Think about where you might not be showing up fully in your life.

Where do you play small to make other people feel more comfortable, or to avoid being judged?

Although you may not become ‘full of yourself’ overnight, you will start to notice where you aren’t full of your own hopes, dreams and desires. That’s a powerful start.

Because, once you notice, you start to unravel those old stories and patterns. You create the space to re-write your own stories and consciously choose how you respond to life, rather than react.

You also create the space to hear your intuition, so that you can make choices that are right for you, rather than choices that harm you.

In the next lesson, we take this one stage further.

We look at one of my favourite concepts to fill yourself up so that you can confidently trust yourself and your intuition…

And it has something to do with your knickers… yes really!!

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