Becoming your own Charm Casting Oracle

You will be using charms, trinkets, and small objects as your tool for divination during this class and I want you to remember that they are just that ‘a tool’.

I want to make this very clear:

The charms you choose to work with are a tool for you to use.

They help you to decipher the messages of your soul.

The questions you seek answers to come from a place of knowing something isn’t right or that something needs changing or addressing. These questions are a nudge from your soul.

The charms you use will translate the language of your soul.

The charms are not magic; YOU are the magic, you’re just learning to interpret your own blend of magic.

The charms are a fabulous tool to use, and it’s important that you collect charms that resonate with you, ones that attract your attention and that you feel connected to.

The most important aspect of working with your charms is communication; how you feel working with the charms and the messages you can receive from them.

You are about to create a relationship with a tool—your set of charms. Just like any relationship, the more you nurture and respect the relationship, the more fulfilling it will be.

You are going to use the charms as a way to connect with your intuition, so you can hear the wisdom and messages of your soul.

You’re about to discover what’s important to you and what’s not.

You’re about to get a way of helping you to uncover and find the words, dreams, and stories to describe what you truly want.

You’re about to connect to the truth of who you are, long before the world told you who you should be.

You are the magic.

You are the oracle.

You are the Oracle in your life, the charms are a tool to help you remember and access this wisdom.