green and burgundy.


But knowing what to wear and buying it are two completely different things!


So I booked  a session with the same inspiring woman to go personal shopping, and oh my… what a totally different experience!


She loved shopping and knew exactly what to look for that would suit me.


She picked things for me that I wouldn’t have even looked at


I kept shaking my head… and am still shaking my head chuckling, as I now have


Animal print dresses

And White trousers!?!


All of which I would never have bought without her help.

And all of which I actually now love! In fact I’m writing to you in one of my jumpsuits! (yes I have more than one now!!)


And it go me thinking…

The jumpsuit got me thinking about change.


As humans we’re not really good at change…

Whether it’s a change to how we see ourselves, change in the type of clothes we wear, or the relationships we have.


We can resist it, ignore it, fight it …

I know that I’ve even resisted change that I knew would be beneficial to me in the long run!

I could despair at myself lol, but instead I look to nature…


Nature has so much to teach us about change. About starting over, again, and again and again.


As humans we’re taught that time is linear.

There’s a start, and a series of steps that moves you towards an end goal.

Each of those steps builds on the previous step, and you’re expected to become bigger, stronger, and more successful with each of those steps.


But in this model, there’s no space for failure, for stumbling a few steps back, for starting over. No place for rest or a reset.


But when we remember that we are intimately connected to nature, and we can model our experience on hers, we realise that life is in fact a spiral path and not a linear path.


On a spiral path we can allow ourselves to start again.


We can give ourselves permission to rest and pause. To change our minds, to reset, to revisit, to regroup and start over.

On a spiral path there’s no comparison, so no place for fear, blame or shame.


When we remember that we are intimately connected to nature we can embrace the spiral path and give ourselves permission to start over, to start again and change.


With love, jumpsuits and spirals

Rebecca xo

SHEro Wisdom for the year ahead – The Omen Days

SHEro Wisdom for the year ahead – The Omen Days

I love winter.

I love the darkness.

I love being snuggled inside as the wind howls and the rain beats down.

I love cold crisp winter walks, as the sun goes down, and I’m wrapped up in hat and soft scarf.

I love the darkness.

Yes, I know I said that twice, but it’s worth repeating.

I love the darkness.

And yet…

We are taught to fear the darkness, we’re told it’s where the monsters live.

The darkness is wild and untamed.

It can’t be controlled.

It certainly can’t be trusted.

We do everything we can to stay in the light.

And yet…

The darkness holds the magic and mystery.

It’s the darkness of the womb space that holds the potential for growth.

It’s the darkness of the soil that holds, nourishes and nurtures the tiny seed, so that it can grow.

The tiny cells become the little baby, and the acorn becomes the mighty oak.

It’s the darkness of the night that holds us and restores us as we sleep.

It’s the darkness of closed eyes that allow us to daydream and savour the moment.

It’s from the darkness that we connect with our intuition, the whispers of our wisdom rising up trying to get our attention.

Yet this darkness isn’t trusted.

It’s feared, dismissed, pushed to one-side.

The darkness is much like the energy of a woman.

Deep, intuitive, wild and untamed.

Nourishing, nurturing, and with the ability to birth; to birth ideas, books, art, creativity, and in some cases children.

The wild darkness goes hand in had with being a woman.

Yet in both cases their power can be feared.

They can be dismissed and pushed aside, told their wisdom is not to be trusted.

Yet as a woman our power is in the darkness.

And this time of the year, that power is heightened.

The connection to  the darkness, and your intuitive ability is at a peak.

The darkness of winter is governed by the Wise Woman SHEro, her landscape is the Red Tent and her symbol is the cauldron.

The Goddess associated with the Wise Woman SHEro is Cerridwen, the Celtic Goddess of wisdom and transformation, she is the Keeper of the Cauldron.

Cauldrons are first and foremost a vessel to create warm nourishing food.

They also represent the wisdom and transformative powers of the womb space. The bringing of everything together to create something richer and more flavourful – whether that’s food or experiences.

During these dark days, it’s time to connect more deeply with your own deep inner wisdom.

To bring all of you together, to create a richer, deeper experience of yourself and life.

To remember your inherent power.

To celebrate the wild, untamable darkness within.

To celebrate the unexplainable, the things that shouldn’t make sense, but just feel ‘right’.

This is particularly true of your intuition.

And this got me thinking…

I can remember years ago being told about using oracle cards on the 12 Day of Christmas for guidance for the year ahead, each of the twelve days representing the coming 12 months.

I couldn’t remember the details, so turned to trusted google and came across this article by Caitlin Matthews:

In it she explains why the 12 days of Christmas are so special;

In Brittany and in Wales, the Twelve Days of Christmas, which mark the intercalary days of the year, are called ‘the Omen Days,’ and they have a special purpose. ‘Intercalary days’ are really the days left over from reckoning up the solar year and, in calendars throughout the world and at different times, they are special because they are considered to be ‘the days out of time.’ It is in this interval between the ordinary count of days that gods are born or conceived in many different mythologies.”

She then goes on to explain that for each of the 12 days of Christmas tradition would have people step into nature and notice the omens, the signs from nature, and that would indicate what was to come.

On the 1st day – Boxing day, the 26th December, you would go out into nature and notice what you notice – perhaps a shape in the clouds, the branches of the trees, a colour shining brighter, a hardy flower surviving the cold, the robust red berries, a feeling, a whisper on the breeze, an animal or bird that you hear or see, and that would represent what was to come for the month of January.

Then the 2nd day  – the 27th January, you would do the same and that would represent the energy for February.

etc. etc. for the 12 days and the 12 corresponding months.

The idea isn’t that you google what the signs mean – as that is someone else’s interpretation.

This is a time to sink down into your own wisdom and notice what the signs or ‘omens’ mean to you.

What is nature communicating with you?

When you do this with focussed intention, even if you only have 10 minutes, it’s fascinating what you can learn.

Step outside, wherever you are, and before you walk or look up to the sky, down at the pavement/sidewalk, ask that you be shown your omen or sign for the month, so on the 26th December, you would be asking for January.

And then look, listen and feel. Use all of your senses and notice what you notice.

Trust your intuition.

Trust the nudges, the feelings.

Pay attention.

Are you making it up? Does it really matter?

Your intuition is communicating with you, it’s time to listen.

Then make a note of the message, the signs.

Trust your first thoughts, go with what feels aligned.

It might not make sense straight away, it might percolate and bubble in your cauldron of wisdom, and throughout the day it will unfold.

You may wish to draw an oracle card for additional guidance – but again, leave the guidebook alone, and notice what YOU get from the card.

Treat each of the 12 days of Christmas as a chance to deepen your relationship with your rich darkness, your intuition.

A chance to remember your whole self, and not just the sanitised, socially acceptable version of yourself.

Treat this an an experiment in listening deeply.

Of trusting yourself.

Of knowing that you are held by the dark womb of the universe.

The journey of coming home to yourself.

Most of all be curious and have fun!


Walking the spiral path

Walking the spiral path

Tonight was the final call of a four month group that I’d been running, I was both excited to share more on our final lesson togther, and sad that such an amazing experience was coming to an end.

It was fitting then, that our final topic was on supporting our sacred self, and looking at the spiral path that women walk.

As I spoke about honouring our sacred selves, the topic invariably turned to cycles and nature – two of my favourite topics.

It seems like a lifetime ago, but I used to teach people about how to create amazing raw food recipes.

Raw food didn’t appeal to me because it was healthier, in fact in my case, when I was pregnant, raw food wasn’t the best choice for me – but that’s a whole other story… But I love raw food because it’s food in its natural form (or at least much closer than heavily processed foods!), and when I ate a high raw food diet, it was one way that connected me more deeply to my own true nature.

There was no hiding from emotions or feelings by stuffing them down with foods such as breads and pasta, but eating more raw food, allowed to to relearn about my relationship with myself, and highlighted the areas in my life that needed some attention.

It reminded me that ultimately we are part of nature in all of it’s glorious, colourful, juicy, tasty, powerful, and unruly ways.

We’ve done a good job over the years of trying to control nature. To harness her power, and protect ourselves from the very same wild, unpredictability that both scares us and has us in awe.


Understanding Your Version of Being ‘Normal’

Understanding Your Version of Being ‘Normal’

From a very young age we’ve been told what we should do, and how we should behave.

There are certain expectations on what ‘normal’ behaviour should look like, especially for girls, and then women.

In our culture today, there’s more pressure than ever that things should *look* a certain way, so much so, that the picture we paint of ourselves, and our lives, can often mask the reality of what’s really going on for us.

How we’re seen, or how we think we’ll be judged, is given more importance, than understanding or sharing what’s really going on for us, and we may be reluctant to share our true emotions.

This suppression, or even in some cases denial of emotions, can lead us to feel confused and overwhelmed.

People have often used terms such as ’emotional’, or ‘high-maintenance’, or described women as being ‘too much’, as a way of silencing them, or disconnecting them from their own internal power.

Woman have forgotten their power lies in their cyclical way of being, and instead have tried to squeeze themselves in to a linear existence, and can wonder why they feel burnt out, anxious and unfulfilled.

Often if you try and talk to people about this, they can look at you as if you’re crazy, but there is another way!