Episode 88: Rebel Heart Tarot an Interview with Alice Grist

Episode 88: Rebel Heart Tarot an Interview with Alice Grist

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Today on the A Pinch of Magick podcast I’m joined by author and tarot deck creator Alice Grist.

This episode is for you if you’ve ever been curious about the tarot and want to know how to explore, or work deeper with the tarot – even if you’ve been a little hesitant to start.

Unfortunately it’s true, that even today there can still be a fear around the tarot. Especially with many films or TV shows adding to this, as they only show tarot in a light that suggests imminent danger or death. With characters starting to die or face peril after seeing the Death or Tower cards.

Alice wants to break these ideas and show people how tarot is actually a potent tool for personal transformation, and nothing to be feared.

Alice shares how she first became involved in tarot when her dad, who had been a Vicar, left the church and returned to the things he was once curious about – this included the tarot.

In this episode we discuss:

  • How Alice’s personal journey with the tarot evolved
  • The common misconceptions of the tarot
  • Misogyny and racism around the tarot
  • Why people (and society) fear the tarot
  • How tarot has put women in places of spiritual power and leadership, whilst many traditional institution still denied women these places
  • Alice’s experience of living each card
  • Using the tarot to connect with your intuition and learn to trust yourself
  • Tarot as a tool for personal empowerment
  • Signs and symbolism all around us
  • Using oracle cards with the tarot
  • Alice also shares her favourite and most used decks, as well has handy tips on how to find the perfect deck for you

About Alice

Author, tarot deck creator and expert. Alice has been working with tarot for thirty years and most recently co-created the new international deck Rebel Heart Tarot. Alice reads and teaches tarot internationally.


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Why energetic health is so important

Why energetic health is so important

Life happens

Through no fault of your own, just through being alive and experiencing life, with its stresses and challenges, your energy system can become clogged and congested – just in the same way that your physical body can become overwhelmed and exhausted if you don’t get enough rest.

How to feel better

Since the year 2000 I’ve been practising an energy thereapy called Bio-Energetic Kinesiology, and have worked with 1000’s of women, and it never ceases to amaze me just how powerful this work is.

[Learn how eczema and scepticism lead me to train in Bio-Energetic kinesiology READ MORE]

Bio-energetic kinesiology is one way of pinpointing where your energy system is in need of some additional support to remove any ‘congestion’.

Energy clearings gently release the energetic debris that has been created over the years, by using simple techniques, and can bring huge changes to you and your life.

Energy clearings

Energy clearings are designed to balance the energies of your body so that you feel better, think clearer and feel more aligned with yourself.

Imagine what you could do and achieve if your limiting beliefs, fears and the stories that we regularly tell ourselves were no longer holding you back.

And instead these were replaced with you feeling confident and inspired because you could now access your potential and your inner strength.

You could feel aligned and connected with your purpose and path because they were no longer hidden or clouded by the left over stress and debris of challenging life events.

When we seem to repeat the same old pattern

Often something will happen to us during our life and we (eventually) think we’re over it.

We can rationalise that things ‘happen for a reason’, or perhaps enough time has passed that we get back to everyday life and the event becomes a memory.

However, this isn’t the case.

Just because intellectually we ‘think’ we’re over something, doesn’t mean that energetically we are.

Our energy system doesn’t follow a linear timeline.

So while you’re trying to reason with yourself: ‘why does this still affect me, it happened years, or even decades ago’.

To your energy system it’s like it happened yesterday – this is how people
can push our buttons, and we can be triggered into a response that’s disproportionate to what we actually experienced in the moment.

To stop this cycle and be truly free of our past events, it’s essential that we rebalance and clear our energy system.

Energetic health is essential for everyone

Just as we clean and nourish our physical body, we must also clean and nourish our energy system.

If you didn’t wash yourself or your clothes for a few months, you know that would leave you feeling less than your best self, so why do we do that with our energy body?

It’s something that should be part of your regular routine.

How to know when your energy system needs some support

Here are some of the common signs that your energy system needs some additional support:

  • You feel tired and lethargic
  • You feel more emotional than usual
  • You’re struggling to make a decision
  • You’re feeling overwhelmed
  • You can’t start or finish a project
  • You keep becoming distracted
  • You seem to ‘absorb’ the emotions of people around you
  • You don’t feel like yourself, but aren’t quite sure why

If you’re experiencing any of these, start here to begin clearing your energy in easy and accessible ways

Additional benefits

Energy clearings also activate dormant energies in you so that you can access greater vitality and joy, whilst awakening to your true self, your power and magick.

Although most energy work can appear simple. It’s powerful and transformative work.



Why You Need to Trust in Yourself to Make the Right Choices

Why You Need to Trust in Yourself to Make the Right Choices

People often feel like they don’t, or can’t, trust themselves.

They seek validation from external sources and can ignore the intuitive nudges from within.

It’s hardly surprising this is the case…

We live in a world that has its ideas on how we should behave, what success looks like, even how we should look.

It’s a world that promotes insecurity; one that plays on the fears of people wanting to fit in, of not wanting to be judged, and all the while wanting to appear successful.

This insecurity can cause people to lie.

People can lie because they don’t want other people to know that they believe something that’s different from popular opinion.

People can lie because they don’t want to appear that they don’t know something, feeling they would look stupid if they didn’t have the answers.

They can lie because they don’t want to admit they’ve made a mistake or done something ‘wrong’, especially when perfection can appear the ultimate goal of society (whatever perfection is).

People can lie because they don’t want to admit to the truth of who they are.

All these lies and deception lead to mistrust.


The Merriam-Webster dictionary, defines trust as:


a.  assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something

b.  one in which confidence is placed


It makes total sense that if people continually lie to you, you lose confidence in them, which leads to you not trusting them.

If a person continually gossips about, or speaks negatively about you, you’ll stop trusting them.

If someone continually lets you down, and doesn’t follow through on their promises or arrangements, you’re going to stop trusting them.

Lies and lack of reliability, rightly, lead to mistrust.

This makes absolute sense.


Why would you trust someone that lies to you, or lets you down?

It’s harmful, disrespectful, and not nice to be around.

And yet, what we often overlook, is that we lie to ourselves.

And just like with other people, when we lie to ourselves, we stop trusting ourselves too.

When we tell ourselves, and say that we’re going to start that new healthy habit, spend less time scrolling through social media, or we promise ourselves that we’ll go to bed earlier… and then we don’t, we notice.

We notice all the times we lie to ourselves.

We notice when we lie to others, no matter how ‘small’.

We notice when we don’t hold ourselves accountable.

We notice when we let ourselves down and don’t follow through on our plans.

We notice everything!

Even though you think that having another late night, skipping that walk you’d promised yourself, or spending that 10 extra minutes scrolling through social media (that really turns into 60 minutes), really wasn’t that important, it’s hugely significant as you’re telling yourself that you’re not a person of your word, and people who don’t keep their word can’t be trusted.


Of course, you may not be thinking this consciously.

But you do notice and internalise this.

When you start seeking the answers outside of yourself…

When you seek external validation and praise from others…

When you doubt yourself, and want other people to take responsibility for your choices…

You know that part of you doesn’t trust yourself and your own judgment.

To overcome this, you simply need to become a person of your word, especially to yourself.


Start doing what you say you will.

If you’ve said you’re going to be in bed by 11pm, make sure you’re in bed.

If you’ve told a friend that you would help them move, make sure you show up.

If you’ve said that this is the year that you prioritise your self-care, make sure it is.

If you think that you can’t do something, don’t say that you will.

Even if that means lowering your expectations of yourself, or thinking that you’ll let other people down.

Instead of going for a run five times a week, commit to one run a week.

Instead of saying you’re never having another late night, commit to going to bed earlier for 1 or 2 nights of the week, or even start with a month.

Instead of saying you’re never eating sugar again, commit to adding more healthy foods to your day.

These may seem like small things, as you’re ‘not really hurting anyone’ when you don’t stick to your new exercise plan, eating plan, or sleep pattern, but there is great truth in the saying ‘how you do one thing, is how you do everything’.

If you lie to yourself about the ‘small’ things, it becomes easier to lie about the ‘big’ things.

But really, it’s the small moment to moment choices and actions that create your day, and these moments create your life.


You notice when you lie to yourself and break those promises.

We can think lying to ourselves doesn’t really matter, but what does that say about how much you love and respect yourself?

Because if someone else was treating you with the same flippancy, I’m sure you’d get annoyed.

We can think that lying to other people is the easier option. It can certainly feel like the easier option, especially if you feel you’re going to let them down, or they may judge you. But the ripple effects of the lies, the consequences of lying to yourself, the mistrust you have of yourself is most definitely NOT the easier option in the longer run.

Think about how your life would be different if you had absolute faith in yourself.

If you trusted your inner wisdom.

You knew when to seek external wisdom and experience (NOT validation), and when you could trust your own wisdom.

How liberating would it be to know that you had your own back?

How powerful would you feel if you knew that you were reliable and dependable, for yourself and with others?

What choices would you make differently, if you completely trusted your own intuition and judgment?


When you learn to trust yourself, everything changes.

The obstacles and challenges you face become easier to navigate because you believe in yourself.

You trust yourself to make the right choice for yourself.

And you can do it quicker, as you’ve cut out the noise of expectations, and ‘should’s’. Freeing you up to overcome the challenge and move on, rather than getting stuck in feeling powerless, overwhelmed, and confused.

And it all starts when you choose to become a person of your word.

A FREE GIFT for you:

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Come back to centre and align with your own path in life, so that you can remember your unique blend of magic!

Feel deeply connected to yourself so that you can remember who you were before the world told you who it wanted you to be.

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Emotional Self-Care for Going Through Change

Emotional Self-Care for Going Through Change

Change can be hard.

There’s no question that when we’ve chosen to make a change in our life, the decision can be easiest part.

We make the decision to no longer accept something.

We know we need to make the change.

We declare to ourselves that we’re going to change, and that’s when the challenge begins.


But right now things seem harder.

We find ourselves in a situation that we didn’t choose.

We’ve had change, in pretty much every area of our life, thrust upon us and we have to adapt.

This can often feel like the hardest type of change, as it can feel as if our choice has been taken away from us.

And whilst we might understand the changes required, sometimes that doesn’t make it much easier…


Support For You.

To support you navigate these unprecedented times, I’ve put together a fun, but important, check-in for you.

I’ve called it:

Self-care for when you’re going through change.


When we’re under stress or pressure of any kind, our self-care, in any form, can be the first thing that gets pushed to the side, but of course this is when we need it most!


A Shared Journey.

So, I thought I’d guide you through a self-care adventure, as we take this shared journey through a global SHEro’s Journey.


Each stage of the SHEro’s Journey has a particular theme of self-care to support you as you travel through it.

However, as we’ll all be on our own personal part of the journey, I’m going to connect us with the archetypal energy of the journey, guided by the cycle of the moon.


The Moon Grounds Us Into a Rhythm.

The moon phases can act as an anchor.

We all experience her phases and the changing energy at the same time, but we experience it in our own way.

We are currently in the energy of the Waning Moon, and that relates to the energy of Emotional Self-Care.

On the SHEro’s Journey, this time relates to the energy of The Transformation.

During The Transformation stage of the Journey,  is where you’re likely to feel the most emotion. You may be confronted with aspects of yourself that you’d rather keep hidden. But this is when it’s most important to take a long, hard look at yourself.

It’s time to take the journey within.

Anything inauthentic that you’ve been showing to the world is about to crumble away, leaving you with only your True Essence. This may hurt. You may feel vulnerable. Tears are likely – but this is where the real treasure is!

Emotional Self-Care

To help you focus on you.

To bring you back to centre.

To remind you that it’s not only okay to have emotions, but they need to be witnessed and honoured too, I’ve created a ‘Bingo card’ for you to check off.

It’s just something fun for you to check-in with yourself and see how you’re feeling.

It’s to help remind you to prioritise you.

It’s support you through this stage of your journey.

You can download the image, or print off the pdf version below:

Download the PDF version here

*The SACRED Practice can be found here



And here’s an invocation for you to repeat as often as you wish, to strengthen your belief in yourself and awaken your inner-power.