Have you ever wanted ice-cream for breakfast?

Have you ever wanted ice-cream for breakfast?

Yesterday my little boy, he’s 5, didn’t want to eat his dinner, he wanted to eat ice-cream…

In fact if he had his way I think he would eat ice-cream all day, every day.

He doesn’t understand that eating ice-cream may be his current personal preference, but in the long term it’s not good for him at all.

As adults, we know this because we have more life experience and knowledge than a 5 year old.

Even when I say ‘No’, he’s very good at continuing to try and assert his preference… He’ll tell me that he really, really likes ice-cream and give me the cutest, heart-melting smile.

And when the charm doesn’t work, he employs other tactics. He’s tried telling me that he’s been really good at school so can he have ice-cream, he’s also tried the ‘I don’t like you, I’m going to ask Daddy’…

I’m sure anyone who’s hung around children for any length of time has experienced the impulsiveness (and craftiness) of children who want to assert their preferences lol.

And yet we can be just as crafty too when we want our own way, but we have more experience and tactics to draw upon!


Noticing the patterns

I really started to notice these patterns after a friend recommended that I read ‘The Surrender Experiment’ by Micheal A. Singer. In the book Singer shares how he surrendered his life to the divine flow of the Universe – I’m only half way through but it’s very inspiring – in the book he talks about how we judge things as good or bad in relation to our preferences.

And this got me thinking…

As life unfolds we can judge a situation as good or bad, “I like it”, “I don’t like it”, “I wish something else was happening”.

Going back to my little one, I’m pretty sure his thought process went: I don’t want to eat my meal, I want to eat ice-cream. Ice-cream tastes nicer. I wish Mummy would just give in and let me eat ice-cream, I really loooooove ice-cream, waaaahhhh….

We’ve made up our mind about how we think things in our life should be and this creates a struggle within us.

But as we know with 5 year olds, preferences don’t always provide the best outcome for us (even if we do love how they taste and feel), and sometimes we don’t understand why we can’t have and/or don’t get what we want, as we can only judge something based on our own limited understanding – albeit more than a 5 year old…

Many of my clients come to me wanting to create a particular result in their life, and yet they can judge the events leading up to it as good or bad, they like them or they don’t.

‘…for there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.’ – Hamlet – William Shakespeare

Although at the time of the event, we may not like how we feel about something, often we may be confused about why life is bringing us perceived obstacles or throwing us a curveball, but as a wise friend of mine says: time brings clarity.

How many times in your life has something happened that at the time seemed awful, and yet it was the catalyst for something more wonderful than you could’ve ever imagined.

For me when I chose to get divorced, I was too close to the sadness and discomfort of making hard choices, that I never in my wildest dreams expected that it was making the way for me to meet someone else and have our adorable ice-cream loving 5 year old.

So next time when something doesn’t go as planned, before you get caught up in judging it based on your personal preference, why not take a moment to try and become curious?

Become curious and ask: I wonder where this is going to lead me?

It might not work for everything, but sometimes just taking a moment to pause and change your perspective, may just change the story you’re telling yourself, and open you up to a flow of opportunity that you never thought possible…

To Change Your Story, simply START HERE

Knotting your intentions into being

Knotting your intentions into being

This weekend I hosted a Red Tent here in my yurt in Herefordshire.

These always feel like extra special events where women gather to share time and space with women who ‘get them’.

It’s a time and space where you can let your guard down and relax into the truth of who you are.

In preparation for the events I always have an outline of my intentions for the day, but it often unfolds into its own perfect form.

I hold the sacred space and it’s important to me that women leave feeling nurtured and nourished, (I often do this with food too…although I tell people to bring some food with them, inevitably I make some food too – sometimes it’s raw vegan lemon cheesecake, this time it was hearty vegetable soup…)

I love to hold space for women.

To create a space where you can feel held, witnessed and heard.

If you’re into astrology I have my moon in Cancer – so I am The nurturer, you will always be safe and looked after with me…

A couple of weeks ago I held two virtual Re-Enchant Your Life retreats for my group The Sacred Grove where we reviewed the year, reconnected to what was important to us and then re-envisioned our future.

I’ve always found it important to make a conscious check-in with ourselves.

Too often we can find ourselves going through the motions, and then feeling frustrated and cranky, and not really understanding that the frustration comes from living a life that’s out of alignment with your energy and values.

I truly wish this was taught schools, it certainly wasn’t when I was at school… we learnt how to be ‘good girls’, to not make a fuss, and to focus on our grades.

We were taught nothing about connecting with our own emotional or spiritual well-being.

Nothing about focusing on and developing our individual skills, especially our non-academic skills.

Nothing on finding our own answers within and learning how to be a Sovereign woman – We were taught that answers always came from an authority outside of ourselves.

And we were certainly not taught anything on the value of pausing and reflecting. It was all strive, strive, strive.

In fact if this was mentioned, it would probably have been considered ‘indulgent’ and not at all important. It was much more important (or maybe that should be easier…) if we were compliant and followed the ‘rules’.

This ‘education’ not only comes from schools, but from our families, and society in general, which makes it even more important than ever to stop and pause, and to notice those areas of frustration.

Those areas of frustration are your soul and spirit telling you that you are ready to expand into something bigger, but as yet you aren’t aware of the new rules or framework on how to do this, as you are still operating on the ‘good girl’ software.

So I chose to hold the Re-Enchant Your Life retreats at this time of year, as it’s the perfect energy to take that moment to consciously reflect on what’s worked for you and what hasn’t. What’s actually yours and what are the expectations of others.

It’s a chance to honestly notice what you’re doing and why, so that you can decide what you’re carrying forward and what you’re letting go of.

We then took the time to connect with what was actually important to us, so that we could set intentions for the year ahead that were in alignment with who we were becoming.

Some of these intentions looked like goals for people, others looked like values and feelings that they wanted front and centre of their life, often it was a combination of the two.

Importantly, there was no right or wrong way to do this, only the way that felt expansive.

It’s simple, but very powerful work.

To build on this, I thought it would be great to then quite literally weave these intentions into being.

So during the Red Tent we created Witches Ladders, or as I renamed them ‘SHEro Intention Ladders’ – these are simply braided ribbons, that with each knot and weave of the ribbons, you activate with your clear intentions (you can see mine below on the right).

We picked out ribbon, cords, and threads in colours that activated our intentions.

Then we chose objects to weave into our ribbons and threads that were symbolic of our intentions. We used crystals, feathers, ogham sticks, dried fruit, charms, feathers and beads.

We then braided everything together, focusing completely on our intentions, so that we could weave them into being.

We did this in silence, held in the sacred space of the Red Tent.

The energy of the tent was completely different.

Usually it’s filled with conversation and laughter.

This was reverence, sacred, intentional.

You could feel the magic weaving it’s way round the tent.

These ladders once completed are hung up, placed on your altar, on your desk, in your bag, as something tangible to remind you of and reconnect you to your intentions.

They can be used for meditation, much like a rosary.

These are working tools, not just something pretty to be forgotten about.

This is practical magic!

Fun, intentional, sacred and joyful.

Then after we completed our ladders, we drew oracle cards for the year.

We asked the cards for what action we needed to take for each month to bring our intentions into being.

We then asked the herb, plant and tree cards, what herb/plant/tree we need to work with that month to support us and our intentions.

I usually draw cards to give overall guidance for the month, but it felt more relevant to ask what action we needed to take.

And I always trust my feelings and intuition! After all that is what I hold space for women to do too – to completely trust and believe in themselves!

As early evening drew in and it became darker, we snuggled under blankets, and by the light of just the candles and fairylights we listened to stories told and sang by Carolyn Hillyer, and ate mince pies…

I think it’s fair to say that I create events that I want to attend lol…

There is something so magical about giving yourself the time and the space to create sacred tools that I suggested to the members of The Sacred Grove, that we start to make these tools with each of the Sabbats, the earth celebrations, in our virtual Red Tent.

Members of The Sacred Grove are all around the world, just because they couldn’t come to my home, I didn’t want to miss out on such a beautiful event.

And guess what? They loved the idea, so that’s what we’ll be doing too!

If you’d love to join us and learn more about this amazing community, you can do so here: Join us in the sacred sisterhood

And if you’re wondering how people from all round the world join together to make sacred tools….

It’s really very easy! Before the event I would give you everything that you need to know and of course including a list of what you need to bring with you. Then at the time of the event, I will be in my red tent and use a video conferencing system called Zoom, so that you can join me in this sacred space.

From there everything is the same as if we were all together, except at the end you won’t get to try any of my delicious soup (but I would of course share the recipe!)

Here’s your invite again to join us weave magic in The Sacred Grove

Travel tips that teach us about life

Travel tips that teach us about life

I was listening to the radio on my way back from dropping my little boy at nursery the other day, and Ray Mears, the adventure and survival expert was a guest on the show.

I’ve always liked Ray Mears, he seems so ‘normal’ yet has these amazing adventures, he knows pretty much everything he can about surviving in the wilds, yet remains the eternal student, always curious, he would most definitely be on my fascinating ‘people to have at a dinner party’ list…

Anyway… He always has great stories to share, and this was no different.

Someone had phoned in to the show, and asked him how to get the most out of their upcoming trip to the rainforests of Borneo, and I LOVED his response.

He said:


A Ritual For The New Moon – A time to get clear on your vision and set your intentions

A Ritual For The New Moon – A time to get clear on your vision and set your intentions

The New Moon is the perfect time to rest and tap into your intuition

During this time you can add power to your intentions to create and bring forth your vision by completing a simple ritual.

Completing a ritual creates the feeling that something special is happening, it gives magical intention to your wishes. It gets the power of the universe behind creating your deepest desires and a little extra help never went amiss…

Here’s an outline of one I like to do.


Why I burnt my vision board

Why I burnt my vision board

For as long as I can remember, and we’re talking decades, I’ve created vision boards, I’ve encouraged others to do the same.

They’re fun to do, cutting out inspiring pictures and quotes, decorating them with glitter and stickers, playing with scissors and glue, what’s not to love?

But today I burnt my vision board. And I won’t be making any more


Explore Your Energy With the Cycle of the Moon

Explore Your Energy With the Cycle of the Moon

I have Put Together a free tool to help you tap into your own lunar energies.

The moon, is the closest astronomical body to Earth, and it has a profound effect on us and the earth we live on.

It represents the feminine, emotional, creative and nurturing aspects of our lives.

I’ve always been fascinated with the moon and her ability to influence us.