Ending the Year with GRACE

Ending the Year with GRACE

This is the perfect time to celebrate all that you’ve done, achieved and become

Recently I’ve been holding quite a few ‘rites of passages’ ceremonies for people. Some for people who are starting new ventures, some for people that are completing a process, some for people who are transitioning to the next phase of their life, and one for someone who has entered this life and another who transitioned from this life.

Marking the ending of one thing and the beginning of the next is a powerful process.

Often we can be so busy doing, doing, doing, that we can find ourselves focusing on what we haven’t yet done, rather than celebrating what we have done.

We can spot our perceived shortcomings at 100-paces, and yet forget to revel in all that we have done and achieved.

So as we get to the end of this year I want to invite you to a Closing Ceremony for 2019.

A space where you can celebrate all that you have done and achieved, and set powerful intentions to embrace the year head (and I have to say, it already feels like it’s going to be a powerful one – have you been feeling that too?)

This feels particularly potent, not just as we draw to the end of the year, but also the decade.

28th December 2019


Join us as you give yourself the chance to reset your energy and end the year with GRACE.

We’ll hold Sacred ceremony as we review 2019 and set our intentions and plan for an amazing 2020.

And if you haven’t found your Word of The Year for 2020, you’ll have that by the end of the call – and if you don’t know what that it, you’re in for a treat!

At the beginning of 2019 I set my intention and my Word of the Year to be ‘Deepening’.

The great thing about the Word of The Year is that​ it takes you on a journey that you never quite expect, but it’s always perfect!

This year was no exception.

What I didn’t expect was that I was going to ‘deepen’ into my business. And as 2019 draws to a close, my business has gone through a massive alignment in how it’s delivered.

I’ve completely redone my website and branding and have changed how I deliver my content.

After Facebook randomly banned me for a week so I could no longer access my communities, it made reassess what was really important to me in my business, and it was connection and community.

I wanted to create a community free from the drama and distraction of Facebook, a place where people could really focus on themselves and uplevelling their lives and living with intention.

I wanted to create somewhere where people could come and rest, be nourished and connect with much less distraction.

So I recently started to move my community over to Patreon – If you’re not familiar with Patreon, it’s a membership platform really designed for creatives – hands up that me lol. Although it’s a membership community, you don’t actually have pay anything to join, you choose your own level of access.

And it’s through Patreon that I will be hosting the above ceremony – it’s absolutely free to attend.

I know in the past I have set good intentions to review my year, but then just never got around to it, so if you’d like to review your year with like-minded community, I’d love to welcome you to join us.

Like I said, it’s free to attend, just pop on over to Patreon and follow along for the details!

I hope to see you there!

How to Make Even the Trickiest of Decisions

How to Make Even the Trickiest of Decisions

This week I’ve seen a lot of clients who’ve been caught up and wrangling with decisions they need to make in life, the BIG ones and the everyday ones. 

I’m sure at some point you’ve experienced what they’re going through too?

  • Being clear, then moments later doubting yourself
  • Second guessing what you want or need
  • Second guessing what you think other people want or need
  • Prioritising the needs of others over yourself
  • Bending under the weight of expectations
  • Getting clear, and then doubting yourself again…. and again… and again…

I’m so confused arghhhh


Back to basics to beat overwhelm

What if I told you there was a simple way to step out of overwhelm and indecision and into clarity and alignment?

And would it be even better if I told you it would only take a couple of minutes for you to do?

Maybe I feel called to speak about things that overwhelm us, as here in the UK, we are in the middle of the summer holidays, and this is the first time my little boy has had them.

Whilst it’s been amazing and filled with lots of laughter, adventures and trips… it’s also been a little on the exhausting side too lol (anyone who’s been around 5 year olds will know what I mean!) 

This is why we practice

This daily practice that I’m about to share with you has made sure that I can stay centred and focused on connection and fun, rather than feeling frazzled and (too) overwhelmed!


The Sacred Practice

The practice I want to share with you is my SACRED Practice. It’s a moment to connect in with yourself, to ground deeply into your own wisdom, so that you can make decisions from a place of clarity, power and alignment, rather than from fear or overwhelm.


You can download the practice here: www.RebeccaAnuwen.com/Sacred


A Sacred Pause

It was only the other day that I actually realised just how much the idea of the a Sacred Pause really is the foundation of all of my work.

This Sacred Practice is the ultimate Sacred Pause. A moment to stop, to rest your energy and bring yourself into alignment so that you can make clear decisions and move forward with clarity.

Even my social media accounts have the idea of a Sacred Pause at the heart of them.

My Moon Musing Facebook group is all about take a moment out of your day to check in with your energy and notice how it’s dancing with the cycles of the moon.

And most recently I’m experimenting with making my Instagram feed a place to pause and take a moment to rest – yes even on social media!

What do you think…. It makes me feel ahhhh:

So whatever’s going on in your life, if it’s a decision you need to make, summer holidays you’re trying to get through, or you just want a moment of peace and time to pause in an ever busy world, I recommend you try this practice, you can access it for free: 


What if you didn’t have to change a thing…

What if you didn’t have to change a thing…

“This is a list of things that you need to change…” – love society

Just a quick scroll through your social media feed, your inbox, or a flick through a magazine, will remind you all of the things that are ‘wrong’ with your life.

The way you look

What you wear

What you earn

Where you go on holiday

What you eat

How you exercise

Who you date

How hot your sex life is

The list goes on and on and on…

It can become overwhelming as to where to even start ‘fixing’ your life!

But what if what you actually needed was much simpler than all of that…

Stripping back

What if really it was about returning back to basics, stripping things back, rather than adding more... and more… and more…

What if what you really needed wasn’t sexy, or headline worthy…

Would you still be interested?

After 20 years of working with women on a whole wide-range of concerns, everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, goes back to them knowing, trusting and accepting themselves completely.

They didn’t need to gain more validation or approval, they hadn’t done anything wrong, they didn’t need fixing. They needed cut out the noise and break the SPELLs that they found themselves under.

It’s become increasingly hard to hear your own inner-voice, to trust the wisdom within you.

The world has got noisier and busier.

To-do lists longer, and external expectations higher.

This just leaves people feeling less satisfied, less fulfilled and more disconnected.

But there is a way to step out of this.

My gift to you…

Totally free, I’m giving you access to my SACRED Practice, so you can create the space to re-connected to your highest wisdom and deepest knowing, so that you can remember what’s really important to you as you cut out the noise of ‘should’s’ and expectations. And all it takes is a few minutes of your time.

It’s time to dedicate to your sacred self and your scared path.

I mean, without being overly dramatic (although I do love a bit of dramatics myself lol), if not now, when?

If you’re still not sure if this gift is for you, but you do want to feel more deeply connected to yourself, grounded into your sense of self and rooted in your purpose, this super simple practice IS for you:

Free Access here: Rebecca’s SACRED Practice

“The SACRED Start’s Feel Like the Missing Piece of the Puzzle”

“I’ve journaled, exercised, eaten well, but sometimes no matter how “well” I do, I can’t seem let go of some of those old nagging feelings. Since starting this practice I feel a deeper peace than I ever have before. I know what is mine and what is not.

I have established my boundaries and it has become so much easier to simply let things go. It has truly been an invaluable and life changing experience!!!!” – Mackenzie Ledford

I do this practice with hundreds of women each week, and now I’m giving you access to the process too.

It really is one of the most powerful commitments you can make for yourself, click here to get started>>

Break the SPELL and Change Your Story

Break the SPELL and Change Your Story

I don’t know about you, but I love a good story!

Escaping into other worlds, learning more about other people’s lives, being inspired by other people’s courage, determination, and dreams.

Hours can slip past me in deep conversation or lost in a book.

Some of my favourite gifts as a child were books that I still have today, with a gorgeous hardcover of ‘Wind in The Willows’ being the first that comes to mind – and that was a gift over 30 years ago! No wonder I’m the book giving Auntie!


Stories are important

They define our worlds and are what make us who we are.

We have been sharing stories since time began.

Stories are our maps to navigate through our lives.

We tell stories to make sense of events that we experience.

We share stories to connect with other people.

We use stories to learn from each other, to inspire the next person, to show them what’s possible and what we can overcome.

Stories can inspire us and spur us on to achieve great feats… but today I want us to look at the other stories, the stories that can keep us stuck in old patterns, frustrating us, and preventing us from claiming our dreams and fulfilling our potential.

These patterns that don’t serve us, these stories that keep us stuck and believing in things that are no longer relevant or true, are what I call SPELLs.

Not SPELLs that change pumpkins into royal carriages, or mice into horses, but SPELLs that cast their enchantment over us nonetheless.


Stories can become ‘nightmares’

As we grow up, we grow out of the stories of believing in Father Christmas and the Tooth Fairy, but some stories we don’t grow out of, we keep them and they become our own personal mythology.

These stories go into our personal SPELLbook, and this SPELLbook governs the rules that enchant and shape our life. They are so much a part of us, that we don’t even notice when we’re invoking them.

These SPELLs are often created for a reason, as a way of protecting us, of keeping us safe when we didn’t know any better, when we didn’t have the resources, knowledge or understanding to make different choices.

For over two decades I’ve been working with (mainly) women who are ready to change an area of their life – sometimes all of it… and at the heart of these changes is the need to break these SPELLs that have been set up/cast over them.

SPELLs that make them feel that they’re not good enough, are unloveable, are too much or not enough, the SPELL’s that keep them thinking they don’t have any power.

SPELLs are often set up in childhood, SPELLs are cast over us by the media, and SPELLs are kept in place by society and expectations…

I want to tell you that you that it’s totally possible to break these SPELLs! And it can be easy.


You can control the narrative

I want to remind you that you DO HAVE the power, you ARE more than good enough, you are totally loveable just as you are.

I want you to know that you are PERFECT in your imperfectness!

This isn’t about changing you, or fixing you! How can it be, you’re already perfect and you are certainly not broken.

This is about helping you to remember exactly who you are!

Watch the video that explains more about this process (and if you know me… you know I love an acronym… and yes of course ‘SPELL’ is one too)


Discover your Happily Ever After…

Then if you are ready to Break the SPELLs and Change Your Story, simply START HERE

Using the Moon to explore your energy

Using the Moon to explore your energy

I have Put Together a free tool to help you tap into your own lunar energies.

The moon, is the closest astronomical body to Earth, and it has a profound effect on us and the earth we live on.

It represents the feminine, emotional, creative and nurturing aspects of our lives.

I’ve always been fascinated with the moon and her ability to influence us.