Awaken Your Intuition – and Trust Your Wisdom

Oracle cards, charm casting sets and books to awaken your intuition and encourage trust in your wisdom. 

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The Book: Charm Casting – Using everyday charms and trinkets to connect with your inner wisdom

The Charms:  Start your collection today

Get a specially curated set of charms, create your own set, or let the universe pick for you with the ‘lucky dip’ selection

Rebecca Anuwen Charm casting  bag sat on a casting mat
Charm casting mat laid out flat
Charms scattered on a white  table with a focus on a green die
Charms spilling out of a bag over a large rock
Charms spilling out of a bag over a large rock

Your SHEro’s Journey Oracle Deck

5 star reviews of the Your SHEro's Journey oracle deck


A moment to pause, connect and re-enchant your life 

Magick lives within you… invest in your power, create change in yourself – and change your world.