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Welcome to the starting line of your exciting journey into the world of magick.

This space, your very own magickal hub, is packed with powerful resources, guiding you step-by-step through our enchanting podcast series.

Here, you’ll uncover secrets of self-discovery, personal growth, and learn how to unlock and harness your unique magick.

Prepare to be inspired, empowered, and transformed – let’s dive in!

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Mastering Your Magick: Fundamentals of Power and Intention

In this pivotal series, you’ll gain foundational knowledge and tools to manage your magickal power effectively and responsibly.

The guidance and wisdom shared will set the stage for a rich and empowering magickal journey.

You will develop a profound understanding of your personal power, leading to a more fulfilling and meaningful practice.


Episode 1

The Heart of Power: The Journey of Knowing Yourself

Unearth the treasures of self-knowledge in this episode.

Begin your journey to truly understanding your power and magick through engaging self-discovery exercises and illuminating reflections.


Episode 2

Purification and Protection: The Art of Cleansing and Setting Boundaries

Dive into the cleansing tide of purification and protection.

Discover the critical role of energy cleansing and boundary setting in your magickal practice, and learn the art of maintaining your energetic sovereignty.


Episode 3

The Direction of Desire: Becoming Intentional in Your Magick

Set sail on the currents of your desires.

Explore how powerful intentions can shape your magickal journey, guiding you to create more aligned, purposeful, and potent magick.


Episode 4

The Spark Within: Identifying and Owning Your Magickal Gifts

Ignite your inner spark in this episode.

Uncover your unique magickal gifts and learn how to cultivate, harness, and employ them to enrich your magickal practice.


Episode 5

Empowered Magick: Balancing Humility and Confidence in Your Practice

Stand at the crossroads of humility and confidence.

Conclude the series by mastering the delicate balance of power in your magick, fostering a practice that’s both humble, respectful and confident, empowering and respectful.




Trusting Your Inner Guide: Building Relationship with Self and the Energies Around You

Trust and intuition are your compass in your magickal journey.

This series equips you with practical knowledge to cultivate a relationship with your intuition, foster self-trust, and connect with the energies around you in a respectful and enriching manner.

It’s a guide to develop your inner compass, empowering you to navigate life with greater confidence and conviction.


Episode 1

The Echo Within: Understanding and Trusting Your Intuition

Delve deep into your inner world in this episode, exploring the terrain of intuition.

Learn what intuition truly is, how it influences your spiritual journey, and practice exercises designed to develop and trust your intuitive senses.


Episode 2

Inner Harmony: Building a Deeper Relationship with Yourself

Journey into the heart of self-discovery and learn to dance to the rhythm of self-love.

This episode focuses on self-understanding, self-trust, and the art of cultivating forgiveness and acceptance within yourself.


Episode 3

The World as a Mirror: Learning from the Energies Around You

Look into the world’s mirror and see the valuable lessons it reflects.

Delve into the wisdom of the energies around you and learn how to decipher their signs and messages to enrich your magickal journey.


Episode 4

Intuitive Interactions: Building Relationships with Energies and Entities

Connect with the unseen in this episode.

Discover respectful ways to establish connections with various energies and entities, from spirits of nature to ancestral guides, and learn to interpret their unique messages.


Episode 5

Intuition in Action: Trusting Your Inner Guide in Everyday Life

Take your intuition for a spin in your daily life.

This episode offers practical advice and illuminating examples of how trust in your intuition can influence decision-making, personal growth, and magickal practice.




Embrace Your Authenticity: Manifest Your Magick by Living Your Truth

Authenticity is the cornerstone of personal magick.

This series encourages listeners to embrace their authentic selves and demonstrates how living your truth can augment your life and magickal practice.

Discover the power of authenticity, and watch as it transforms your magick and manifests your desires into reality.


Episode 1

Authenticity Uncovered: Exploring the Concept of True Self

Unveil the concept of authenticity and its significant role in personal growth and magickal manifestation.

In this opening episode, gain deeper insights into the journey towards discovering and embracing your true self.


Episode 2

Values and Visions: Aligning Life with What Truly Matters

Discover how to align your life with your core values, desires, and beliefs.

This episode will guide you on identifying these fundamental aspects of yourself and integrating them into your daily choices and experiences.


Episode 3

Unmasking the Self: Shedding Expectations and Societal Conditioning

Uncover how societal pressures and conditioning can hinder our authenticity.

Dive into exercises and strategies designed to help you shed these restrictive layers and fully embrace your authentic self.


Episode 4

Living Your Truth: Practical Steps towards an Authentic Life

Unfold the practical steps towards leading an authentic life.

Explore the art of mindful decision-making, genuine self-expression, and upholding personal integrity, essential tools for your journey of authenticity.


Episode 5

Unmasking the Self: Shedding Expectations and Societal Conditioning

Learn how living authentically creates the perfect environment for your magick to flourish.

This concluding episode will share real-life examples and offer useful tips on how to manifest magick that is truly aligned with your authentic self.




Breaking Free: Liberating Yourself from External Expectations

Freedom from external expectations is liberating.

This series offers knowledge and tools to help you break free from the chains of external pressures, fostering a life that’s authentic to your core and creating a positive space for your magick to flourish.

Say goodbye to living for others, and say hello to a life that truly resonates with you.


Episode 1

Underneath the Weight: Understanding External Expectations

Uncover the true nature of external expectations, their roots in society, family, and peers, and how they impact our mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.


Episode 2

Seeing Clearly: Recognising and Assessing External Expectations in Your Life

Identify and evaluate the expectations that hold sway over your life, discovering which align with your authentic self and which hinder your journey towards authenticity.


Episode 3

The Freedom of ‘No’: Setting Boundaries with Others

Delve into the importance of boundary-setting as a vital step towards freeing yourself from external expectations. This episode offers practical tips and strategies for assertive communication and respectful boundary assertion.


Episode 4

Inner Armour: Techniques for Shielding and Energy Cleansing

Learn various techniques for energetic cleansing and protection to maintain a positive space for your magick to flourish, even amidst external pressures and expectations.


Episode 5

Emerging Authenticity: Living Free from External Expectations

Be inspired by stories of individuals who’ve successfully liberated themselves from external expectations, and learn how this newfound freedom can profoundly influence your personal and magickal life.




Into the Abyss: Embracing the Unknown for Magickal Growth

Stepping into the unknown can be daunting, but it is a crucial aspect of magickal growth.

This series guides you into the abyss, helping you confront your fears and engage with mystery and darkness, vital components of your magickal journey.

Conquer your fears and embrace the magickal mysteries waiting for you.


Episode 1

The Edge of Knowing: Understanding Fear and Uncertainty

Explore the nature of fear and uncertainty, understanding their origins, effects on our mental and emotional states, and their integral role in our magickal journey.


Episode 2

Meeting the Shadows: Facing Your Fears Head-On

Gain practical techniques for acknowledging, confronting, and integrating your fears, learning how this process can be an empowering part of your spiritual journey.


Episode 3

Stepping Off the Path: Venturing into the Mysteries

Be encouraged to step beyond your comfort zone and engage with life’s mysteries and magick. I’ll provide guidance on how to approach these unknown territories safely and respectfully.


Episode 4

Home in the Darkness: Embracing the Realm of Intuition and Power

Delve into the concept of ‘darkness’ as a realm of magick, intuition, and personal power, fostering an understanding and navigation of this often misunderstood domain.


Episode 5

The Growth of the Abyss: How Embracing the Unknown Expands Your Magickal Potential

Discover how facing your fears and engaging with the unknown can expand your magickal potential, featuring inspiring stories of those who have achieved growth through their encounters with the unknown.




Caring for the Magickal Self: A Holistic Approach to Self-Care

Care for the self should extend to all facets of your being – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and energetic.

This series illuminates the importance of holistic self-care in maintaining a balanced and effective magickal practice.

Understand the interplay between self-care and magick, and harness it to enhance your practice and your well-being.


Episode 1

The Body as a Temple: Physical Self-Care for the Magickal Practitioner

Dive into the importance of physical self-care and its role in maintaining a healthy foundation for your magickal practice, including nutrition, movement, sleep, and more. Discover how to use magick to amplify your efforts.


Episode 2

Tending the Heart: Emotional Self-Care in Magick

Explore the role of emotional self-care in your magickal journey, with tips for emotional regulation, fostering positivity and avoiding toxic-positivity, and navigating difficult emotions.


Episode 3

Feeding the Spirit: Spiritual Self-Care for the Magick Worker

Unearth practices for spiritual self-care, including meditation, ritual, sacred space creation, and establishing a connection with higher powers or spiritual guides.


Episode 4

Energetic Equilibrium: Energy Self-Care in Magickal Practice

Gain guidance on maintaining and restoring energetic balance, learning techniques for energy cleansing, shielding, and revitalising.


Episode 5

Guarding the Mind: Mental Self-Care for the Magick Practitioner

Delve into mental self-care, exploring mindfulness, cognitive techniques for stress management or handling negative thought patterns, and nurturing a positive mindset.


Episode 6

Weaving It All Together: Integrating Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, Energetic, and Mental Self-Care

This final episode will provide insights on how to integrate the different aspects of self-care into a sustainable routine that supports your overall well-being and magickal practice.




Weaving the Cosmic Tapestry: Understanding and Harnessing Rhythms and Cycles

The universe dances to the rhythm of various cycles, and so do we.

This series offers insights into understanding and harmonising with the rhythm of life, the cosmos, and our own selves.

Learn to flow with the rhythm of the universe and unlock the potential it holds for your magickal journey.


Episode 1

The Rhythm of Life: Understanding Cycles and Their Role in Our Lives

Dive into the compelling concept of rhythms and cycles, their significance in the natural and cosmic world, and explore their profound impact on our daily lives and spiritual practices.


Episode 2

The Dance of the Sun: Exploring Solar Cycles and Their Influence

Immerse yourself in the understanding of solar cycles, appreciating the sun’s pivotal role in various cultures and spiritual practices, and learning practical ways to harmonise with solar energy throughout the year.


Episode 3

Lunar Mysteries: Embracing the Moon’s Phases and Energies

Journey through the captivating cycles of the moon, explore their effect on us, and discover enriching rituals to harness the moon’s energy during its various phases.


Episode 4

Planetary Pulses: Understanding the Cycles of the Planets and Astrological Influence

Delve into the compelling cycles of different planets and uncover how their positions and movements can sway our moods, behaviours, and magickal workings.


Episode 5

Inner Seasons: Syncing with Physical and Emotional Cycles

Explore the intimate cycles we experience within our bodies and emotions, such as cycles of rest and activity, hormonal shifts, and the rhythm of growth and decay, and learn how to honour and work with these natural rhythms.


Episode 6

Cycles in Harmony: Integrating Solar, Lunar, Planetary, and Personal Cycles for Holistic Living

This concluding episode unifies all the cycles, discussing how to observe and weave these distinct rhythms into a cohesive personal practice, harmonising with the grand cosmic tapestry.




The Sacred Pause: Living a Life of Intention

Magick isn’t confined to specific rituals; it permeates every moment of our lives.

This series provides tools to live life intentionally, incorporating magick into your daily routines and interactions.

Transform your everyday life into a magickal journey, filled with purpose, intention, and wonder.


Episode 1

The Power of the Pause: Understanding Sacred Pauses and Their Role in Intentional Living

Immerse yourself in the transformative concept of sacred pauses, their significance, and discover how they foster a deeper connection with oneself, silence the noise of the external world, and augment a magickal practice.


Episode 2

Finding Your Centre: Techniques for Grounding and Centring in Your Own Experience

Acquire practical grounding and centring techniques, from breath work to visualisation, that empower you to anchor a strong sense of self amidst the everyday whirlwind of life.

Episode 3

Creating Rituals: Crafting Personal Practices for Daily Magick

Learn how to tailor your own rituals and understand their importance in underpinning intentions, harmonising your actions, and instilling a sense of daily magick into your life.


Episode 4

Cultivating Resilience: Tools for Overcoming Judgement and Expectations

Equip yourself with mental and spiritual tools designed to bolster resilience in the face of judgement and societal expectations. Techniques explored will include affirmation work, shadow work, and various shielding methods.


Episode 5

Living Your Magick: Stories of Aligned, Intentional Living

Be inspired by interviews and narratives from individuals who have successfully weaved sacred pauses, rituals, and magick into their everyday lives, sharing the transformative effects and offering a spark of inspiration to listeners.




Infusing Your Day with Ritual: From Dawn till Dusk

This series offers strategies to seamlessly incorporate magick into your everyday life, reinforcing the concept that every moment holds the potential for enchantment and connection.

Uncover the magick in the mundane, and create an enchanting day from dawn till dusk.


Episode 1

Awakening the Magick: Crafting a Magickal Morning Ritual

Discover the power of starting your day with intention and ritual in this episode. Learn about practices such as meditation, setting intentions, gratitude journaling, or sun salutations that can imbue your mornings with magick.


Episode 2

Daylight Magick: Infusing Ritual into Your Daytime Routine

Explore how to weave magick into your everyday activities, from blessing your meals to mindful commuting, or even casting small acts of kindness as a form of love spell. Every moment is a chance for enchantment.


Episode 3

The Power of the Pause: Integrating Mini-Rituals and Sacred Breaks into Your Day

Understand the transformative power of brief, but sacred rituals throughout the day. These mindful breaks can serve to reset, refocus, and reenergise, with suggestions ranging from mini-meditations to grounding exercises, and simple nature appreciation practices.


Episode 4

Evening Enchantments: Creating an Evening Ritual for Rest and Reflection

Wind down with ritual and intention as you learn about practices that encourage rest and reflection. These could include journaling, nighttime meditation, reflective walks, or preparing the mind for insightful dreams.


Episode 5

The Cycle of Ritual: Recognising Your Unique Rhythm and Designing Your Personal Day of Magick

Recognise your unique rhythms and design a day filled with your own meaningful rituals. This episode will guide you on how to experiment, adapt, and create practices that deeply resonate with you, making every day a personal journey of magick.




Home Magick: Creating and Nurturing Your Sacred Space

Your home can be a haven for your magickal practice, a sacred space that nurtures your personal power.

This series guides you through practical steps to create and nurture a home environment that complements and enhances your magickal practices.

Turn your home into a sanctuary of magick and tranquillity.


Episode 1

The Magick of Home: Understanding Your Space as a Sacred Sanctuary

Uncover the transformative concept of the home as a sacred sanctuary in this episode. Discuss the critical role of our living space in shaping our energy and enhancing our magickal practices.


Episode 2

Energy and Environment: How Your Surroundings Impact Your Magick

Delve into the scientific and spiritual dimensions of how our physical surroundings can impact our magickal workings. Topics might include the transformative power of clutter clearing, and the fascinating psychology of space.


Episode 3

Creating a Sacred Space: Practical Steps to Infuse Your Home with Magick

Gain practical insights on crafting your very own sacred space at home. From selecting an area, performing cleansing rituals, setting intentions, to incorporating the traditional elements (fire, water, earth, air), learn how to create a home environment that radiates magick.


Episode 4

Altars at Home: Harnessing Divine Energy in Your Living Space

Understand the profound tradition of home altars in this episode. Learn how to set up your altar, utilise it in daily rituals and spells, and appreciate the importance of symbolic representation within this sacred space.


Episode 5

Maintaining Your Sacred Space: Tips for Regular Upkeep and Energy Clearing

Discover tips on maintaining the potency of your sacred space over time. Explore regular cleaning practices, energy clearing methods such as burning sacred smoke, and how to refresh and adapt your space as your magickal practice evolves.




Unravelling the Mysteries of The Magick Within

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