Read the following blog posts I’ve written on how to understand the different messages from your body:

A person I knew made a significant life-changing decision based on their intuition.

Except it wasn’t their intuition.

When I asked them how they knew it was their intuition, they said that they could feel the excitement, like butterflies in their stomach.

When we dived a bit deeper, it became clear to them that it hadn’t been their intuition guiding them, but fear. They desperately needed a change. What they were feeling was desperation and the hope that this change might be the one that brought the change they so needed in their life.

Except it didn’t.

We can often hear excitement or fear as they can be louder than our intuition, so it’s important to understand how you feel and interpret all three.


You’re over half-way through the course, and you’ve already started to hone your skills, as you get clearer on what’s your intuition, and what’s not!

In the next class, we’ll be looking at a different – but – essential aspect of your life, if you want to trust your intuition enough to make choices that support you, and don’t harm you.

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