Caring for Your Charms

Although your charms are fairly robust, they still need looking after as part of your sacred toolkit.

Caring for your charms makes them feel more important and special to you. It deepens your respect for them, and your trust in your work with them.

Plus, your charms will benefit from regular cleansing. This clears them of any stagnant energy, and keeps their own energy running free and clear.

It’s not essential to cleanse them after every reading, but you’ll likely know when they need it. You may find your readings just start to feel ‘off’, or the charms themselves may feel sticky (either physically or energetically).

If in doubt, give them a cleanse. There are several ways you can do this:

  • Sacred Smoke: waft your charms gently through some sacred smoke. Alternatively, waft the smoke over your (fireproof) bowl of charms and gently blow the smoke towards the container so that it penetrates your charms.
  • Sacred Sound: you can pray, sing or play a musical instrument or tuning fork near your charms to cleanse them.
  • Alcohol: dip your fingers in some kind of alcohol or add a few drops of flower essence to your hands and run your fingers through your charms.
  • Crystals: place your charms on or near cleansing crystals such as selenite or tourmaline to keep their energy clear.
  • Moonlight: place your charms on your windowsill on the night of a Full Moon, with the intention that the Full Moon will cleanse and charge your charms.

Of course, if the charms get physically dirty or sticky, cleanse them carefully with rubbing alcohol or running water. Just be mindful of the material your charms are made of: some metals will rust or corrode if they’re not dried carefully.