How do you say that? My Journey as a kinesiologist

How do you say that? My Journey as a kinesiologist

How do you say that... My journey as a Kinesiologist

20+ years ago I started work at a thriving Natural Health Centre, practising the energy therapy kinesiology; the art of using muscle testing to identify imbalances in the body’s energy system. 

At the time most people had never heard of kinesiology, and I was often met with ‘How do you say that?’, or ‘What’s that. I’ve never heard of it before.’ And despite this being unknown to many people, I still was often booked months in advance, just through word of mouth referrals. 

During that time, I worked with 100s and 100s of women who displayed many symptoms such as IBS, depression/low mood, not feeling quite right, lack of motivation or a feeling that something was missing from their lives. 

Not what they expected

They would often come to me expecting to be told that they were allergic to something, but in fact, in 90+% of cases, the root cause was emotional in nature, often a result of them consciously, or sub-consciously, hiding their true self, suppressing their dreams and desires, or resisting taking opportunities that came their way. 

They’d been doing this for so long that they had often become resentful or had actually forgotten what it was that truly lit them up. 

They may have been trying to continue living their life the way that they felt they ‘should’, doing what others expected of them, or even sabotaging their own success! But their soul and heart’s desire never stopped trying to get their attention. 

At first, this attention often started as a niggling feeling, a small voice encouraging them to do something new, follow a dream, or dream bigger. 

However, many of my clients reported that they didn’t trust these ‘daydreams’ and they were fairly easy to ignore and dismiss, despite their persistence. 

Often when I asked my clients when their symptoms first started, it usually coincided with a significant event in their life, or a choice that they made, but they’d never realised the connection before. 

It’s my experience that when we ignore, reject, or suppress, that small voice, the niggling feeling, or our intuition, the body will send you signs that will become ‘louder and louder’, until they get your attention. 

These signs have become so persistent and so LOUD that they have resulted in breakdowns, where my clients have had no choice but to stop and seek external help – that’s when they came to see me. 

However, it’s not always so extreme. 

Perhaps you always get a cold or sore throat when you are about to uplevel an aspect of your life. Maybe you cause an argument when your relationship is going well. 

One client would insist on working all hours, even though she was exhausted, saying that ‘she didn’t have time to stop.’ And every time she ignored the cries from her body, she would end up in bed for over a week with sciatica, and no choice, but to rest! 

When I first opened my practice people would come to see me and tell me I was their ‘last hope’. 

As time went on, these clients, now symptom free, would then come back for routine tune-ups to ensure that everything was running smoothly and to nip issues in the bud to make sure that symptoms didn’t return. 

Fast Forward 20 years… and include 1000s of additional clients and experience, plus many more hours honing my own skills and expertise, I now work remotely so I can work with people all over the world, from the comfort of their own home. 

20 years later, my practice still sees the concerns of IBS etc, but the women who I work with now, have a much greater awareness of energy work and the correlation of symptoms expressed by the body as being a sign of an internal energetic imbalance. 

Today, I often hear that women are doing the internal work, but still feel as if they’re going around in circles, that they’ve lost their drive, lack passion and purpose, all of which causes them to feel down and often powerless. 

Basically, they feel disconnected. 


Disconnected from themselves, their soul path, and the world around them. 

What I can do, and after all these years I’m very, very good (just see the testimonials!), is use my skills as a kinesiologist to quickly and easily identify the repeating and non-serving patterns that are playing out and causing these symptoms. Once identified, I re-balance your system using a wide range of energy healing tools. 

Although this is quick and easy (as in no pain, but maybe a few tears and some laughter), this is DEEP – right to the heart of the matter work. 

When these patterns are re-balanced my clients re-discover who they are at the core of their being – their fully expressed Divine SHEro Goddess, Wild Woman self. 

Not only do the symptoms seemingly disappear, but the ripple effects of this work permeates throughout all areas of your life, creating space for powerful shifts in a way that feels fully supported and safe. 

What happens in our inner lives shapes our outer realities 

Since 2000 I have been working with clients, using the energy therapy Kinesiology, to help them find clarity, remove blocks, become unstuck. 

I love supporting my clients by helping them to release what no longer serves them. When you can let go of the patterns that have been holding you back, you are then ready to move forward with your life. 

Kinesiology With Rebecca Has Changed My Life.

I have a new found confidence which continues to grow and have more meaning in my life. My life had moved on in two months working with Rebecca than it had in the previous 2 years.”  Susan Leadbeater, Staffordshire, UK 


If you can relate, feel disconnected to yourself and life, or want an energetic tune-up I recommend you start with my ‘ART of Being You’ energy-clearing meditations. 


I’ve put together a collection of energy-clearing meditations to support you with the ART of being more you! 

These meditations bring together my 20 years of experience working as a transformations kinesiologist and my love of all things practical. They are around 8-10 minutes long and filled with energy clearings so that you can release old patterns that no longer serve you. 

I wanted to make these super accessible and have made them Pay What You Can (click here to learn my selfish reason they’re pay what you can). 

Rebecca Is A Highly Gifted Healer And Guide Who Is Deeply Connected To The Emerging Challenges Of Women On The Path Home To Their Truth.

Her depth of wisdom and clarity of insight provide safe and sure treading as we journey back to our SHEro selves and reclaim our full power. 

Through working with Rebecca I have been able to ground down in my power and find access to a reservoir of wise guidance that has led to massive progress and deep peace in my life. Her accuracy, understanding and love filled guidance is soothing and profound to receive; this women will elevate you and speed your journey beyond what you may perceive as possible. 

Working with Rebecca is an investment in decades of wisdom refined that will align your more deeply with yourself and swiftly remove the hidden barriers to your full emergence. 

I truly have deep admiration and soul appreciation for Rebecca, and honour her work as deeply significant for the progress of our worldwide sisterhood.”  Lysa Black, New Zealand 


Rebecca is a genuine ally to have on your life’s journey. 

I was introduced to Rebecca through a friend who saw my inner turmoil holding me back and she was kind enough to pay for my first session as a gift to me. 

That gift helped me change my life. 

My first session with Rebecca was amazing! I didn’t know what to expect but was open to it and when we began I was floored by the information she was able to touch upon and bring up. I felt a wave of emotion that I didn’t expect and was crying while my body had tingles and I felt my heart vibrating. It was a strange and unusual sensation to have but I felt clearer once our session ended. 

She provided great insights that helped me to clear up energetic and emotional blockages I have had for years. It was as if my mind, body and soul were finally in alignment. Since then I have had two other sessions with her and my life has found a flow that I have never known possible as I have moved on to start two businesses, develop a positive relationship with money, build up my relationships and use my true voice in the world with confidence.  Angelique Duncan 


Rebecca Is An Incredible Healer With An Almost Magical Ability To Pin Point What Blocks Are Wreaking Havoc With You And What Needs To Be Done To Release Them.   

She is able to facilitate their release in a quick and effective manner that will leave you feeling clearer and lighter.  Her insight during this process is invaluable and spot on.  She is powerful and straight to the point while holding compassionate and joyful sacred space for you.  I always call her when I’m dealing with stubborn blocks I can’t shift on my own and I love that with her we can just get in and get it done and I can get back to my magical self.  Ruby Toad, Canada 

How do you say that... My journey as a Kinesiologist