ALIGN: Life Philosophy

Life Philosophy

What is a Life Philosophy?

“What will you do with your one wild and precious life? – Mary Oliver

We all have a philosophy for life, but we may not be conscious of it.

Perhaps you’ve inherited it, and see life through this unconscious lens.

If you are lacking purpose, direction, clarity or meaning in your life, you do not have the right philosophy for you.

Having an ALIGNED Life Philosophy gives you a sense of purpose and meaning to your life.

It allows you to respond to life and its events with clarity and conviction, rather than respond from a place of doubt and confusion.

A Life Philosophy is your overall vision or attitude towards your life and the purpose of it.

We’re here in our human bodies for a limited amount of time, as my favourite opening from a book, The Science of Storytelling by Will Storr, says:


“We know how this ends. You’re going to die and so will everyone you love… but that’s not how we live our lives”


We have the ability to live our lives as if we won’t eventually die.

Which is wonderful, but can lead us to being indifferent to them.

Instead of getting laser clear on how we want to spend our relatively short time on Earth, we fill our lives with things that don’t serve or support us.

We rarely stop to ask if the things we do are meaningful to us, if they provide value, or are they simply distractions to pass the time.

What do you want out of life?

Do you really know?

A Life Philosophy gives you a sense of purpose and direction in life.

A Life Philosophy allows you to live on purpose.

A Life Philosophy allows you to consciously create your life from a place of confidence, clarity and power.

Living your Life Philosophy means you create your life with intention, in a way that supports and nourishes you.

Junk Values

Much of life has been designed for you to neglect what’s important to you.

It’s set up to distract you, or give you the ‘tools’ to numb out feelings of discomfort.

We’re taught to look for wisdom outside of ourselves, to seek the counsel of experts that are often put on pedestals.

We’re taught to trust reason and logic over own inner yearning and intuitions.

Of course there’s a time to seek external counsel, and a time to use reason and logic, but this should come because you know it’s needed, that you trust yourself to know when you need external support, and not because you’re looking for external validation.

We’re taught what values we should have, which values are ‘good‘, what we should be striving for, and what success is.

But are these values, the measures of success, are they yours or are they junk for you?

Johann Hari asks; we know junk food makes us sick. Are ‘junk values’ making us depressed?

“Junk food looks like food, but it doesn’t meet our underlying nutritional needs. In a similar way, junk values don’t meet our underlying psychological needs — to have meaning and connection in our lives. Extrinsic values are KFC for the soul. Yet our culture constantly pushes us to live extrinsically.”

Full article here: Junk Values

Ask Yourself:

  • Where do you try and measure up to other people’s ideas of success?
  • In what area of your life does social media and ‘influencer’ culture have you comparing yourself to their ideals?
  • Where do you silence yourself for fear of not fitting in/getting it wrong?
  • In what areas of your life do you doubt yourself and give your power away by seeking validation from external sources?
Write Your Own Life Philosophy

Take a moment to reflect on all the work you’ve done; uncovering your stories, exploring your inner landscape and identifying your junk values that don’t serve you.

In particular pay attention to your ROOT essence words or phrases.

Now you’ve laid the foundations, it’s time to write your own Life Philosophy. You already have one, it’s now time to refine it and make sure it ALIGNS with who you truly are.

This philosophy will be your conscious guidance throughout life.

Note: Your Life Philosophy will not be an ‘end product’. As you grow and discover more about yourself, your Life Philosophy will also grow and continue to be refined.

This should be a fun process. Get curious and allow yourself to tap into what’s truly important to you.

If you find yourself thinking ‘I should’, curiously question where that came from, and do you want to carry it forward?

Connect with your passions, your joy, your core desire feelings, your ROOT essence.


Ask Yourself the Following Questions:

Basic Needs

  • What are the things you NEED in life, why do you need them?


  • What do you want in life and why you want them, where have these wants come from?
  • How do you want to feel, why are these particular feelings important to you? Where do they show up in your life and where have they been absent?
  • How can you view painful memories or events so that they don’t overwhelm you?


  • What makes life meaningful to you?
  • What do you think is meaningful in life?
  • What do you do that brings meaning to your life?
  • How do you want to act in relationships with people so they feel more meaningful to you?


Write Your Life Philosophy

Once you’ve explored these questions, what themes or discoveries feel most aligned to you.

Use this to write out your Life Philosophy.

Your Life Philosophy may be a sentence, paragraphs or pages long.

Honour your own process.

There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, just what’s right and ALIGNed for you!

Your Life Philosophy In Action

Once you have your Life Philosophy, revisit your Witches Wheel from the ROOT in Your Wisdom course, and complete the wheel again, but this time for how much you currently live your Life Philosophy in each of your chosen areas.

Then ask yourself the following questions:

  • How can you live more of your Life Philosophy in each are of your life?
  • What would be true for you if you lived more of your Life Philosophy in these areas of your life?
  • What positive benefits do you get by living more of your Life Philosophy in these areas?
  • How can you bring a greater sense of personal safety and security through living your Life Philosophy in these areas of your life?
  • What does is feel like not to live your Life Philosophy in these areas of your life?

Put a note in your diary or planner to review your Life Philosophy regularly, at least every 6-months, to see if it needs refining, or if it still holds true for you.