ALIGN: Start Here


Get ready to immerse yourself in a powerful experience to remember, reclaim, and embrace ALL of you, not just the ‘pretty’ parts.

I’m going to guide you on a journey where you can make peace with your past, so that you can discover your authentic self; one that’s not restrained by the events and stories of the past.

You’ll have the chance to explore your inner-most self, your emotional landscape, and your rising power, so that you can navigate your life and make choices from a place of inner-authority.

Allowing you to live a more aligned and truthful life as you become an unaplogetic Witch who trusts her magic and creates real change in her life.

The ART of Being a Witch is divided into 3 parts:

  1. Align,
  2. Reset, and,
  3. Transform.

Remember that you can never get behind, go at the pace that works for you. The material will be here for you to come back to or continue to explore.


Part of any Witches practice is to keep a record of her personal, magical journey.

To¬†help you do this I’ve created a beautiful Journal to accompany on this journey.

It’s a space to explore your experiences and keep a record of your progress and insight.

There are two versions, a pdf that you can download and type into directly, or a ‘plain’ version:


You can download the plain/non-typeable version here


This journey will go as deep and be as transformational as you are ready to go and become.

I know you’re a powerful Witch, or you wouldn’t be here right now, which tells me you’re ready to go deeeep, so that you can become a fully expressed version of yourself.

This is a journey of initiation, and as the Woman’s Rune, The Spiral says; it’s time to dedicate to your sacred self and dedicate to your sacred purpose.

Are you ready to dedicate to you?

Hopefully, you’ve said ‘Yes’!

Saying ‘Yes’ to yourself is a powerful act.

As you’ll discover, your choices are one of the most powerful tools you have access to, and making the choice to choose YOU, has now set you on powerful course that will change your life!

If you said ‘No’, that’s okay, but really think about why you would want to live a life governed by others and not yourself?

We’ll explore these doubts, and places where you don’t show up for yourself in more detail as the weeks go on, but for now you have your first piece of work to do:


Your Dedication

I want you to write out a dedication to yourself.

You may want to include your intentions, and how you will show up for yourself during your time in The Witch Academy (and beyond).

The words must be your own.

It can be as long, or as brief, as you like.

But remember this is a promise and a vow you are making to yourself, to embrace the journey to remember, reclaim, and embody your truth.



This videos take you from Daily Rituals, to the end of Stories Make Us Human