You’re No Longer The Same Woman.

During this stage, you’ve come triumphantly through the inner battle. 

Now it’s time to regroup and continue on.

You’re so close to the end of your journey by this stage, but there are still obstacles to trip you up. You may fall again, and feel like giving up – it’s your long night of the soul.

Yet this is your defining moment. You’re determined to complete the journey and return home.

Yes, you could wait to be rescued. But some part of you knows that NOW is the time to invoke your inner SHEro and save yourself. It’s time to feel empowered like never before.

You’ve been strengthened by your successes and failures up to this point. And by pushing through this seemingly dark moment, you can finally break through the limiting beliefs that have been holding you back throughout your life.

For the final time on this particular journey, you have a choice to make.

If you decide to move forward, you’ll resolve or satisfy whatever started you on this journey. You’ll integrate the knowledge or way of being you’ve discovered, and return home empowered and stronger than before. If you don’t – if you resist this final stage – you’ll lose the chance to create a deeper connection with yourself and with others (at least for this time around).

Either way, it’s time to complete your journey and return home.

And either way, you’ve changed. You’re not the same woman who started this journey.

It’s time to live your life for you.

It’s time to live your life on your terms.



The wisdom gained from learning from your mistakes, has also given you the confidence to make hard or painful choices.


Your willingness to adapt to changing circumstances and let go of things that no longer serve you.


Being confident in who you are, and wholeheartedly, unapologetically expressing your truth and the essence of who you are.



Becoming rigid in your beliefs or stuck in a rut because you are confident that your way is ‘right’, or that you have completed this journey.

Unsolicited Advice

Giving too much unsolicited advice and sharing your knowledge and wisdom when it has not been asked for.


Hiding your power and your light from others, so as not to draw attention to yourself.


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