You’ve taken the Intuitive Quiz and your results are:

You Are QUITE Intuitive

Caught up in the day to day world, you’re not lacking in intuition. You’re just rusty in your ability to connect consistently.

That’s okay, with practice, you can always learn consistency.

Grounded in reality, you just need the right tools, to feel safe and guided.

You may be too serious at times, and prioritise your thoughts over your feelings.

You could use a little more awe and wonder in your world.

You Could Do With More Awe and Wonder

Focus On

Paying attention
Your intuition is trying to get your attention, but you don’t give yourself a chance to hear it, or if you do, you don’t believe it’s ‘real’.

Prioritising Yourself
You’ve been so busy prioritising the needs of others over your own needs, you’ve lost touch with what you truly want from life.

Saying ‘yes’ when you desperately want to say ‘no’, doing what you think you should do, or is expected of you, has moved you away from your inner compass. It’s time to come back to centre and re-align with your own North, your own dreams and desires.



Know that Everyone is Intuitive

Intuition isn’t reserved for ‘special’ people. You don’t have to be ‘spiritual’, or follow a certain routine to be able to hear your inner wisdom.

YOU, yes you, are intuitive.



Your intuition is always trying to communicate with you, you just need to be open to hearing it.

It may communicate through any of your senses.

Which is your predominant sense, that’s the one it’s likely to use the most. 


Interpret the Messages

Your intuition will never speak badly to you, and it will never tell you to hurt yourself or others.

Apart from that, anything goes.

There’s no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to interpret the messages. Lead with your feelings and become curious.

This isn’t an intellectual exercise.



Cut Out the Noise

The world is getting busier and noisier. Judgements, expectations, and people pleasing all add to your inner noise.

Fear, anxiety and overwhelm get confused with inner wisdom.

Instead, take a moment to stop. Place your hand on your heart, and ask:

What do I need to do to feel more fulfilled today?”

And then listen for the answer.

What messages do you hear/feel/sense?

If nothing, that’s okay, just try again another time. Keep practising and remain curious, you’ll hear your intuition once you give it a chance to speak to you.

Become Present

Often you miss the messages from your intuition because you’re so busy.

Busyness leads to multi-tasking.

Multi-tasking can be useful sometimes, it shouldn’t be your default.

Give yourself the gift off being present,

Present with yourself, present with people, present with tasks that you have to do.

When you’re present, you focus and align your thoughts, energy and action.

This makes it easier for you to connect with your inspiration and your inner wisdom so that they can guide your words, actions, and ideas.


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