Magickal Self-Care: Day 1 – Honouring Your Energy

Magickal Self-Care: Day 1 – Honouring Your Energy

Welcome to 12-Days of Magical Self Care

We all know that self-care is really important, but we can often put it at the bottom of our to-do list prioritising all the things that need to be done and achieved. Doing all the things that we prioritise over own health and well-being.

I mean it’s hardly surprising that we do this.

We live in a world that rewards hard work and achievements. A world that can make us feel guilty or even selfish for prioritising ourselves and our needs.

This can leave us feeling empty, run down, frustrated and resentful.


Just a few moments a day

During our 12-Days of magickal self-care together, I want to show you how it’s possible to take a few moments each day to nourish yourself and fill yourself back up.

I know during this busy festive season, your own self-care might be even further down the list than usual. But when we’re busiest, that’s when we need to look after ourselves the most.

In just a few moments everyday, you’ll remember the importance, joy and benefits of reconnecting with yourself and prioritising yourself, your needs and your care, all with a pinch of magick!


You are the magick!

Magickal self-care doesn’t involve you doing anything ‘special’. It’s not about conjuring magick because you are the magick.

You don’t need any special tools or equipment, because you bring the magick, because you are the magick.

Over the next 12 days I want you to reconnect with the magick that is you, the magick and power that you hold within you, so that you can sustain yourself and nourish yourself through anytime of the year, but particularly this time of year when it can feel there’s more demands on your time and energy.

When we think about magickal self-care, we’re of course looking at nourishing your body, but we’re also prioritising your  spiritual health too.


Creating Change

When you connect with your magick, you invite yourself to remember that you hold the power to create change in any area of your life.

And by doing just a little bit of self-care each day I’m hoping that you will have a much more fun, nourishing, and fulfilling festive season.

I hope to do this with just a few minutes everyday. A little bit of self-care each day is so much more powerful than one ‘bigger’ thing once a month.

It’s much like exercising. Doing a little bit of exercise each day is much more effective than doing a two-hour gym session once a month.

Stretching your body and getting some fresh air for five minutes a day has a more sustained and therefore greater long-term impact than going to the gym for a mammoth session once a year.

The same with self-care.

Just doing a few moments every day, is so much more powerful than going for a spa day once every six months.

I want to help you create this as part of your routine so that you can create a better relationship with yourself, so that you can learn to trust yourself and listen to your intuition.


It starts with noticing your energy

To get us started I want you to explore your energy. To notice how your energy ebbs and flow throughout the day, and how this makes you feel.

One way we can look at this ebb and flow energy is to consider the idea of the masculine and feminine.

When I talk about ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’, I’m not talking about gender. I’m talking about the divine masculine and the divine feminine in the archetypal forms. Regardless of the gender you identify with, everybody has masculine and feminine energy within them.


Doing Vs Being

The masculine energy is the energy that helps us to get things done. It gives us drive and logic. It’s linear and likes to keep going and going and going and to do so quickly. It’s all about doing.

The feminine energy within you is the ability to create, rest and receive. It’s the mysteries of your life, your intuition and the things you can’t always explain but know to be true. It has a spiral structure that likes to take its time. It’s all about being.


We need both

It’s essential that we have both in our life.

Sometimes we need to call on our more masculine energy when we need to get thigs done, and sometimes we need to embrace more of our feminine when we need to rest and refuel ourselves.

As we get busier it’s easy to push the feminine energy down and ignore her needs, so over the next 12-days I invite you to really look at your relationship with your energy of feminine flow.

I like to imagine the energy of the masculine and the feminine as a river.

The riverbanks are the masculine and the water is the feminine.

The riverbanks provide a clear structure so that the water can express herself.

The riverbanks provide a structure to hold the water – it doesn’t contain the water, just lovingly holds the water so she can express herself in any way she pleases.

The water can go slow or fast, she can carve her own path. But without the riverbanks holding and supporting her, the water would be a flood plain and unable to express herself.

My intention is that over the next 12 days, these daily reminders will be the container for you, so that you can explore and pick and choose what works for you and what doesn’t. And then take those practices that work for you and continue to do them after our 12-days together.


Today’s Magickal Self-Care

For today, I want you to start noticing how your energy ebbs and flows throughout the day.

When you feel more governed by the masculine energy of doing and when you feel more in your feminine energy of being.

If you notice times in the day where you feel overwhelmed and frustrated the chances are your body was actually calling you into your feminine energy, into your rest energy, and you ignored it, probably because you had things to do!

I want you to start looking at ways you can nourish that feminine energy.

Just as we are governed by the ebb and flow of cycles, days go from day to night, seasons cycle through spring, summer, autumn, and winter, the tides of the oceans move in and out, your own energy naturally does the same.

The more you can work with your own ebb and flow of energy, the more you can get done and more fulfilled you will feel – filled instead of empty.

This is about becoming full of life and not being an exhausted shell of yourself.

Often people are concerned that if they stop and rest that they’ll never feel like doing any work ever again. But that just doesn’t happen. Our energies are always ebbing and flowing. There are times throughout our days, throughout a month, throughout our years, when we feel lit and ready to do more and there are times when we need to rest.

Noticing your own changes in energy is about bringing you back into connection with your own natural cycles.

No doubt you are very comfortable with the doing of the masculine energy. And I’m sure that there are lots of things you need to do today. Let the masculine energy support you do that.

Let’s also get you as skilled in working with your feminine energy.

So, let’s explore the kind of things you can do to embrace more of that feminine energy.

What’s one thing you could do today to connect you to your feminine energy?

It could include:

  • having a rest even if it’s for five minutes
  • drinking plenty of water
  • consciously choosing nourishing foods that feel good to you
  • doing something that brings you pleasure
  • focusing on something that delights your senses
  • breathing intentionally; just breathing in deeply and exhaling fully
  • dancing; any movement that wiggles your hips would be perfect
  • receive graciously; when someone gives you a compliment say ‘thank you’ and receive it


At the end of the day ask yourself the following questions:

When you felt your energy at the highest?
Perhaps it was in the morning, the afternoon or the evening.

When did you feel at your calmest?
Was this during a time in the day or during an activity?

Were there any points throughout the day when you felt overwhelmed or frustrated?

As I mentioned earlier, often when we feel overwhelmed it’s because we’re trying to override our feminine energy. She wants to rest, but we keep pushing on through. And of course there are times when we need to – but it should become the exception, not the rule.

Today isn’t about judging yourself. It’s about become curious.  It’s about become aware of yourself, your energy and your needs so that you can have a better more nourishing relationship with ourselves.

What we know and understand we value. The more you can get to know yourself and understand yourself, the more you will value yourself.

I’m asking you to notice your energy today. However, it would be amazing if you could do this throughout the whole 12 days. As you pay more attention to your energy, you’ll start to notice the patterns that show up for you. If you have a menstrual cycle you may notice that it links with with your menstrual cycle, if you don’t have a menstrual cycle you might notice that your energy syncs with the moon. Perhaps you notice your energy change with the seasons.

Take this opportunity to start to become curious about you about your energy and your own needs change and by the end of the 12 days you’re going to have a much deeper, better, more fulfilling and of course nourishing relationship with yourself.

Let me know how you got on with today’s mini exercise and I look forward to meeting you again tomorrow when we dive deeper into the energy of magickal self-care and start looking at your own needs.

12-Days of Magickal Self-Care

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Learn how to get in touch with your intuition with a modern day witch

Learn how to get in touch with your intuition with a modern day witch

Years ago, I was listening to a radio interview with Ray Mears, an outdoor survival expert, and someone had asked him how to get the most out of their up-coming trip to the jungle.


His response has always stayed with me.


Not because I’m off to the jungle, but because they’re words to live by, especially when developing your relationship with your intuition. 


He said, and I’m paraphrasing: 


“Walk into the jungle and stop. Let the jungle come to you.”




I just love that for soooo many reasons. 


Stop, and let the jungle come to you. 


I mean of course… it’s so obvious. If you go stomping through the jungle, all the creatures will run away from you, you won’t get to notice all of the incredible diversity that surrounds you, as you’re moving too fast and ‘on a mission’ to see the jungle, rather than experience it. 


How many times do you set an intention, want to hear your intuition, or weave some magic, but you’re being too ‘noisy’ and scaring off, and not noticing, the signs and synchronicities around you?

It’s like the time I was staying in a hotel in London and overheard a tourist announcing that they had ‘done Europe’, as they had been to London, Paris, and Amsterdam.  


Even though the Tourist was no doubt having a fabulous time and seeing the sights that many people would associate with Europe, people who live in Europe would know that they had anything but ‘done’ Europe, all they’d actually done was tick of a few tourist destination. 


Of course, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, but it’s also important to recognise it for what it is. 


Just like when you’re connecting to your intuition.


If you’re trying to force it, or be a ‘spiritual tourist’ doing the things that have worked for others, rather than exploring what actually works for you, youll only connect with your intuition at the same depth the tourist really connected with Europe. 


There will be some benefit and fun adventures, but you miss the real beauty. 


You need to stop, and let your intuition come to you.


However, stopping is easier said than done in today’s world. 


Life is getting busier, and faster, and noisier. 


Technology is amazing, it’s made so much more of life easier and accessible, it’s also added a different level of stress; a constant ability to be ‘on’.


With many people now working from home, the working and not working time and space has become increasingly blurred.


I saw a meme the other day that I think summed it up, it said: We’re not working from home, we’re sleeping at work.


It’s now more important than ever to disconnect from the noise around us and reconnect to ourselves so that we can get in touch with our intuition and trust ourselves.


A Sacred Pause 


Years ago, I head the term ‘Sacred Pause’ from Molly Remer, who learnt it from Joanna Powell Colbert. 


As soon as I heard the term my body recognised it and sighed ‘yes’.


Stop and let life, your intuition, magic and synchronicities come to you. 


The stopping, the Sacred Pause is at the heart of life. 


Yes, there are times when we need to do, and achieve, and push forwards. 


But the pause, the rest, and the stopping are equally important.


I like to think of it as walking the labyrinth. 


When you walk a labyrinth, you enter with intention, often to seek the answer to a question you hold in your heart.


As you spiral in, you let go and release all of the things that are preventing you from finding the answer you seek.


Then when you get to the centre you pause.


The Sacred Pause where you allow yourself to assimilate. To allow the answer a chance to come to you.


This is where the transformation and deep connection occurs.


Then when you’re ready, you spiral back out of the labyrinth, transformed, a new person, never to be the same again.


The Sacred Pause being quite literally the heart and the centre of all transformation and deep connection. 


  • Choose to consciously pause.
  • Choose to notice your energy.
  • Choose to let life come to you.


When you stop, you become aware of the nuances of life, the diversity of the energy around you. 


You begin to become aware of what’s your energy and what belongs to other people.


When you get that kind of clarity you begin to trust yourself as you can sense your intuition and hear its wisdom as it cuts through the noise of judgements, expectations, and shoulds.


Everyone is intuitive, it’s not reserved for people that are ‘special’.


EVERYONE is intuitive and can access their intuitive wisdom. 


If you don’t trust your intuition, feel like you can’t hear it, or find yourself doubting it, you just need to take a Sacred Pause so you can learn to cut out the noise and hear yourself again.


I’ve created super simple practice based on the Sacred Pause, it takes about 5-10 minutes to do. It will cut out the noise and reconnect you to your intuition simply CLICK HERE to access it.

Your Sacred Power

Your Sacred Power

Over the last few years it’s become more and more obvious to me that the seat of a woman’s power is in her Womb.

And when I say ‘Womb’ I’m not referring to the physical body part, but the energetic space.

After two years of study in Glastonbury, I dedicated as a priestess of Cerridwen on the shores of Lake Bala in Wales.

Then a month after that I was with Miranda Gray, training to be a Moon Mother and being initiated into Awakening the Feminine Energy with Womb Healing and the Womb Blessing.

During this time I bought a yurt and turned it into a Red Tent – a place for women to come and be held, nourished, nurtured and restored – it’s literally like being held in a red cauldron or sacred Womb.

Of course I’d never logically planned this, but it’s funny how things weave themselves together…

The goddess Cerridwen is the Keeper of the Cauldron.

Symbolically the cauldron is the Womb. The space of darkness, where things come to be transformed. The place of creation.

Although Cerridwen is often depicted as a Crone due to her wisdom, her story is all about her children, she is very much a Mother (Creatrix) Goddess.

When you look at my Cerridwen training and the Womb work with Miranda, I think it’s fair to say that the Womb energy has been calling me for quite some time…

This is also reflected in my clients.

Over the last couple of years, more and more of the clients that come to see me on a one-to-one basis have had imbalances in them owning their own power. They’ve had a deep desire to fully believe in themselves and their dreams, to confidently own who they are and unaplogetically express their truth in all areas of their life. They’ve wanted own and embody their (often hidden) power!

In a world that benefits from woman staying small, values them looking young and pretty and have them not make a fuss, it can be incredibly hard to break free and do things differently.

So let’s talk about this and why your Womb energy aka Womb Story is so important.

The womb is the female centre of power.


And as I mentioned at the beginning, but is worth mentioning again, whether you have a physical womb or not, is irrelevant, we’re talking about Womb with a capital ‘W’, your Womb energy, this is the seat of your female power.


When you’re disconnected from your Womb space, that energetic space, you also become disconnected from your own power.


When you are disconnected from your own power the most damaging thing that happens is that you can lose your sense of self.

You can literally disconnect from who you are and lose touch with your own truth.

You can be so busy putting everyone else’s needs before your own you end up frustrated, feeling empty and resentful.

As I’ve been working with the SHEro Archetypes over the years, they’ve revealed to me a very important aspect of their work, and that’s their energetic connection to the Earth Energies and the energy of your energetic Womb space.

There are many reasons that women can become disconnected from their power, and these reasons can be explored in the SHEro Archetypes and their associated Earth energy celebration/Sabbat.

Imbolc and The Innocent SHEro: The Individual Womb Energy

Spring Equinox and The Intuitive SHEro: The Sacred Womb Energy

Beltane and The Rebel SHEro: The Suppressed Womb Energy

Summer Solstice and The Passionate SHEro: The Expressive Womb Energy

Lammas and Creatrix SHEro: The Creatrix Womb Energy

Autumn Equinox and The Teacher SHEro: The Physical Womb Energy

Samhain and The Change-Maker SHEro: The Ancestral Womb Energy

Winter Solstice and The Wise-Woman SHEro: The Collective Womb Energy

Connecting with the SHEroes and the earth energy activates the Womb energy so that you can clear, rebalance and rejuvenate the energies.


Imbolc and The Innocent

Your Individual Womb Energy

Freedom – Optimism – Trust

The individual womb energy is any energetic patterns or grief that is a result of any rejection you feel for yourself, any judgement you have towards yourself, or any lack of self-worth that you feel.

Any time that you dismiss your feelings, your experience or your intuition, you create dis-harmony in your Womb space.

Spring Equinox and The Intuitive SHEro

The Sacred Womb Energy

Awakening – Growth – Insight

A woman’s power is in her energetic Womb.

Any time you deny or suppress your own power you actively disempower yourself.

When you look to others for the answers because you don’t believe of trust yourself, or as a way of not having to take responsibility, when you turn a blind eye to something that you know is wrong, when you say ‘Yes’ to everyone but yourself, you drain your own source of power.

Each time you think that you can’t do something, or that you ‘should’ do something else. Each time you don’t follow your heart because you feel you’re expected to do something else, or make up an excuse not to start something you really desire, you continue to drain your own reserves.

Beltane and The Rebel SHEro

Your Suppressed Womb Energy

Wild – Sexuality – Expansion

And of course we’re dealing with womb energy so it wouldn’t be complete without working with the physical and energetic pain and grief caused by sexual trauma, from misuse or abuse.

As well as the collective grief from the use and misuse of women and girls in all of it forms.

The emotions of shame, guilt and blame around sex and sexuality can be suppressed and held in the womb.

Often these feelings can leave it hard for a woman to be intimate with herself and to connect with your body fully, leaving her feeling frustrated and ashamed.

Summer Solstice and The Passionate SHEro

Expressive Womb Energy

Passion – Desire – Fulfilment

The expressive energy of the Womb is a woman’s ability to take up space physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Women are taught to be quiet, to keep their emotions in check lest they be called ‘irrational’ or ‘high-maintenance’, and this can lead to a fear of expressing your own unique and vibrant power.

If you ever find yourself playing smaller than you know is possible for yourself, if you ever find yourself not expressing your true thoughts and feelings, or suppressing your emotions – especially anger, then know that your Expressive Womb energy is out of balance.

Lammas and The Creatrix SHEro

Womb Energy

Creation – Self-Love – Connected

As you can imagine, Creatrix is literally about creating from your Womb space. That might be projects or ideas, or of course children.

If you ever find yourself sabotaging yourself, having great ideas, but not being able to birth them, this is for you. But also, it’s about the mother energy. You as a mother receiving and also receiving that mother energy.

It’s about your own children, it’s about birth. If you have any stories of trauma, mistrust, maybe your own mother was emotionally distant, maybe you felt emotionally distant to your own children. This is the energy for you.

The Creatrix also holds the energy of having babies, not having babies, losing babies; from having miscarriages, abortions or adoption.

Autumn Equinox and the Teacher SHEro

Internal Womb Energy

Knowledge – Trust – Inner-Knowing

The Internal Womb energy is all to do with the stress, intervention and the energetic trauma caused by symptoms of dis-ease that typically show up within the reproductive system and pelvic area.

If you’ve had to undergo medical procedures such as a hysterectomy or a C-section, or you’ve had/have cysts, or fibroids – which may or may not have had removed, this is one that you’ll want to attend.

Samhain and The Change-Maker SHEro

Ancestral Womb Energy

Support – Confidence- Liberation

The ancestral energy that we carry through our mother line and is passed down through the DNA has a very significant effect on us.

This Sacred Pause will be of benefit to you when you keep repeating patterns that you can’t logically explain, yet you feel that you’re being held back by something bigger than your own experiences.

If you look at your the women in your mother line, and feel that they did not live the lives that they wanted, that they sacrificed and became resentful, or that they experienced trauma and grief in their lives, you’ll want to free yourself (and your family) from these energetic Blueprints, and we will start this process in the Sacred Pause.

Yule and The Wise Woman SHEro

The Collective Womb Energy

Wisdom – Sacred – Mystery

The collective womb energy is the energy you learn from society.

From the history you’re taught, events that shaped the world, fairytales, books, films and our surrounding culture.

You might have heard the term the ‘witch wound’ before, the unconscious understanding and experience that if you stand in our power, and if you speak your truth, you’re going to be persecuted, as so many millions have been before you, and that still are still today.


The Edge-Walker SHEro

As you walk this path on Your SHEro’s Journey, you are held in the spiral labyrinth of the Edge-walker who brings you what you need, when you need it.


You can learn more about the SHEro Archetypes in my book:

The SHEro Archetypes: Take the journey within to awaken your inner power.

Available on Amazon and Kindle.

The Importance of Reclaiming The Moon

The Importance of Reclaiming The Moon

Women have always been deeply connected to the earth, and to the wisdom of nature.

Through her menstrual cycle, she is connected to the cycles around her, such as, the seasons, the moon phases, the ebb and flow of the tides, and the cycle of life and death.

Once upon a time, this wisdom, this understanding of the mysteries of life, were passed down from woman to woman, from mother to daughter, but over the centuries things began to change.

These, once revered, cycles that were honoured as a circle, began to be seen as inferior to a line.

The circle that had no beginning, or no end, and no hierarchy, was replaced with the line that had a bottom and a top, and a superior and inferior position.

The mysteries and connection to the earth began to be rejected. Intuition, emotions, and healing were ridiculed.



Understanding Your Version of Being ‘Normal’

Understanding Your Version of Being ‘Normal’

From a very young age we’ve been told what we should do, and how we should behave.

There are certain expectations on what ‘normal’ behaviour should look like, especially for girls, and then women.

In our culture today, there’s more pressure than ever that things should *look* a certain way, so much so, that the picture we paint of ourselves, and our lives, can often mask the reality of what’s really going on for us.

How we’re seen, or how we think we’ll be judged, is given more importance, than understanding or sharing what’s really going on for us, and we may be reluctant to share our true emotions.

This suppression, or even in some cases denial of emotions, can lead us to feel confused and overwhelmed.

People have often used terms such as ’emotional’, or ‘high-maintenance’, or described women as being ‘too much’, as a way of silencing them, or disconnecting them from their own internal power.

Woman have forgotten their power lies in their cyclical way of being, and instead have tried to squeeze themselves in to a linear existence, and can wonder why they feel burnt out, anxious and unfulfilled.

Often if you try and talk to people about this, they can look at you as if you’re crazy, but there is another way!


The Evolution of The Feminine Archetypes

The Evolution of The Feminine Archetypes

I love working with the archetypes. There’s something comforting about drawing on the wisdom of these patterns that have come before us, and that will continue on after us.

They help us to see universal patterns, and to make sense of the word and our experiences.

Working with women, the archetype of The Triple Goddess, The Maiden – Mother – Crone often comes up.

I love this archetype, it values the Maiden, Mother and Crone equally. This is particularly important today, as so much value is placed on the youth of the Maiden in our culture, it can be hard to remember the value that the Mother and the Crone have to offer.

However, the idea of the Maiden – Mother – Crone comes from a time when we had babies at the age of 14, were grandmothers at the age of 30, and didn’t live much past 45.

Not only have we changed biologically, but our choices have also changed, leaving many women feeling that these three traditional concepts no longer truly represent their life experience.

Many women are choosing not to be mothers, and those that do, feel that there’s something more to experience before they enter their Crone years.

There’s a growing feeling that the traditional view of the Maiden – Mother – Crone no longer fully represents the complexity, and length, of our modern day life experiences.

Yet there’s so much wisdom to be discovered and savoured in these powerful archetypes, so I’ve expanded on them to make them increasingly relevant for today.

When looking at archetypes it’s important to remember that they are not linear energies. They are spiralling energies that are used to explain a concept or pattern of behaviour, they are not boxes to keep you confined in.
The Archetypes that I am going to use to explore and expand on the traditional Triple Goddess are the:

  • The Innocent
  • The Creatrix
  • The SHEro
  • The Crone

I love working with these four energies as, for me, they connect the seasons of a woman’s life to the seasons of nature, the four main stages of the moon cycle, and the four stages of our menstrual cycle.

For me, it becomes easier to see how the archetypal energy I experience on an individual level, connects me to the universal patterns of life. This then gives me knowledge and a roadmap to make the most out of the energies, or to support me navigate life’s challenges with more confidence and ease.


The Archetypal Spiral

Often when women hear the concept of The Maiden – Mother – Crone, they feel limited by the idea of connecting the energy to an age or experience, such as thinking they are too old to be a Maiden, too young to be a Crone, or to avoid The Mother as they don’t have children.

However, I feel that the archetypal energies spiral through the entire cycle, moving up and down (note that neither moving ‘up’ or ‘down’ is better than the other, the words are just used to explore the movement of the energies).

The energy may start with The Innocent, but then can spiral up to The Crone, and back again. The energies can do this many, many times throughout your lifetime, regardless of your age.

The energies are a reflection of your current life experience, and not dictated by your biological age, although each archetypal energy is more prominent during the four main blood mysteries experienced by women:

Innocent – Menarche

Creatrix – Pregnancy

SHEro – Peri- Menopause

Crone – Menopause

They are also connected to your monthly menstrual cycle, and the phases of the moon. This gives you the chance to explore the archetypal energies each month, and use their qualities to support you and your activities, throughout the month, helping you to plan and get the most out of your own cycles.

Innocent – Follicular phase – Waxing Moon

Creatrix – Ovulation phase – Full Moon

SHEro – Luteal phase – Waning Moon

Crone – Menstrual phase – Dark and New Moon


Sometimes your experience will only move through one or two of the archetypal energies before they return to the ‘beginning’ with The Innocent, or you may jump from Mother to Crone, or Crone to Innocent. Remember just like women, their energy spirals, it’s not lineal.


The Archetypes

Each archetype has two expressions. A fully expressed version, where all aspects of it are embraced, and a hidden expression where some of the traits may be judged or repressed by the person experiencing it, and therefore not fully expressed.

As you move through the archetypal energies there is a natural ebb and flow in their movement. The Innocent and SHEro are expressed externally, they look outside of themselves and share their energy. The Mother and Crone are more of an inward, selectively focused, energy, where they rely on more of their own internal resources.


The Innocent

New Beginnings | Explorations | Spring |Menarche | Waxing Moon

Initially the archetypal energies are awakened as The Innocent.

When we are children The Innocent energy is awakened by the biological and physical changes that occur in our bodies. When we are adults, the energy is awakened by our curiosity, inspiration, or our need to respond to a situation and try something new.

Once The Innocent energy has awakened, you can choose to explore this energy to dream, to follow your passions and curiosity, and to try new things.

You can then allow your dreams and passions to move into the next archetypal energy where they will be nurtured and brought into reality.

The Innocent energy is an outward expression, as you explore new ways of doing things and look externally for support, guidance and resources.

The energy of The Innocent is of curiosity, excitement and exploration.

The Creatrix

Creating | Nurturing | Spring |Pregnancy | Full Moon

The Creatrix energy transforms The Innocent energy of dreams and passions into something more tangible, this could range from art and poetry, decorating your home, or to consciously creating a life experience.

When you use this energy, you use your skills and resources to create, nurture and learn.

Once you are in The Creatrix energy and are using it to build or sustain your creations, you have two further choices.

You can spiral back to The Innocent, where you will find another idea, at its extreme this becomes the shiny object syndrome where you can get stuck in a looped spiral of creation and new ideas. Or you can spiral through the initiation, and into the next archetypal energy where you will share your creations, and experience of growth with the wider community.

Although The Creatrix energy appears to be an outward expression, it is an introverted energy, as you are using your own skill and resources to create. You don’t have to share your creations with anyone else, you can create purely for your own pleasure.

The energy of The Creatrix is of fulfilment, abundance and growth.

The SHEro

Independent |Teacher | Autumn | Peri-Menopause | Waning Moon

The SHEro energy transforms the nurturing Creatrix energy of learning and growth into something to share with your wider community.

It’s a time of reflection, but also a time of externally expressing the truth of who you are in the world. You have more life experience, and have lived through situations where you have been challenged. You’ve grown as a person and are now more confident in who you are.

You share your life lessons with your community and act as a mentor to those who are ready to learn from you.

From here you can spiral back to towards The Creatrix energy, to retreat and create something new, or to refine a previous creation. Or you can spiral up and move to the next archetypal energy where you will surrender and integrate the wisdom of the Universal lessons and the cycles life.

The energy of The SHEro is of reflection, self-confidence and freedom.

The Crone

Wise | Endings and Beginnings | Winter | Menopause | Dark and New Moon

As you move towards The Crone, the energy wanes once more. You become introspective as you assimilate your knowledge and life experiences, and you begin to own your wisdom.

As you experience the Crone energy you have a deep understanding of the cycles of life and are ready to let go of what no longer serves you.

During this stage something dies, often the illusions, fears and patterns that have played out throughout your life. You no longer feel constrained by societal pressure, you are your own woman, defined only by yourself.
You feel at peace with yourself, your life, and the world,

The energy of The Crone is of wisdom, leadership and fearlessness.

Defining Yourself

In the traditional Maiden – Mother – Crone archetype, two of the three patterns define a woman by her relation to another. The Maiden as the daughter and The Mother in her role of caregiver. It is only the Crone that is defined in terms of herself (maybe the reason she has been so feared?)

With the Innocent – Creatrix – SHEro – Crone, each stage is defined by the woman’s relationship to herself and her own experiences. She is not being defined by her relationship to another, making it easier for you to honour the ebb and flow of your own unique life path.

This gives you the freedom to dance between each archetypal energy as and when you like, to call upon its wisdom and experience when you need it, rather than being defined by it.


Why Every Woman Needs To Know About Red Tents

Why Every Woman Needs To Know About Red Tents

When I was growing up, apart from the obvious anatomy, I never realised I was different from a man, and I certainly never considered myself any less capable than a man.

As a child I saw my mum doing the wallpapering, the painting and decorating, I’d heard her talk of roofing a house and fixing a car – none of which you’d ever find my step-dad doing.

She’d also cook and clean.

At school I excelled academically. I had no reason to think that I was any less intelligent than the boys, especially when my grades and exam results were higher than most of theirs.

In fact I never realised that as a woman, I would ever have been considered less able in any area of my life, just because I was a woman.


My Story, Your Story, Every Woman’s Story

My Story, Your Story, Every Woman’s Story

“There comes a time in your life when you finally get it … When in the midst of all your fears and insanity you stop dead in your tracks and somewhere the voice inside your head cries out “ENOUGH! Enough fighting and crying or struggling to hold on.” And, like a child quieting down after a blind tantrum, your sobs begin to subside, you shudder once or twice, you blink back your tears and through a mantle of wet lashes you begin to look at the world from a new perspective.
……….This is your awakening.”

Sonny Carroll

My journey started nearly four decades ago, but my story began centuries before that.

It’s a shared story.

A story that unites every women who is, who has gone before us, and will follow in our footsteps.