Blending down-to-earth pragmatism with reverence for the sacred and a dash of cheeky humour, Rebecca helps you to
unapologetically live life on your terms.

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Bring Your Magick to Life



Use the Magickal Knickers: Instruction Manual to explore the exercises in the book and uncover the magick of you




Join Rebecca as she walks you through her favourite rituals, offering suggestions on how you can incorportae them, or something similar, to your day.

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Hi, I’m Rebecca!

I’m on a mission to create a world where people feel supported and confident to express and pursue their wildest dreams and desires…

… one where they can radiate their knowledge and divinity…

… and where we can tackle even the deep work with awe, wonder and fun.

More than twenty years ago, I trained in kinesiology. And, in my booked-out practice, I couldn’t help noticing that whenever people were suffering, the root cause was almost always emotional.

Then, over the years, my work evolved to include people who often didn’t feel like they needed healing in a conventional sense. Instead, they just wanted to be more authentically themselves: more confident, more self-expressive and less apologetic.

I help those who want to get back in touch with the inner voice they’ve silenced and repressed for so long.

All of my experiences and training make me the perfect guide for you to break free of judgments and expectations so that you can reclaim your magick and upgrade the contents of your knicker drawer...

Grab your knickers, it's go time!