A Book of Brilliance

As we’ve seen, magickal people often keep a Book of Shadows to record all of their magickal workings.

Alongside this, I recommend also creating a ‘Book of Brilliance’ that focuses on all the brilliance and joy you create and encounter as you move through your year.

To make your book, simply take a journal and – if you wish – decorate it in a way that feels great to you.

Then add in pictures, quotes, poems, affirmations and experiences that add to the energy of living a brilliant magickal life.

Then regularly read back through your Book of Brilliance to remind yourself of the things you love that inspire you – the things that make you shine. Let the reminder bring you back to your centre.

Additionally, if you have to make a decision, spend a little time browsing back through your book to reconnect with what’s important to you first. Then, once you’re ‘full of your own brilliance’, make your decision from that space.