Here’s what to do now…

Place your hand over your heart and ask yourself:

“What do I want?”

Not what you think you should want, or what other people want for you, but what do you want?

Then ask yourself:


“What do I need to do today to be fulfilled?”

Not what you want someone else to do, but something you can do for yourself.

Ask yourself these questions everyday for at least a week.

You may not have the answer immediately but keep asking.

Get quiet, ask the question and become curious about the messages you receive.

You may hear your intuition, receive intuitive flashes as images or have a deep inner knowing. You may receive information through all of your senses!

If you’re not sure how you receive information, think about which of your senses becomes overwhelmed the easiest.

  • Are you often asking to dim the lights (vision)?
  • Are you asking to turn the volume down (hearing)?
  • Are you telling people in some way to calm down (feeling)?

Acknowledge your super sense, and notice how your intuition may be using that same sense to communicate with you.

Create the space for that whisper or quiet nudge to get louder, and louder, until you can hear it clearly. This will help you discern what information is ‘yours’ and what is the external ‘noise’ –  expectations and desires – of other people.

This process is important, as – of course – you’re asking a question to get an answer.

But it’s also important because you’re giving yourself a moment of sacred pause – a moment to turn inwards and actually ask yourself what you want and need.

You’re taking a moment to cut through the noise and listen to yourself.

A moment to connect with yourself to hear your inner wisdom.

Congratulations! You’ve started to make the space to listen to your intuition!

In the next class, we’ll be clearing up some common misconceptions about what intuition is, and how not to confuse your intuition with fear or past trauma.

But before you check out the next lesson, spend some time with these questions.

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