Why energetic health is so important

Why energetic health is so important

Life happens

Through no fault of your own, just through being alive and experiencing life, with its stresses and challenges, your energy system can become clogged and congested – just in the same way that your physical body can become overwhelmed and exhausted if you don’t get enough rest.

How to feel better

Since the year 2000 I’ve been practising an energy thereapy called Bio-Energetic Kinesiology, and have worked with 1000’s of women, and it never ceases to amaze me just how powerful this work is.

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Bio-energetic kinesiology is one way of pinpointing where your energy system is in need of some additional support to remove any ‘congestion’.

Energy clearings gently release the energetic debris that has been created over the years, by using simple techniques, and can bring huge changes to you and your life.

Energy clearings

Energy clearings are designed to balance the energies of your body so that you feel better, think clearer and feel more aligned with yourself.

Imagine what you could do and achieve if your limiting beliefs, fears and the stories that we regularly tell ourselves were no longer holding you back.

And instead these were replaced with you feeling confident and inspired because you could now access your potential and your inner strength.

You could feel aligned and connected with your purpose and path because they were no longer hidden or clouded by the left over stress and debris of challenging life events.

When we seem to repeat the same old pattern

Often something will happen to us during our life and we (eventually) think we’re over it.

We can rationalise that things ‘happen for a reason’, or perhaps enough time has passed that we get back to everyday life and the event becomes a memory.

However, this isn’t the case.

Just because intellectually we ‘think’ we’re over something, doesn’t mean that energetically we are.

Our energy system doesn’t follow a linear timeline.

So while you’re trying to reason with yourself: ‘why does this still affect me, it happened years, or even decades ago’.

To your energy system it’s like it happened yesterday – this is how people
can push our buttons, and we can be triggered into a response that’s disproportionate to what we actually experienced in the moment.

To stop this cycle and be truly free of our past events, it’s essential that we rebalance and clear our energy system.

Energetic health is essential for everyone

Just as we clean and nourish our physical body, we must also clean and nourish our energy system.

If you didn’t wash yourself or your clothes for a few months, you know that would leave you feeling less than your best self, so why do we do that with our energy body?

It’s something that should be part of your regular routine.

How to know when your energy system needs some support

Here are some of the common signs that your energy system needs some additional support:

  • You feel tired and lethargic
  • You feel more emotional than usual
  • You’re struggling to make a decision
  • You’re feeling overwhelmed
  • You can’t start or finish a project
  • You keep becoming distracted
  • You seem to ‘absorb’ the emotions of people around you
  • You don’t feel like yourself, but aren’t quite sure why

If you’re experiencing any of these, start here to begin clearing your energy in easy and accessible ways

Additional benefits

Energy clearings also activate dormant energies in you so that you can access greater vitality and joy, whilst awakening to your true self, your power and magick.

Although most energy work can appear simple. It’s powerful and transformative work.